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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Puppy's Near Death Experience

Reef has always wanted a little puppy, we decided to see if we could find him a shih tzu.  Reef had spent a week watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid over and over again, so for his new puppy he settled on the name Brock (named after the character Brock Branigan P.I.) for the new puppy.  After a few days, I knew the name had to be changed.  When Reef, in his five year-old voice with a certain dialect called his dog, it sounded more like Barack than Brock.  Political views aside, it didn’t seem right to have a dog called after the president of the United States, so we had a family vote.  Considering all the kids are named after Arizona towns, we looked through an Arizona almanac and found the name Parker.  It seemed to fit.

Well, imagine our heartache when a few weeks ago Parker was run over by a car; a suburban none the less.  The back tire completely rolled over his torso.  I was outside with the younger kids when it happened and watched as Parker yelped and ran into the bushes whimpering.  I knew he wouldn’t make it.  Our little puppy would die.

We put Parker in a box and before rushing him to the vet, prayed that he would wouldn’t suffer too much.  I prepared my sons Reef and Mayer, confirming what a great puppy Parker had been, that he was meant to be in our home for a while so we could love him, but sometimes God takes puppies back to heaven.   While I signed Parker in with the receptionist, Reef and Mayer rummaged through a candy bowl on the counter.  I was crying over a puppy having a near-death experience in a box while my little kids were deciding if they should have a pink or purple lollipop. 

The doctor inspected Parker and asked questions.  In between sobs, I tried to give as much information as I could.  Mayer had his own set of questions, starting with how they took Parker’s temperature.  Let’s just say I wasn’t as patient with Mayer as I was with the doctor.

“We could start with x-rays to see how bad the damage is, but my personal suggestion is to take him to an emergency clinic where they’ll give him an IV and monitor him overnight.  I’m not sure if he’ll make it either way, but at least he’ll have a chance,” the doctor said, giving me some pain meds in the meantime.

Well, after the counselor’s recent run-in with an ax in his foot, there are no more funds for hospitals or overnight care, even if it is in an animal clinic.  If Parker was going to be nursed back to health, it would have to come from the living room Lofgreen clinic.

My neighbor the caterer had a kennel to offer (this way Parker stayed put) and suggested we give him water with a medicine syringe.  My sister Rachel, recently return-missionary from Argentina and pre-med student quickly came to my aid.  She came up with idea to feed him jars of chicken baby food.  Parker didn’t want any of it, but with a little encouragement, we were able to feed and keep him hydrated.  By the fourth day, it was still touch and go.  My friend Alicia helped with is medication and I continued to keep his cage clean.  

My mom came over; my mom with one foot in heaven and one foot on earth, my mom who always seems to see the eternal perspective of things, my mom who knows my heart and she said, “Laura, I think that puppy’s going to make it.  He’s got a will to live.”  And with those words, I started to look at the situation differently.  Parker wanted to live too; he would just need some help.  Like usual, the Lord answered my family’s prayer through kind-hearted people. 

On the fifth day, Parker finally pooped.  I’ve never been so happy to see a dog poop in my life.  It appeared all his organs and bowels were working properly.  I couldn’t believe it.

His recovery has been speedy and miraculous.  For two weeks he didn’t walk, but with the help of the pain medication and as he began to heal, he started to scoot and shuffle.  Now, he has full use of his back legs again.  It’s wonderful to see him healing so quickly.

It’s interesting the lessons one learns about life from a hurt puppy.  
My kids believe in prayer.  When they arrive home from school, each child attends to Parker and showers him with love and affection.  We’ve all developed more sympathy for those who live through accidents because we know there are times it’s more than a puppy who is hurt.  I love vets who attend to pets the minute we walk into their clinic.  I appreciate inspired ideas that come into your mind at just the right time.  I’m grateful I don’t throw away old towels because I’ve never needed them more.  And I’m grateful my mom was able to change my pitiful attitude to one of hope and survival because it looks like after all Parker went through, he did have an amazing will to live.
Maybe his girlfriend Winnie had something to do with it. 
Disclaimer: Please note this blog post is the Reader's Digest version.  I did not write every detail of what we did to help Parker.  I'm sure I did not do it perfect, but I did the best I could and I learned so much if I ever encounter a situation like this again.  I spent many sleepless nights attending to my dogs needs and I'm so grateful he made it.  Now that he is healed, I think he suffered a fractured leg because he has full use of both legs again.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage Estate Sale Saturday May 18th Mesa

We open 7am.  Sale is located at 1467 N. Rose Circle, Mesa, AZ 85213.  For more information and pictures visit:  Hope to see you there!  Love, Kelly.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day - It's A Girl

Last week I attended the screening of It’s A Girl: The Three Deadliest Words in the World.  

It’s a Girl is a powerful documentary about the slaughter of female babies and children, especially in countries like China and India.  

Before I even saw the film, the title had me unhinged, perplexed and outraged.  I knew it would be tough to watch the reality of girls being killed, aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls.  As a girl and mother of a girl, I braced myself for the information about to be shared with me.  This is what I learned.

What is gendercide?  Aborting a baby based on gender.

What is female foeticide?  Aborting a baby strictly on the fact she is a girl.

What is infanticide?  The act of killing a newborn infant.

Many women in India live in extreme poverty, governed by patriarchal societies where large dowries are paid to men by the bride’s family when they marry.  Many families cannot afford to have a daughter as the dowry custom can sometimes take almost half the bride’s family’s assets.  Since the people are already so poor, losing half of your household can be devastating (and imagine if you had multiple daughters).  Daughters are looked at as burden’s, many neglected and when they leave their home to marry, many are treated as property; abused by their own husbands.  The option for many India women is to abort or even kill their newborn daughters right after delivery (since most deliver in their homes).  Girls who survive their birth are often times neglected and abused, even sold into sex trafficking. In contrast, the birth of a son is highly celebrated, as the family now has someone who will carry on the family name, take jobs for the family and live with the parents when he is grown and married.  A son will also collect a dowry when he marries and share the wealth with his parents.

Over 200 million baby girls in China have been killed (that’s bigger than the U.S. population) and there are about 40 million abortions a year or 40 every day.  In 1979 communist China enacted the one child policy meaning families have to apply for a birth permit in order to have the legal right to conceive.  Century-old traditions support preference of sons over daughters because boys take on the role to care for the parents in their old age and/or because only sons may inherit land when parent’s die.  Perhaps a family’s livelihood requires hard physical labor only a male offspring can endure.  If a mother conceives a daughter, most times the girl will be aborted so the mother can try again for a son.  In China, communist family planning government officials force a woman who has already had one child to have an abortion, even if it is against her will (unless she can pay a large fine which most people don’t have).  Pregnant women hide in their homes or move to outlining villages to escape, but there is a reward for those who report a woman who is illegally pregnant.  Perhaps you've heard of the case of the forced abortion of Feng Jianmei, which gained national headlines because the brutality of her infant daughter’s death was actually captured on photograph.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice you should see this film.  This is a women’s issue.  It’s A Girl isn’t about statistics or politics.  It’s about the cost to society.  In addition, the surplus of men has increased the sex trade and even the stealing of girl babies and children because with fewer girls, there are million of men who will never marry.

If I was suffering in such a way, I would hope my sisters around the world would stand up and help me against such violence and inequality.  Every woman should be entitled to her reproductive rights.

After seeing this film, I felt overwhelmed.  I couldn't wait to get home and hold my daughter, but it was more then that. I wondered what can I do?  The enormity of suffering leaves one hopeless, I mean really, how can I help the mothers and little girls, let alone the death of 200 million little sisters who have already lost their fight?  Before the film, I said a prayer that those of us in attendance would find hope amidst the despair; that even with the horror there would be a glimmer of hope.  I am going to be praying every day for inspiration on what I can do to make a difference. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pre-Mother's Day Thoughts and The Gift's of Giving Life

Giving birth to my first child Chandler was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I remember when the doctor held up my baby and said "This is your son;" it just didn't seem possible.  How could such a perfect creation be granted to the counselor and I?  

I am still so touched by this photo of the counselor honoring and loving me after giving birth to our 10 pound baby boy.
I had became a mother and I couldn't take my eyes off our gift from heaven.  
I remember late night feedings turned into moments of spiritual contemplation of how to keep him safe in a crazy world, help him grow strong and teach him he is a child of God.  
Five kids later, my children still continue to amaze me.  I love watching them play, learn, reach out, grow, etc.  I think they are the most beautiful creations in the world.

I think each generation of mother’s is faced with their own unique challenges.  Although times change through the era's, we are still faced with issues that threaten our children.  Our goal as mother’s is to provide them with opportunities that help them grow into loving, hard-working, confident people.

Some days I just bask in the glory of what is my little world.
I mean seriously, 13 years ago none of these little people even existed. 
And now . . . they are my life.
I’m surrounded by my children's
Chandler at his Jr. Honor Society assembly.  
(Love my $4.00 BCBG black shoes and my $2.00 Anthropologie wrap-around skirt, both from Goodwill.)
sense of humor
Happy 11th Birthday, Payson
Payson seriously runs like the wind
Happy Birthday, Eden
outpouring of love
intense enthusiasm
and good old fashion family competition.

Mother’s day has always been so special to me.  As a child, I remember making crafty cards and homemade treats for my own mom.  Eventually, I started cleaning the house for her special day or taking her out to lunch.   My mom also honor's me on Mother's Day because hey, any day we have another excuse to shower each other with love and gifts, we'll do it. This year she gave me a book called The Gift of Giving Life; rediscovering the divine nature of pregnancy and birth compiled by our good friend Lani Axman and other incredible women.
Gift of Giving Life Book Button
Lani's work can also be found on her website at  I recommend this book to any woman as it will not only touch your heart about the divine gift of having children, but the special things we can learn from having them in our lives.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Final Arizona Show Of The Season

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the last show of the season today at Merchant Square in Chandler.  

It's been crazy busy for the last few months, but we are loving these vintage shows and flea markets.  Mr. Right is building all sorts of fun things for me to paint and sell.  I was a little sad the season was over so we've accepted an invitation for a show in Walla Walla, Washington June 14-15.  We're going to load up the truck, a 30 foot sleeper trailer, 5 of the kids and one of the dogs and take the 21 hour trip  to Swenson Farm just outside of Walla Walla.  We'll get to camp on the farm for 3 days and then see some sights on the way home.  Can't wait to post about this adventure. We also have an estate sale coming up May 17 and 18 here in Mesa, so look for pictures that week.  Love, Kelly.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Party Over-Preperation

Have you ever spent a week preparing your home for a two-hour party?
Yeah, I did that last week.

You see, I work best under pressure and become highly motivated when it’s time to clean the house for a party (because my house is rarely clean any other time).  I started to get all sorts of ideas and realize things need to be changed out.  I looked at my house and wanted it to shine, but that’s a problem when it’s under a layer of dust.

Even though the intense days of cleaning and organizing seemed a bit extreme, it was a really good thing.  I donated a ton of stuff to the thrift store.  I de-junked, organized and did a bit of decorating thanks to my dear friends Jann and Kristen who helped.

This little episode of combustible cleaning started because my Mayer turned 8 and had prepared himself to be baptized.  I am so grateful he understands the importance of taking this step.  Why are children baptized at the age of eight in the Mormon church?

We baptize children at age 8 because it is the age of accountability. We baptize at age 8 because the Lord wants children to have the blessings, in this and the next life, that come through covenant relationships. We baptize at age 8 because in doing so we give children access to the power of righteousness and the power of God in their lives. 

I am so grateful Mayer loves Jesus and knows He is his Savior.

The baptism was so special 
and thanks to our singing missionaries who shared their gift of song.  

Afterwards, everyone came to the house for lunch and an afternoon swim.

So, here’s some before and after’s of all that was done to make the house look amazing for the special day.  Remember, I went a bit overboard, but with thrift stores, best friends who help and craigslist, a girl can do that.

I really wanted to replace my couch because of the torn leather on the corners and my Crate and Barrel shaggy rug was too much like an overgrown hairy pet.  It shed like crazy.  I put both on craigslist and  they were sold by the end of the day.
I found the gently used white leather couch on craigslist for $250 and the Pottery Barn rug was used for $100.
I had so many thrift shop treasures waiting to be displayed and reach their full decorating potential.
I found this huge metal peacock at Goodwill for $40. 
This amazing mid-century shelving was free, yes FREE on the side of the road.  It was a bear to bring home and weighs a ton.  I painted it a complimentary 70's green and think it turned out amazing.
I love my wood-carved horse.  It has the year 1951 carved onto the bottom of it.
And finally, my vintage clipboard "BE NICE" letters were hung.
So, that's what I do when I throw a party.  Don't you think I deserve a week off from housework now?