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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful List

I’m grateful:

  • Payson did the dishes tonight

  • when I need help spelling a word, I can ask Chandler for help and he always knows the answer
  • my dogs have only chewed up half of my patio furniture
  • when I asked Kelly to edit my book she believed in my enough to say yes
  • the flowers the counselor planted for me on my birthday are in bloom
  • for washable markers
  • Reef lost his last bottle and is forced to take a sippy cup
  • the counselor is so tall
  • scorpions hibernate in the winter
  • the counselor is such a great dad

  • for Thanksgiving leftovers, especially the marshmallow yams my mother-in-law made
  • Arizona has sunny skies in the winter

  • angels are real
  • my sister Becky jumps up and down with joy whenever she sees me
  • my children love to swim
  • for dreams, wind chimes and sourdough bread
  • my sister Anna in cosmetology school practices hair and make-up on me
  • Mayer plays so sweet with Reef

  • my dad taught me how to play tennis
  • for friends from my mission
  • the counselor only loses his temper when Phoenix Suns are losing
  • my house is clean enough for today.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I’m Thankful

I’m thankful for my dear friend, Laura, who gave me this antique window a few days ago.  I had made this 2.00 book wreath by following a tutorial here and wasn’t happy with the way it looked hanging on the wall.  When the window arrived I knew just the place to put my wreath.  Thank you so much Laura.  I’m also grateful for my beautiful, healthy family, friends, good neighbors, and the many blessing I enjoy each day.  I hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving and remember all of the blessing in your life.  Love, Kelly

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Disappointments of the Week: A is for armpit

My Ebay disappointments are usually pretty painless, but I came across these 3 despairing articles of clothing in a 10 minute time period and practically needed CPR. The earnings could have been impressive, should have been in my top sells of the week, but I had to pass due to unfortunate armpit circumstances. Oh, the heartache.

This Lacoste Large Pink Shirt sells new for $88.00. I found it at Goodwill on 1/2 day for $3.00. What luck! What joy!

And then, like a slap in the face, I spot these ugly yellow sweat stains locked up and sealed in the armpits. The stains are subtle, but they're there alright. Any decent woman would pass on this shirt. Selling it on Ebay would result in negative feedback for sure. Tragedy.

I have a love affair with Eileen Fisher. Her items are so elegant for the everyday woman. This sweater sells new for well over $200.00. For $3.00 at Goodwill, I'm willing to take it home, wash it up and get it ready for listing.

I don't mind the work, I have a great fabric cleaner for just about any stain. But it doesn't work on holes. I swear this poor thing looks like its been dragged around like a child's baby blanket.

This lovely Tommy Bahama XL Women's shirt is something special. New, it sells for well over $100.00

But barely-there armpit stains break the deal once again. What horrible life-crushing deodorant does this type of damage? I want to know. It deserves to be punished.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What’s for dinner?

Here’s a way to keep the kids and hubby from constantly asking "what's for dinner?":  write out your menu for the week. Our family plans the week’s meals on Sunday night. I usually grocery shop on Monday, so I can buy all the ingredients for the week at one time (I'm all about saving time). Recently, I purchased this lovely chalkboard hanging  for 1.99 at Goodwill. All it needed was a little update.

First, I took it all apart and sanded the edges. What looked like black paint was actually really dark green. 
I sprayed it with Rustoleums Heirloom white

Then used an aging technique I learned here

I picked out some scrapbook paper and a fun font (carnival) and printed the “Menu” on my computer.

Using Rustoleums chalkboard paint, I refinished the chalkboard (it had a big scratch on it)

Finally, I put it all back together using hot glue.

I love how it turned out, but because I already have a Menu board (see picture below)

I’ve decided to give this one away. That’s right! Laura and I will be doing a super duper giveaway in December. Look for details coming soon. Hope you enjoyed! Love, Kelly

Are you a Twilight Nerd too?

What is it with middle-aged moms and the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer? I’m qualified to discuss it; after all, Edward Cullen has been the screen saver on my computer for over a year.

I read Twilight when the book first came out and really liked it, but it was Twilight the movie that turned me into a freak.

I first saw it with the counselor, who unlike many begrudging husbands, was actually happy to go. He suspected Twilight had just enough blood and guts to keep him entertained.

The movie started and we sat side by side, hand in hand. When Edward Cullen first walked onto the screen I was paralyzed. The counselor tried to release the blood-stopping choke-hold I had on his hand, but he couldn’t reach me. Once I came too, that was it. I was in his lap for the rest of the movie.

I took the sunny boys to see Twilight a few days later. They were beyond thrilled. I’ll admit it, I acted about their age the second time I saw it. We sat glued to the screen, anxious to see where the plot took us; overly laughing at the humorous parts and gasping at the scary scenes.

The counselor purchase Twilight the DVD for me when it came out. I watched it a dozen times with my boys. First I’d watch it from Bella’s perspective, then from Edwards. I’d watch the movie focusing only on Edward’s expressions, replaying scenes over and over again. The way he seemed so sad was such a turn-on. What was wrong with me?

What was wrong with millions of other moms who had completely lost their minds to Twilight?

I read blogs, articles, reviews; anything I could get my hands on about Edward. He was the ultimate bad boy and actually loving him could get Bella killed. And I condoned this relationship? Clearly it was dysfunctional, but I wanted more.

The idea that I had to wait for a year for the release of New Moon the movie almost put me on medication, but I barely survived and here I am to tell you I loved New Moon.

I attended the pre-screening with my sister, Becky and 400 hundred other moms.

I am proud to say I was not the only mom to shriek with joy when Jacob took his shirt off. And when Edward first walked onto the screen, my growing baby kicked me with surprising force. Let’s just say, my body was a bit tense.

So I give New Moon a standing ovation.
If you’re a Twilight nerd too, give a shoot out and leave a comment so we can bond.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly Garage Sale Finds

Shopping at garage sales requires a truck, a sense of humor, and a little cash. Without all three, you are doomed!

The weather is finally perfect here in the desert (after ½ the year with over 100 degrees). On Saturday mornings you’ll find garage sale signs taped to street posts, pointing to adventure-filled shopping.

I usually drive no more than half a mile and spot a dozen signs, some more clever then others.


Huge Sale

Multi-Family Sale

Neighborhood Sale

Some are decent while others get my heart racing.

Some sales are more fun than others. Didn't I have a doll like this when I was younger?

If Louie Vuitton made golf bags, this would be the motherload.

Early Christmas shopping? All the parts are assembled nicely in a ziplock bag.

I have no daughters, but I could be having one (I'll find out in December). I search through a huge pile of baby clothes, and walk away with about 20 little girl outfits for $6.00. My favorite, a Baby Gap crushed-velvet silver dress.

The boys, a dear friend, plus a sweet little cousin, playing 4-square with a Yoga ball I found for .50 cents. There will be days of fun with this bouncy find. And once it pops, there will be some major consoling.

I'm current with my mirror-framed liquor art, so I'll pass on these rare beauties.

I find a yard sale, a HUGE yard sale. I talk to the homeowner and find out her brother recently purchased a foreclosure that was completely full of "trash."

Alright, let's see what trash we find to take home.

A porch swing in lovely condition for $10.00. I'll take it.

What about this beautiful 1905 collection of bone china plates, all dated with an authentic stamp and plate number listed on back ? I'll gladly take all 11 off your hands and use them for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother-in-law will love them.

I love the color red, so much that I recently painted my front door red. These candlesticks catch my attention and will be great for Christmas.

And when I notice the inscription underneath, I know I must have them. I can't wait to look these up.

I've always been a big fan of Richard Scary, but this 4-book collection from 1971, still in their original box, is going on Ebay. I purchased it for $3.00 and if they don't sell, my kids will enjoy them for Christmas.

At this point, I'm busting at the seams and my truck is packed. I'm giddy and broke and smiling and head home.

Once home, Reef hangs out in the truck while I clean it out. He's in no hurry.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aren’t Elephants Good Luck?

If this little cutie is going in Kelly's toy room, I can't imagine what the rest of the room looks like. Can I just hang out in your home for a day and browse. Better yet, can I shop?

That’s what went through my mind as I spotted this beauty at the Goodwill.  Then I Checked the tag and discovered it was part of the $1.00 sale- Elephants are good luck.  Now, even though he was handcrafted and solid wood, I thought he looked a little plain.  So I picked out some scrapbook paper, took him a part, traced each piece (front and back), gave him a nice spray of white paint, used some Mod Podge and turned him into a real cutie.


He looks great in our toy room!  And for Less than $3.00 I  think he looks very Anthropologie-esque.  Hope you enjoyed. Kelly  

I'm sharing this for frugal friday at shabby nest 

Meeting Barbara Kingsolver, New York Times Best-Selling Author

I hope I’m cordial and gracious when I see a celebrity, but the reality is I get all hyper. I such a sucker for famous people and I love to meet them.

I don’t care if you’re an Emmy winner (Sam Shepard) or a local news anchor (Janine Ford), a musician (Jesus Jones) or a morning radio D.J. (Gwen Foster), as long as your famous I’m energized and want to talk to you.

And if I walk past you in the airport (Dan Majerle, Phil Jackson), I’ll give you a shot-out.

If I see you in a mall (Mike Tyson), in the crowd at a sporting event (Carl Lewis) or in a dark parking lot (Charles Barkley & Michael Jordan), I’ll stop to say hello.

If you’re a personal assistant (Jewel) or massage therapist (Gwyneth Paltrow)of a famous person, your in luck because I’ll give you the same eager attention I’d give that famous person herself.

My interest in famous authors started in college. I attended multiple author readings while at ASU and recently started attending author lectures again (Glenn Beck, Kerry Lynn Blair, Janette Rallison, William P. Young).

Last week I went with a darling friend, Martha, to hear New York Times Best-selling author Barbara Kingsolver (

As a teen, her book, Pigs In Heaven made a huge impression on me and I’ve followed her career ever since.

The auditorium is full and the book reading is about to start, but I have to make one more bathroom break (pregnancy does this to a girl). The lobby, with its bright lights and costume drapes, has cleared out and who do you think walks into the lobby? Yes, you guessed it: Barbara herself.

She is a beautiful lady, tall and thin, distinguished and articulate, even in how she moves through the opened glass door. The shimmering gold scarf running down her neck is for royalty and I stand motionless; speechless. She stops and smiles at me and my mouth opens as wide as my bulging eyes.

I don’t introduce myself, I don’t say hello. I just stare. At this point in my life, a New York Times best-selling author is a bit too intimidating to me.

Later, when she signs my book and my mouth is all dry, my necklace catches on the book jacket and springs back into my face; a shot gun to my already shaky ego. So much for grace, but at this moment I tell her Pigs In Heaven was the first adult novel I read and it started my love for reading. I walk away with her signature in my book and the message of her lecture “Write your passion and never give up.”