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Friday, March 27, 2015

What Color Should I Paint A Dresser?

Six more weeks until I have a baby and I’m trying to keep up with all I have/think/needs to be done around here.

What makes it difficult is I can’t bend.
Or walk very well.
And did I mention I’m still nauseous most days.

I’m surrounded by so many loving people.  My kids are keeping up and going the extra mile.  The counselor does most of the runs to the store and keeps up with literally bringing home the bacon.

My boys and the counselor are keeping up with “the family business” (that’s what we’re calling it around here now).  Mayer takes off and puts back on fixtures.  Payson does the sanding.  Chandler helps with painting.  The counselor does all the shopping, lifting and delivery to Antique Plaza and Merchant Square.  I’m mainly in charge of the "make-up" of a piece, meaning distressing, staining and waxing.  For the most part, we've been able to use oops paint on my pieces, but great paint colors in oops paint are hard to find these days.

So, I'm using the paint we currently have and keep painting many of the dressers the same color.

Tiffany blue

And gray.

Over and over again.

 Because I mix my own paint, the shades very slightly.

End tables and armoires included.

Seems like Tiffany blue and gray are the famous colors right now.   

Which works out great if those are the few paint colors you currently have.

I try to throw in the occasional white and black piece too.

White and black are great sellers too.

What's been most fun is I'm finally using my Christmas gift - the counselor got me a drill!

I love this drill.  I was a little intimated, but thanks to my 9 year-old son Mayer who loves working with tools, he figured it out and taught me how to use it.

Now, I'm making all sorts of things out of my dad's old barn wood (many of which sold before I was able to take photos).

Seriously, I dream in Tiffany blue and gray and power drills these days.
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