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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nursery Rocker Update

If you've been reading you know I've been working on Laura's nursery. As we finished painting and moved in a few pieces of furniture, that have all been refinished, I see this ottoman with matching rocker in the room next door. (Rocker not pictured)I wince as I tentatively ask Laura, does that go in the room? Laura answers a definite yes. This has been her rocker and ottoman for all four of her boys, it's very sentimental and comfortable. Here's a closer look at the fabric I'm dealing with...
I do some quick thinking and decide I must paint and reupholster the rocker and ottoman. Only problem? I don't sew and the rocker has two removeable cushions that are screaming for a seamtress. In walks our friend Dawn. Amazingly talented Dawn, seamstress Dawn, unsuspecting and innocent Dawn is just there to pick up her son from a playdate. I quickly pounce. "Dawn, can you recover these cushions?" "Easy" she tells me. So, the rocker will have to be revealed on Monday, with the nursery, as it looks a little naked right now. But here is the ottoman that I painted and recovered (I can totally do staple gun)
Here she is upclose...
I can't wait for the Big Reveal on Monday! Please join us then to see sweet Eden's new nursery. Love, Kelly

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  1. That looks amazing! I'm currently looking for a new glider to rehab for my nursery. I'm expecting a baby girl in July and my old rocker was a hand me down when I got it and is now looking super ugly. Its time has come to move on....Great job and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. LOVE it, Kelly! What talent! I ordered my sure scraps alot. Thanks for the tip. Can't wait to use it with my cricut.

  3. This is awesome! You are so talented! I had one i needed to do but never did....Hmmm it's somewhere LOL.
    Have a great week end my friend.
    Love ya!

  4. I love that fabric. It makes this piece look sweet and current.