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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My brother Matthew Hinze - Open Book

I have four younger brother; four wonderful younger brothers. 
This is my brother Matthew.  
His nickname since he was a young boy has been “gentle giant.”
Here he is being loved on by my sister Rachel before she left on her mission to Argentina.  
He’s a 6’2 state championship football player full of love.
He’s also a song writer.
Over the last few years, Matthew has been working on his first album titled Open Book.  He is very gifted vocalist and guitarist.  I would categorize his music as somewhat Paul Simon, a bit of Neil Young and an influence of John Mayer.  It’s easy listening and very thought provoking.  His music has a lot of depth. 

While Matthew was in town I asked if I could take some pictures of him.  One afternoon, we drove out to the desert and snapped a few photos.
I love photography, but the only way my pictures turn out at all is because of Google's photo shop program Picasa. 
Here’s the before:
A bit washed out and difficult to see his gorgeous face.
And here’s the after with the help of Picasa:
I love how the wood comes to life behind him.  
I have a few CD’s to give away of Open Book.  Please leave a comment below and I’ll use a random generator to select a few of you.
 He also wrote the music for my book trailer of The Memory Catcher.  
Click here to listen.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Antique Show / Flea Market Tomorrow!

I've been getting ready for the Merchant Square Antique Show and Flea Market in Chandler, AZ. Here's a peek at a few of my piles (lots more work still to do before we load up at 4am tomorrow!)

All of these items will be available tomorrow at 1509 N. Arizona Ave. Chandler, AZ 85225.  The outdoor show officially starts at Saturday, March 23rd at 7am and ends at 2pm, however there are always a few early birds.  The store, which is arizona's largest antiques and home decor superstore will open at 9am and every space will have at least a 10% discount.  If you're in the area, you don't want to miss this!  We usually sell out by the end of the day, so come early for best selection.  Hope to see you there.  Love, Kelly.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Roll-Top Candy Desk

A friend of mine named Merilee, a wonderful mother and gifted teacher, was preparing for her youngest son's wedding.  Merilee was in charge of many details, including a candy stand at the reception.

The space for her candy arrangement was near the entrance of the home, so she had to find something that would fit just right in between the front door and hallway.

She was thinking maybe a dresser would work, but everything was too big . . . until we spotted this roll-rop desk.
It was a bit beat-up, but we both saw the potential immediately.

A little slap of turquoise paint and it turned out perfect.  

I think it's pretty romantic and I love that it had multiple levels.  
She even matched the candy with the bride's colors; turquoise and orange.
Great job, Merilee.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thank heavens for nice people

I have so many blessings, some days I can’t keep count.  

To start, I love people.
I love all sorts of people.  
It is so nice meeting people; those of you who shop thrift stores and we casually talk, someone I bump into while moving furniture into Qcumberz who starts up a conversation about vintage finds or getting an email from someone who's read The Memory Catcher.
Thank heavens for friendly people.
Like Norma.  
Kelly and I met Norma two years ago on our first trip to Qcumberz.  We just kinda bumped into one another and started talking.  Norma stays in touch through our blog and a few weeks ago, she invited us to lunch.  We caught up on things we've found thrifting and the idea of Norma opening up her own space at an antique mall, but mostly we talked about life and the love of our families.  I felt wrapped in friendship with these two ladies and appreciated Norma's sweet invitation.

Or, like Kathy. 
Kathy is from San Diego and had read The Memory Catcher.  On a trip to Arizona to attend a wedding, she contacted my mom through her website ( and asked to meet with her.  Kathy has a beautiful family and a deep understanding of just how special her kids are.  I observed how she mothered with such sweet mannerisms and I must say, I was deeply touched.

Or like Ted and Rex.
I have been looking for a good videographer to help me with make a short you-tube video about what I do (you know, shop trash, re-do stuff, love trash,write about angels, etc).  Do you know how hard it is to find a good video guy!  Well, after a lengthy search, I was led to these two guys through a facebook friend.  Ted and Rex are brothers and the most talented professional  camera/video guys I know.  They had all sorts of ideas, they were amazing with my kids and through their inspiration, I think my video is going to turn out great.  I'll let you know when it's all finished.

Or like Nancy.
Several months ago, I met an amazing woman while standing in line at Costco.  She commented on how cute my kids are, how quickly time goes and I asked a few questions about her family and children.  She told me her children were grown and she loved being a Grandma.  Before we knew it, she had walked me to my car and was helping me put my groceries in the back of my truck.  I shared my number and told her to contact me so I could  give her a copy of The Memory Catcher.  Nancy was able to read The Memory Catcher and we have stayed in touch.  About a month ago after my publisher sent back the manuscript My Dear Lucy with a mountain full of edits, I blogged about how overwhelmed I was.  You can read about that here.  Editing is not my thing, although I was willing to to put my best effort forward.  When Nancy read about my predicament  she called and asked if she could help.
"I have a week off work and love editing.  I have experience and want to edit your book for you," she said.
I felt a warmth come over me and I knew she had been sent to me as a gift.  She has now completed the manuscript and the edits are amazing.  I'm going through a final read, adding a bit more history and will hopefully send it out to my publisher in about a week.

Or like Gilberto.

Gilberto is a friend from church whom I've known for years.  Gilberto and his family moved to another town and we ran into each other at a church Christmas party last year. He and his wife asked how I was doing and I mentioned my book The Memory Catcher.  We had a nice conversation and caught up on how our families are doing.  The next day, Gilberto called me and said he and his wife were impressed they should help me with a website.  Gilberto has so much talent and ideas of how to help me promote my blog, book and website.  He is working diligently and is an answer to my prayers.

Speaking of amazing people, the counselor surprised me on the way home from work a few days ago.  He stopped by the local Deseret Bookstore and took a few pictures of The Memory Catcher sitting there on the shelf.

We never know when we will be an answer to someone's prayer or spread sunshine by the way we live our lives.  When you have an idea to help someone or reach out, do it.  God answers prayers through other people.  Thank you to so many of you have touched mine and made me a better person.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tiffany Blue

As a writer, color fascinates me because color can be interpreted through words; descriptive, artistic, beautiful words. Color can be a mood or an emotion.  Color is an expression for the artist in all of us.
Take blue, for example.
There are so many shades of blue, especially when it comes to paint.
Some blues are elegant
while others are retro.
Some blues are moody
while others are beachy.
Some are simple
while others are rich.
Like a Tiffany blue.  
So happy to be in the Mesa Tribune newspaper promoting my book The Memory Catcher
an inspiring true story about my mom author and researcher Sarah Hinze.  
We even had a photo shoot.  Isn't my mom beautiful!
Click here to read the article in the Mesa Tribune written by the talented Cecily Markland.
My mom has been featured before in the Mesa Tribune.  To read more about her work, click here.  You can watch The Memory Catcher video by clicking here.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vintage Ties

I've had a love affair with vintage ties for a long time.  As a teenager, I would rummage through my dad’s ties, pick out the funkiest one and use it as a bandanna in my hair or a sash around my waist. 

When I got old enough to start shopping at thrift store’s, I would bring home vintage ties, give them to my dad, but then borrow them from time to time for my own fashion adventures. 
After the counselor and I were married, I started bringing home vintage ties for him.  He’ll wear just about anything I find.  He’s cool like that.

When my son’s wanted to started wearing ties to church, I told them “Go pick out one from your Dad’s closet.”  Would you believe they each came out with a vintage tie?  These boy’s are after my own heart. 
I've told them I'd buy them a new tie of their own, but they want to stick with their dad's vintage ties.
I love me a man in anything Armani.  This vintage Armani tie was a great find for $2.99.
Thanks for letting me borrow your tie, babe!