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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

I think I've mentioned that this is the season for garage sales here in Arizona. This weekend did not disappoint! Behold all of my finds- proudly displayed in my driveway. Let's take a closer look and see what's for me, what's for craig and what's for ebay.The table with its turned legs and bartop height was just $15. A definite item for craig as I am out of room for furniture!This new sweet baby headband was just .50. I searched it on ebay and found out the same one sold for $12.99- I'll have to think on this one as it would make a perfect prop in our baby photo shoots.

This I'm sure to list on ebay. A brand new $45.00 blingalicious paci holder for .50!

This huge leaf bowl with acorns was $10.00. A little more than I usually spend, but this was a designer sale and I knew it was highend and will make a great prop for fall decorating photos. The glass black and white balls (at the bottom of the picture) were new, in a box marked $1.00 each. There were 17 in the box and I asked if she could do better on the price if I took them all- 10.00 for the box.

These new scented rocks for $1.00 per bag will add great texture to one of my decorating vignettes.

I was so excited to find a box of 4 glass door knob sets. They were asking $10.00 each- but again, when buying in bulk sometimes you can save. I offered $20.00 for all 4 and they were mine.

These dramatic lamps will be perfect for that reception I'll be hosting someday for one of my daughters, somewhere, at some unknown location on some unknown date, when they marry some unknown guy- Okay maybe I just wanted the lamps because they were gorgeous and only cost $10.00! But can't a mom dream a little?

This shadow box picture frame was $3.00- once the dead flowers are removed it will be perfect for display. The teddy bears sign and big clock were $1.00 each.

This oversize black frame was just $2.00!

This owl may look a little creepy- but we need one for our peach tree to scare off the birds. For .25 I thought I'd try it. The wood thingy with iron wheel was $2.00 and made into the cutest little wagon ever. The storage boxes were $2.00 each- I can never have enough of those.
This little tikes kitchen came with a box of play food and cost $30.00. I've already sold it on craigslist- I'll keep you in suspense and tell you how much on Wednesday at the Big Challenge Update. The little tikes shopping cart was $2 and is also listed on craigslist.
This Parents brand activity cube will eventually make it to craigslist- after my daughter has a few turns with it.

And finally, just when I thought it couldn't get better, on our last stop I found a new monopoly game. I thought the pieces would be the same as the one I picked up a few weeks ago, but lucky me- all new shapes (cheerleader, football helmet, whistle, etc.) I'd say it was the perfect garage sale weekend, hope yours was too. Love, Kelly


  1. What a great find on those door knobs! Love them!!!!!!! Our garage sale season in KC is just gearing up! yahoo!

  2. I got some great stuff from GW today!! Will post it later!!

  3. Where do you find these amazing garage sales. I live in the valley and never can find anything good. :o[

  4. I'm salivating over those door knobs. Great find! Be on the look out for some more for me pretty please. :)