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Thursday, January 13, 2011

When to Post on eBay & for the Love of a Couch

I recently received the following email from a reader of My Dear Trash:

Is there a specific day that you list that you have found gets you the most bids?  I know a lot of people like to bid last minute.  Is there a certain night (or day) that there seems to be lots of people on the prowl for new (used) stuff?

And I know you said plus size stuff...what about maternity items?  Do you have any luck with those?

I'm glad I'm getting back into this - it's exciting.  This time I did some research.  {I spent a few hours on your blog!  Went through it all - made a list of what brands you had the most luck with.  Some I had never heard of!}

Finding lots of trash,

Hello Amanda.
Thanks for your question.  I have been asked this question many times and I think it all depends on personal taste.  I like to list in the evening, around 8:00pm.  I try to get the kids to bed and work a bit.  Sometimes I’m up until midnight.  I’m a night owl and find my best effort goes further when the kids are in bed.  I know Kelly likes to work in the morning, maybe 6:00 AM.  She's up working before I ever see the light of day.  Funny, this goes to show just how different two best friends really can be.  As far as when the best time to list is, as far as volume of people shopping on eBay.  I’m not sure.  Kelly sells a lot of trash for clothing items ending around 6:00am on a Monday morning.  I think as long as you have great stuff, people will find it.  I sell plenty with my stuff closing in the evening.  If a listing lasts 7 days, then your item should be found within that time frame.  
I don't like to list over the weekend, but's my personal preference. 
Plus sizes sell great.  Anything name brand you list on eBay you should have luck with.  Maternity sells, it just usually doesn't sell for big money. I might list a pair of maternity jeans for $6.99 and I usually sell them for $6.99.  I know they'll sell, I just don't make the bulk of my money off maternity.

On a different note, I have to show you my couch.
Has there ever been a more amazing couch?  It's hideous in the most delightful way.  It's 1970's and roller skates and Three's Company and my childhood all at the same time.  
In all my days of shopping trash, this one took my breath away.  I stopped dead in my tracks.
I literally gasped and whispered under my breath “ No flipping way!” 
I wanted to jump up and down with joy.  I looked around, certain someone else knew what a prize this was.  A gem of a couch waiting just for me.
I sat on it and it was perfect.  The fabric is so well preserved.  

There's no nasty smell or nothing.  It reeks with happiness and glows like the noon sun!
This thing is like a creature.  It’s taken over my garage with it's massiveness.  Did I mention its a hide-a-bed.  It is a beast to move, literally weighs a ton.
I posted this thing on craigslist and had 3 calls immediately. SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!
Do you see why I love to do this?  Selling trash is never dull.
The fun, the adventure, the COUCH!  


  1. Thanks for answering my question! :) And I love the couch!


  2. OMG.. That couch is amazing!! You are right hideous & delightful. Don't know where I would put it, but I would want it....Just because...

  3. As always you info is fantastic and I love the couch!!

  4. Thought I'd share a Goodwill experience yesterday. Saw a pair of little boy Pediped tennis shoes in PERFECT condition (they don't even look worn.) Looked at the price...$3.99. SOLD! I bought them to resell on Ebay. They sell for $90 new and I can get $30 for them on Ebay! Hooray! Easily paid for everything else I bought yesterday! :)

  5. The couch is great, but I can so agree with the 'beast' comment. Hide-a-beds are wonderful with company, but they're a bear to move.

  6. what a fun post. i love reading your description of that couch, lol, reeking of happiness. it DOES seem to be in great condition. truly a great find!

  7. Someone at work was telling me she bought this awesome, mammoth orange couch with a hide a bed and before she could finish her story, I yelled MY DEAR TRASH!!!!!! Sure enough! What a coincidence. I just started reading your blog last week, can't get enough, and just hot $1 day at the Goodwill for the first time... can't wait to list, sell and see what happens!!