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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds!

I think I'll start with what I brought to the Swap. Here in the bottom left corner are my black "Be Blocks"The watering can water fountain was the second item I brought
A picket fence shelf
And my Vintage looking Dominoes
And here's what I found...
The adorable embroidered pillow, the architectural birdhouse, the milk bottles in holder and the white sap bucket were the items I swapped for. The duvet, true religion tote and vintage handbag were items from the swap that were left-over (loved that it was a free for all after everyone picked their items) The adorable table, candle and glass candy jar were from the Garrett Tanner Charity Sale ($10 for all) Friday finds included the ginormous basket ($2) and Iron stars with hooks ($1 each) If you missed the swap, be sure and sign up in November- It was fabulous. Congratulations to Becky and Crew for doing such a great job at the Charity Sale! It was a fantastic weekend. Love, Kelly


  1. I wish you lived in Kentucky! You'd make the BEST yard sale/thrifting buddy :)

  2. I love the BIG dominos.