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Monday, January 31, 2011

This Weeks Garage Finds!

Can I just say I LOVE what I do!!! Now that Laura and I have a retail space, it has opened up a whole new avenue for garaging. The treasures I find can now be shared with others, so I don't have to worry about where I'M going to put it. This was an incredible weekend out garaging, take a look at what I found...Here's some close-ups
I used to collect vintage hats, but decided I didn't love to dust them. Now I can still collect and then display them at Qcumberz. I especially like the one with the feather bow.
The rust on this antique scale makes it even more interesting and as a past drama teacher I couldn't resist the opera glasses.
Vintage bedtime story books, mason jars and a CHEESE DOME! Can't wait to paint this one up and add a little antique sheet music.
I have a thing for wood shoe forms and these old time stretchers had a great shape to them. I like the way they look in this vintage lunch pail.
Frames, frames and more frames. Laura and I can't seem to keep these in stock at Qcumberz- So I bought a bunch this weekend. I also picked up the fabulous Shabby Chic mirror- this thing is extremely heavy!
Wood spools displayed in a mason jar and retro sewing items will all be headed to the shop.
Here's another pile of treasures- let's look closer...
I already own a rooster similar to this one, so off to Qcumberz he will go
I didn't even notice these cool bottles since they were wrapped in wicker. Mr. Right's the one who picked them up and mentioned I could remove the wicker (I love that Man!)
Another wood rooster.
Some super sized frames! Might be time for another quote project like this one.
Isn't this a cool shaped chair? I bought two of them- now I just need Mr. Right to cut a seat and a back! Are you ready to see my favorite find of the weekend? Here it is...
A vintage stamping set!
It includes the alphabet, numbers and a few symbols. It also came with a second box...
Wouldn't this be the coolest piece of artwork? The owner was awesome- she swears if I hadn't come right when I did she was getting ready to haul them in the house so she could frame them. Kindred spirit I tell you. I'll share the price, since I'm hanging on to these- $20 for both! Super deal. And lastly, I wanted to give you a sneek peek at a new display I'm taking to Qcumberz this week...
Wood shoe forms and vintage crates. I've been collecting some of the items I love from all over the country to put in the shop. I've had several readers comment that they never have luck finding the things I find- Now you can pick them up at Qcumberz. Laura and I will also be starting an Etsy shop soon so if you see something you like, let us know and we can ship it out. Hope you also had a great treasure hunting weekend! Love, Kelly.


  1. I love Qcumberz...I will have to stop in for a couple of those wooden shoe forms. I have one and need one or two more.

    I am so envious of the vintage stamping sets. I would have snatched them up in a hurry as well. Awesome find.

    Can't wait to see your booth at Qcumberz.


  2. Oh my goodness, Kelly! What a haul! I sure do wish the pickings were that good around here! Love the bottles, too. I'd consider leaving the wicker on and maybe grunging it up a bit to a more walnut color. Then add some handstamped tags. I know whatever you do they'll be great!

  3. Those are fabulous finds, and yep. The stamp set is my favorite, too. Although, I do love the shape of those shoe stretchers. . .

  4. omg I love the hats!!! Omg I love the stamping set!!! Gosh you find the best stuff and I thought I had a good weekend!! Haha head over to my blog to see what I scooped up!
    Cat @ BudgetBlonde

  5. wow wow wow! I love those vintage hats, and the frames.. they are beautiful!

  6. Thanks to you, I took a trip out to Qcumberz this weekend. And I had a great time there. I almost left you a note in your booth, but I didn't know where or if you'd even get it. I found the CUTEST kid-sized overstuffed chair for $25 and I'm going to recover it for Evie's room. I'll have to head back over there now. There were two HUGE things that I really wanted to bring home, but the price tags were a little hefty. I'll see if I can convince Brad this week!