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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Happy Day for this Desperate Writer

This is a happy day for me; a desperate writer trying to get a book published.

I’ve been to New York and back hoping to find an agent or publisher for my novel, Colors of the Sea.

I’ve attended various writer’s conferences and networking events, writer’s groups and author lectures.

I created a book cover (thank you to my beautiful model, Miss Britany Bretzing who looks more like Winona than anyone I've ever seen) and promotional flyers, a website and even cute hemp bags with my book cover printed on them.

But seriously, how do you think I pay for all this writing paraphernalia?

Did I inherit some money? Make a fortune in the real estate boom? Win a lawsuit? No, unfortunately not.

It’s true, the counselor is a wonderful provider, true to his man-ly stewardship and incredibly generous, but I didn’t feel good about digging into the family funds to pay for my round trip airfare to New York City.

And then there's my annual fees to the Society for Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators (, the Rachel Carson Foundation (,American Night Writers Association ( other organizations I belong to.

What about conference fees?

And mailing dozens of query letters, with my three-page synopsis and the first chapters of the book to various editors and agents?

Editing, formating and a photo session?

My subscription to Writer's Digest?

Copyrighting? Incorporating? Therapy?

Did I mention printing costs? Because you know I’ve printed about 100 copies of Colors of the Sea for family, friends, old college professors, babysitters and the clerk at the thrift store who keeps begging to read it (if you want to read a bit of this juicy book, visit to download the first 5 chapters). This writing thing is expensive, but like my other babies, worth every penny.

My Ebay store has covered most of the costs of this huge undertaking. Luckily, I can up the ante when I need more dough for various other expensive; like childcare for my cute little sunny boys,

fast food because I never have time to cook, late fees on bills I can’t find the time to pay and the list goes on and on.

It’s been a lot of work, but a blast and this summer a dear friend suggested I start a blog. Thank you for the wonderful advice Doug Johnston(

Surprisingly (mainly to me), now goes hand in hand with my writing goals. It gets me writing every day about something I love, like a warm up to other writing projects I’ve got going.

Writing about garage sales, thrift stores and making money on Ebay is easy, fun and most of the time, humorous. Writing about sexual abuse, marine biology, even mermaids and braiding it around my main character, Winona, takes a bit more concentration and focus. But I realize now, I need one in order to do the other and as a writer, I’ve never been happier or more balanced.

Plus, I'm pretty happy about the little commotion I feel in my belly. I can finally feel the baby move, my own little circus performer in a ball of warm water.

I have to mention, I did receive an email today from an Ebay customer who found my blog. This is a verbal pat on the back for me and I had to share it:

I visited your blog last night and read every single post. You're an amazing, creative, and resourceful person and I truly admire you! Keep posting; I'll be reading. :)

So, thank you for making this desperate writer’s day.

If you love my blog, or even just like it, please consider leaving a comment or becoming a follower.


  1. I love your blog, Laura!! :-) You are a wonderful, fun, and creative writer. Your blog is as addicting to read (for me) as your trips to the thrift store are (for you)! I love to see what you come up with next. We sure miss you and your family!

  2. OMG, I'm your eBay fan! As a nonfiction book editor, I'm even more delighted to know my J.Crew sweater will help support your writing endeavors. :) You're amazing!

  3. Hello my friend! I am such a follower, love reading everyday your deals, you need to take me along on some of your finding trips. Love deals and cute stuff. I will stop by soon!
    Your friend always


  4. Hi, I'm from Australia and have just discovered your blog last night, I'm really enjoying it, have saved it to my favourites as there's so much to read yet for me to catch up. We moved here from New Zealand last year, and I used to go op shopping every week for clothes as well and sell on the internet. Not sure how well it would go here though, but might give it a go again.