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Monday, January 31, 2011

American Pickers DVD Winners!

I used a random generator to select the winners of the American Pickers DVD- only problem is...I don't know how to show you the widget with the winning numbers displayed. So, you'll just have to trust me:

Comment #1 Kathy said...
I follow your blog on my google reader and I watch American Pickers all the time. I love the newest one where Danielle gets to "finally" go on a pick with Mike.


Comment #15 Mary said...
I follow you on your blog and facebook.
My husband and I watch the pickers. We LOVE them. As for being a picker, I wouldn't call myself one, I haven't made it to that level as of yet. But I'd sure love to one day.

Congratulations Kathy and Mary! Please email me your mailing information so I can get your DVD sent out! Love, Kelly

Anthropologie vs. Garage Sales

Really, what is better then Anthropologie?
Being inside an Anthropologie store makes you feel happy to be alive, like you’ve done something special just because you know how to browse.
You’ll want to dress up, maybe go just after getting a pedicure.  Where some shoes with a heel, or better yet, wear clogs.
You know that shirt you never have an occasion to wear, wear it when you shop Anthropologie.  You have to dress the part or you’ll feel out of place.
Anthropologie is the greatest store, full of inspiration, cool art and high fashion but also full of hefty prices.
Occasionally, they have clearance. 
And that’s when I purchased these.
I needed fixtures for my kitchen cabinets.  
When we bought our home, the old home owners took a few thing with them when the left.
You know, things like ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, cabinet fixtures, oh, and the oven.
So, when I saw these green glistening fixtures on clearance, marked down from $24.00 to $2.99, I snatched up all 12 of them.
I later realized they are glass because once installed, these things just popped right into two pieces.  They are very fragile, too fragile for this home.
I now have 16 to return, 9 still in one piece and 3 broken in two half’s.
Anthropologie, for the right price I tried to bring a piece of you into my home, but it didn’t work out.
Now, onto garage sales!  
What could be better then that?
It’s an early Saturday morning.  I’m still wearing my pajama bottoms, slippers included, but that’s alright.  That’s how most of Mesa residents shops yard sales.
I pull my hair back into a ponytail and stick on my sun glasses.  My wallet is full of $1.00’s and $5.00’s and I tell the counselor not to hold me to a schedule because I’m not sure when I’m coming home.
First stop and I find these.
A bag full of fixtures.  They may be plain, they may not have a lot of zing, but they’re darn sure not to break into two pieces.
On the side, I also purchase this bag of vintage fixtures.  
And the price?  $10.00 for all of them.
Not too bad.
This large piece of art stops me in my tracks.  I have to have it at any cost.  
$7.00 will be just fine, but I would've paid more.  It looks lovely hanging on my wall, wouldn’t you say.
I don’t mind negotiating, but when the seller of this vintage buffet offered it to me for $2.00, I just handed him the money.  
What am I going to say?  
“Will you take $1.00?”  
No, $2.00 was a fine price to pay for this golden beauty.
Same with this hand-made coat rack.  
It has an Anthropologie feel to it.  Chic, shabby, artsy.  A formula for a great garage sale find.
I fell in love with this wood hand-carved plant stand.  
It’s dated 1954 and signed by the artist.  It would have been 10 times the cost in a nice store like Anthropologie.  I’m thinking garage sales may come out the winner here.
A Free People dress?  I’ll take that for $1.00 at my latest garage sale.  
Why, my goodness.  Free People is a brand sold at Anthropology.  I found a garage sale that combined my love for both and at a price I can live with.  
I find this vintage garment bag and I don't know what to do with the love I feel toward garage sales.
The fabric takes me to a place where dreams never die . . . a place called Garage Sale Land.  

This Weeks Garage Finds!

Can I just say I LOVE what I do!!! Now that Laura and I have a retail space, it has opened up a whole new avenue for garaging. The treasures I find can now be shared with others, so I don't have to worry about where I'M going to put it. This was an incredible weekend out garaging, take a look at what I found...Here's some close-ups
I used to collect vintage hats, but decided I didn't love to dust them. Now I can still collect and then display them at Qcumberz. I especially like the one with the feather bow.
The rust on this antique scale makes it even more interesting and as a past drama teacher I couldn't resist the opera glasses.
Vintage bedtime story books, mason jars and a CHEESE DOME! Can't wait to paint this one up and add a little antique sheet music.
I have a thing for wood shoe forms and these old time stretchers had a great shape to them. I like the way they look in this vintage lunch pail.
Frames, frames and more frames. Laura and I can't seem to keep these in stock at Qcumberz- So I bought a bunch this weekend. I also picked up the fabulous Shabby Chic mirror- this thing is extremely heavy!
Wood spools displayed in a mason jar and retro sewing items will all be headed to the shop.
Here's another pile of treasures- let's look closer...
I already own a rooster similar to this one, so off to Qcumberz he will go
I didn't even notice these cool bottles since they were wrapped in wicker. Mr. Right's the one who picked them up and mentioned I could remove the wicker (I love that Man!)
Another wood rooster.
Some super sized frames! Might be time for another quote project like this one.
Isn't this a cool shaped chair? I bought two of them- now I just need Mr. Right to cut a seat and a back! Are you ready to see my favorite find of the weekend? Here it is...
A vintage stamping set!
It includes the alphabet, numbers and a few symbols. It also came with a second box...
Wouldn't this be the coolest piece of artwork? The owner was awesome- she swears if I hadn't come right when I did she was getting ready to haul them in the house so she could frame them. Kindred spirit I tell you. I'll share the price, since I'm hanging on to these- $20 for both! Super deal. And lastly, I wanted to give you a sneek peek at a new display I'm taking to Qcumberz this week...
Wood shoe forms and vintage crates. I've been collecting some of the items I love from all over the country to put in the shop. I've had several readers comment that they never have luck finding the things I find- Now you can pick them up at Qcumberz. Laura and I will also be starting an Etsy shop soon so if you see something you like, let us know and we can ship it out. Hope you also had a great treasure hunting weekend! Love, Kelly.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Candy Display!

We've had a ton of events we've been working on lately, so I wanted to share a recent piece we made. The young women in our church needed a sweet shop display for an activity, so here's what we designed...This is just a big antique window that I picked up at Qcumberz (29.00) and Mr. Right built a box around it. Here's a closer picture...
The awning is just a piece of fabric. We traced circles along the bottom and then just cut the bottom half of the circles to create the scalloped edge.
In this next picture I pulled up the "awning" so you can see how the antique window fits in the box...
The pink background is just a piece of butcher paper taped on.
Last year I did a "Sweet Baby Girl" shower for Laura, so we were able to re-use some of those decorations as well.
I love using my tierd table to display cupcakes...
This was such a fun event! For those who like the details, the font we used on the window is a free download called JFFerrule. We'll be using this candy window at several events we have coming up including a wedding, bake sale and birthday party- all we have to do is switch out the awning fabric and the paper on back to make it a custom piece. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty please, can I get a free étagère?

Kelly’s reaction to this piece of trash sitting in my garage was priceless. 
It was like we’d run into a celebrity.
The jumping, the screaming, the “Oh my gosh!”
I found this étagère while out thrifting and snatched it up.
It’s old; shabby chic multiplied by 10.
It weighs about 50 pounds. 
The wood was chipping on the pop-out shelves, leaving slivers in my fingers if I wasn’t careful.
Kelly and I found it delightfully full of potential.  She re-did this piece in lightening speed, finishing it in one evening. 
Here it sits in our booth at QcumbersZ.  We are keeping it as a display piece and not selling it.  Somethings are worth holding onto too.
It’s wonderful having a friend who makes everything shine, who makes everything beautiful, and I’m not just talking the étagère.
A friend who sees potential in life and opportunities in ways others do not
That’s how Kelly is.
I’ve heard that your are most successful when doing what you love.  I believe that's true.
It took me about a week to find something I've been looking for, something I didn’t want to pay full price for.
The counselor needed a dollhouse to keep at his office for play therapy.
I found this doll house for $2.99.  I love that he came to me and said "You need to take a picture of me before I go to work holding the doll house for your blog."  Talk about supportive!  Off he goes to work.
Selling trash has taught me a very valuable lesson.
It’s taught me the value of a $1.00.
I’ve been privileged to be a stay-at-home mom for 11 years.

Although I’ve dabbled in a few business endeavors, my husband has been the main provider our entire marriage.
Trying to grow my business has taught me just how much work it is to make a living.  It isn’t easy and it’s tough out there.  I try to stretch my budget and have always realized I could never do this without my husband.  I appreciate him so much.  Horray for dedicated husbands and dads.  My man makes it possible for me to be here, taking care of my kids and pursuing my dreams everyday.   
Selling trash can literally start with $1.00 investment.  Kelly has taught me to set a weekly goal of what I want to earn.  In addition, to make a list of the things I’m hoping to find.  I’ve watched it work for her.  She needed doors for our booth at QcumberZ, and found them out at a garage sale the week before. 
I read to my 5-year old Mayer every night before bed.  He's loves Curious George.  I found this book for him while out thrifting.  New, it sells for $26.00.  I found it for $3.00.  
We are on page 105 out of 400 pages.  I like to reward my kids when they finish a series of books.  Chandler just finished the entire Series of Unfortunate Events and wanted me to take him to Subway.  So, I asked Mayer if he wanted to do something special with me when we finish reading The Complete Adventures of Curious George.  He said "I want to read it with you all over again."  
I love shopping trash because lots of little blessings pop up along the way too.
So, would you believe I found another étagère?  With mirrors, glass shelves and a light. Fancy!
This one's as-is, no work required and going on Craig's list.  I'm hoping the sell of this étagère will pay for the étagère we're keeping at our booth.  It would be like getting a free étagère.



Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

What a crazy week! Laura and I have been so busy getting things ready for Qcumberz and it has already paid off- our first day we sold over $400 worth of trash!!!! Don't worry though, we're not about to give up selling clothes on ebay- It's just too much fun and a great source of income. Let's take a look at this weeks top sellers...White House Black Market Size M Cotton Top sold for $14.59
Anthropologie Lulumari size S Tan Linen Jacket sold for 14.99
Banana Republic Size 6 Long denim jeans sold for $21.38
Adrianna Papell Size 10 Black Silk Dress sold for $24.99
This New With Tags Joie California size small silk dress was originally marked $285, It sold for $24.99. Most of my top sellers this week were from garage sales and all of them cost only $1.00! Here's my totals for the week.

Ebay Total: $ 577.46
Costs: 89.00(clothes), 50.46(ebay fees), 35.80(paypal fees)
Total Profit: $402.20

Combine that with my Qcumberz profits and it was a very good week. We're bringing things into the shop all the time, so if you're local be sure to come see us at Qcumberz. Love, Kelly