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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Garaging Finds!

Things have been a little crazy lately getting ready for the store- but I just had to share some of my latest finds. First, I need to tell you I'm shopping trash with a purpose; I'm currently working on 3 different wedding receptions. One is vintage themed, one is traditional and one is 50's. So, take a look at what I found... Sorry I don't have close ups- but those stacks of stuff, are records. Lots and lots of records. After just 2 weekends Mr. Right and I are the proud owners of over 1,000 records- all purchased for $69. These came from multiple sales where all the previous owners were asking .25-1.00 per record, but were more than willing to sell the whole lot for just a few dollars. Now, why do I need 1,000 records? The only hint I'm going to give is to reference you back to the 50's wedding. Use your imagination and check back to see if you're right (sorry, it will be a few months until the reveal) I also picked up a fantastic primitive table, vintage table, pyrex bowls, brand new chocolate fountain (10.00), soda bottles (50's wedding) and candy jar (vintage wedding). Oh, I almost forgot the gold lamp! This will be amazing after a little transformation- Check back to see all the fun stuff we're making! Love, Kelly


  1. Okay, so I know you told us to wait until the reveal for the 50's wedding but it just so happens my sister is trying to plan one as well for august. Is there any way you could email me some of the things you are doing? I'm sure they are pretty close to what we have already come up with based on the things you have bought but any inspiration will help.

  2. No fair that you have garage sales this time of year!! :) I have; however, found a thrift store that has 4/$1 clothing sale on Sundays! Woo hoo!! Ebay, here I come!! :)

  3. can't WAIT to see what you do with all this stuff! Now IM even excited! :)