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Friday, April 30, 2010

Faux Leather Finish

The youth in our church are performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tomorrow night and I was asked to make one of the props- A giant sized Bible. If you haven't seen the show, The Bible is what the narrator reads from as she tells the story of Joseph. When thinking about the design of this prop, I wasn't sure what the base would be. I could always use luan (a really thin plywood that we like to use for sets in the theater) or cardboard, or just a really big book. Mr. Right was looking over the Monopoly game I picked up last weekend and mentioned that the game board might be the perfect size. He was right. Here's the before of the game board.I did a little search on google to find a faux leather treatment. Flower Foot Designs has the best tutorial- you'll have to check out her faux leather wallet- it looks amazing, but is made of paper. So that's how I started my project. A spray bottle of water and a stack of brown cardstock I picked up at a yard sale a few months ago.
First lightly spray your paper- I did front and back. Then wad it into a ball. Unfold and wad a few times until it's distressed to your liking.
Unfold and let dry. Here's all my sheets drying.
Flower Foot Designs puts a nice texture on hers- but I don't own a cuttlebug so this is what I did. I used a brown ink pad and ran it over the paper. This allows the raised areas to pick up the ink. I then tore the paper into random pieces and used tons o' modge podge to stick it to the game board and protect it.
I smoothed out the paper as I went and this is how the game board looked after being covered- front and back.
Now, to make it look like a Bible. I cut out Holy Bible on my cricut, but removed the letters and used the vinyl as a stencil.
I then used a gold paint pen to fill in the letters.
When I removed the vinyl stencil this is how the finished book turned out.
I'd say it looks pretty good. Can't wait to see these kids perform this fun musical. I know not many of you will be required to make a large Holy Bible in your lifetime, but I thought this would make the coolest wall treatment. It's as sturdy (if not more) as wallpaper and has the greatest texture. Hope you enjoyed. Love, Kelly.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Service is like a Mosaic

Some of you may remember I went to a yard sale a few weeks ago and purchased this beautiful hope chest for $40.00.

The woman who sold it to me was kind, like so nice I wanted to her to adopt me. Her name was Loretta and she had the beauty of an artist. You know what I mean. Beautiful olive skin, thick hair that looked like it never had a bad day, eyes with light beaming out of them (like she knew more then the rest of us) and a certain humility that made me want to learn something from her.

“I know I have the key somewhere,” she said, pointing to the lock on the hope chest.

Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about the lock, but Loretta took my name and number and promised to give me a call when she found the key.

What Loretta didn’t know was most things I purchase at yard sales I bring home, clean up and resale on EBay or Craig’s List. I was certain the hope chest would be sold by the end of the weekend for $100.00.

But there was something so lovely about the hope chest and I wanted to keep it. Still, ambitious and curious as I am, I put it on Craig’s List. I received numerous inquiries, but never called anyone back.

A week later I received a call from Loretta. She’d found the key.

I drove out to her house and this is what she handed me; the key, the original booklet and the original tag.

Seriously, who’s this organized? Who keeps this stuff? Obviously beautiful, artistic, nice people with shiny eyes.

I gave Loretta a hug and knew I would keep the hope chest; I just wasn’t sure where I would put it.

Loretta told me her garage was full of items left over from the yard sale.

“I’m going to donate all this stuff, so take what you want,” she said as she opened her garage. Heaven!

It was so much fun looking through all her stuff, but to my surprise she had something special saved for me.

It was a dresser full of broken china, tile, rystals and trinkets.

“This is my box of mosaics. I've made all sort of beautiful stuff,” she said. “I can’t keep them because I’m moving out of state and have no room to take them with me. All these pieces I have some sentimental value to me. I want you to have them.”

I did take Loretta’s dresser full of mosaic pieces, but I had someone special in mind to give them to.

This is Rachel.

She’s a beautiful girl in my church who I greatly admire. I always see her serving her family. With a single mother and 5 younger brothers, it’s easy to see why. Here she is pictured with her mom.

Rachel also has an artist’s beauty and I felt impressed to offer Loretta’s mosaic’s to her. I can’t wait to see what she creates.

We may all be a bit broken, but beautiful in are own way. Bit by bit, we love & serve others and it comes together into a beautiful creation; even more beautiful then a mosaic.

Mosaic art by Sandy Roertson Image found here.

My beautiful sister in law, Heather featured the rest of this story on her blog, Miscellaneous, etc. Click here to read more.

The Big Challenge Week 11

Here we are week 11 of the big challenge to raise $4,000 to take my family to Florida. Before I get to this weeks numbers I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who voted on which project I should send in as my audition piece for So You Think You Can Decorate. Looks like the playhouse won with 32% of the vote. I officially submitted the playhouse photo and description last night! I'll keep you posted, as I will need lots of votes to be selected for the competition. Also, I'm not sure if anyone noticed... But I've been out of town for the last 3 days at 6th Grade Science Camp. We had such a great time- Beautiful surroundings, good food, hikes, classes, skits, games and lots of quality time with my 11 year old. Here she is holding a tube worm she discovered during her stream studies class. Here's my cabin- The Foxy Fireflies. What an awesome group of girls!
Mr. Right was kind enough to post my garage sale finds for me- I forgot to tell him to enter a title, hence the titleless post on Tuesday. But all is well now, so lets get to this weeks numbers. I listed 38 items and 12 relists on ebay. Here are a few top sellers.
These Women's Lucy XL Tall athletic pants sold for $11.55. I also recently sold some Lucy shorts- I've been to the Lucy store, but didn't realize this was such a good resale item.
This Women's Avenue size 20 shirt dress sold for 11.49. Again, larger sizes are usually a big seller. $23.04 for two items that cost a total of 2.00 to buy, is a great profit. Now on to craigslist. Remember the little tikes kitchen I picked up Saturday for $30?
It sold in just a few hours for $60.00! And the COUCH! (yes I'm yelling) I paid $20 for this couch weeks ago.
I thought it was a great resale item. Neutral color, no stains or tears, comfortable, etc. I originally listed it for $150. After several weeks of reducing the price it finally sold. How much? $30. Not much of a profit, but a profit. The funny thing is, this was the first and only call I ever received on the sofa- The lady was sure it must be a misprint and the sofa was really $300. When I explained it wasn't, she was here within the hour to grab it up- Maybe so she can resale it? (Good Luck) In the future, I'll probably stay away from upholstered pieces unless they're really unique. Well, were getting there. I have 5 weeks left, but our airline tickets have been paid for as well as our hotel, so were definitely going, we may just not get to eat while we're there! Not really, I'm confident we will earn enough to have a fantastic family vacation. Again, thank you for sharing your resale stories with My Dear Trash- they inspire me. Love, Kelly

Ebay Profits: This week: 143.52 Challenge Total: 1539.09
Craigslist Profits: This week 90.00 Challenge Total: 1760.00
This weeks Costs: 15.00 (clothes- I had a credit from returns) -35.01 (ebay fees) -9.49(paypal fees) -50.00 (Cost to buy craigslist items)
Total Challenge Costs: 965.92
Total Profit: $2333.17

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I really do have the best of intentions.

Like when I did the laundry today. I had every intention of hanging everything up, you know, fresh out of the dryer, but there the counselor’s shirts lay on the laundry table, all curled up in cotton-wrinkled balls. Sorry, babe.

At dinner, my intention turned into an excuse like “I meant to make a healthy dinner, but we ordered pizza instead.”

I wake up, certain to make time for yoga. I’m determined, but so is my two-year old initiating potty training. I chase him around the house with his potty chair and a clean pair of underwear. That counts as a work-out, doesn’t it?

Chandler’s glasses cracked at the frame a month ago. I’ve had the best of intentions to get him a new pair, but it’s amazing how a little bit of packaging tape can keep the lense stuck the frame. Does ingenuity confer with intention? In this case, I think it does.

Everyone understands I have the best of intentions. Everyone is patient. Everyone expect for me.

So when Kelly and I sponsored The My Dear Trash Earth Day Book Drive, I had every intention of making it sparkle.

It was going to be huge, like firecrackers on the 4th of July.

I dream big and don’t apologize for it.

I made contacts with amazing people at Changing Hands and Bookmans. I loved the recipients over at the Friend of the Phoenix Public Library. What great people. What great things they do in our community.

I was going to contact local and national authors, network in the community with schools and bookstores and get on the local evening news.

For Earth Day, I wanted to do it all. I would do it all

But, sometimes the best of intentions get booted for something more important.

Like a perfect healthy baby girl.

Earth Day came and went. In the garage sit the books I wanted to donate for the book drive. I had every intention to get to Changing Hands, but …

I felt awful.

I received an email today from Alexis at the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library.

Her message felt like a hug.

She sent over the numbers.

The My Dear Trash Earth Day Book Drive collected 800 books.

Excuse me? Really. That’s pretty cool.

It just goes to show; when your heart is in the right place everything works out.

Thank you for all who contributed, who donated and who had the best of intentions to do something special on Earth Day. Let’s do it again next year.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nursing & Top EBay Sales of the Week

When I’m tired, it’s impossible to write.

The last few days I’ve opened my manuscript only to have it stare me in the face with a blank expression.

EBay is the same way. I've had a difficult time just making out the descriptions.

As pictured below, working on EBay is somewhere in the middle of a comedy and a tragedy.

I still managed to relist 60 things last week. Keep in mind, re-lists are items that didn't sell the first week I posted them. I re-listed them from .99 cents to $2.99.

Let's see what happened.

These darling Gap Size 4 White Cropped Denim Jeans didn't sale last week for $6.99. I re-listed them at $2.99 and the sold for $20.00.

This Venezia Plus Size 20 Black Slimming Dress sold for $13.26. Sweet.

I normally don't sell tank tops, as they aren't very expensive to purchase new, but this is an Ann Taylor XL Tank Top. I re-listed it for .99 cents and it sold for $12.00. Wow!

I re-listed this Old Navy Large Black Halter Dress for .99 cents and it sold for $7.51. It's perfect for summer.

I was surprised when this Old Navy Maternity Denim Skirt didn't sell for $6.99. I re-listed it and it sold for $10.50.

These Banana Republic Size 12 Cropped Black Ryan pants sold for $11.50.

This weekend was hilarious in many ways, partly because I'm exhausted and partly because I’m a nursing factory.

Thanks to my nurse cover, I’m as mobile as ever; however I only have one hand to do things with.

I kept a list of all the things I did this weekend while nursing Eden.

I made scrambled eggs.

I chased a chicken out of my yard back into my neighbors.

I walked to the pasture to make sure the chicken made it back alive.

Chased a bird that flew into our house back outside (yes I meant a bird, not a chicken. The feather's are the proof of that fun experience).

I put on Payson’s tie (not to impressive because it was a clip-on).

Followed Reef while he tried to find the chicken.

Sweet talked Reef home, put him in his high chair and feed him scrambled eggs (not from the chicken or the bird).

Picked lemons.

Walked to my mom’s house down the street.

Made and mixed the oatmeal topping to an apple crisp and it baked up perfect (I’ve had it for every meal since yesterday morning).

Brushed my teeth.

Ate lunch (delicious apple crisp) with the counselor.

Today I’m not so tired.

Today I feel somewhat creative and will open my manuscript again. I hope it doesn't stick its tongue out at me.

And how is Princess Peanut?

After four babies, I finally learned how to wrap a baby up like a peanut.

Doesn’t she look content?


My little princess peanut is my bosom buddy, literally. I wonder what I’ll accomplish today while nursing?

This Weeks Garaging Finds

I think I've mentioned that this is the season for garage sales here in Arizona. This weekend did not disappoint! Behold all of my finds- proudly displayed in my driveway. Let's take a closer look and see what's for me, what's for craig and what's for ebay.The table with its turned legs and bartop height was just $15. A definite item for craig as I am out of room for furniture!This new sweet baby headband was just .50. I searched it on ebay and found out the same one sold for $12.99- I'll have to think on this one as it would make a perfect prop in our baby photo shoots.

This I'm sure to list on ebay. A brand new $45.00 blingalicious paci holder for .50!

This huge leaf bowl with acorns was $10.00. A little more than I usually spend, but this was a designer sale and I knew it was highend and will make a great prop for fall decorating photos. The glass black and white balls (at the bottom of the picture) were new, in a box marked $1.00 each. There were 17 in the box and I asked if she could do better on the price if I took them all- 10.00 for the box.

These new scented rocks for $1.00 per bag will add great texture to one of my decorating vignettes.

I was so excited to find a box of 4 glass door knob sets. They were asking $10.00 each- but again, when buying in bulk sometimes you can save. I offered $20.00 for all 4 and they were mine.

These dramatic lamps will be perfect for that reception I'll be hosting someday for one of my daughters, somewhere, at some unknown location on some unknown date, when they marry some unknown guy- Okay maybe I just wanted the lamps because they were gorgeous and only cost $10.00! But can't a mom dream a little?

This shadow box picture frame was $3.00- once the dead flowers are removed it will be perfect for display. The teddy bears sign and big clock were $1.00 each.

This oversize black frame was just $2.00!

This owl may look a little creepy- but we need one for our peach tree to scare off the birds. For .25 I thought I'd try it. The wood thingy with iron wheel was $2.00 and made into the cutest little wagon ever. The storage boxes were $2.00 each- I can never have enough of those.
This little tikes kitchen came with a box of play food and cost $30.00. I've already sold it on craigslist- I'll keep you in suspense and tell you how much on Wednesday at the Big Challenge Update. The little tikes shopping cart was $2 and is also listed on craigslist.
This Parents brand activity cube will eventually make it to craigslist- after my daughter has a few turns with it.

And finally, just when I thought it couldn't get better, on our last stop I found a new monopoly game. I thought the pieces would be the same as the one I picked up a few weeks ago, but lucky me- all new shapes (cheerleader, football helmet, whistle, etc.) I'd say it was the perfect garage sale weekend, hope yours was too. Love, Kelly