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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Party Over-Preperation

Have you ever spent a week preparing your home for a two-hour party?
Yeah, I did that last week.

You see, I work best under pressure and become highly motivated when it’s time to clean the house for a party (because my house is rarely clean any other time).  I started to get all sorts of ideas and realize things need to be changed out.  I looked at my house and wanted it to shine, but that’s a problem when it’s under a layer of dust.

Even though the intense days of cleaning and organizing seemed a bit extreme, it was a really good thing.  I donated a ton of stuff to the thrift store.  I de-junked, organized and did a bit of decorating thanks to my dear friends Jann and Kristen who helped.

This little episode of combustible cleaning started because my Mayer turned 8 and had prepared himself to be baptized.  I am so grateful he understands the importance of taking this step.  Why are children baptized at the age of eight in the Mormon church?

We baptize children at age 8 because it is the age of accountability. We baptize at age 8 because the Lord wants children to have the blessings, in this and the next life, that come through covenant relationships. We baptize at age 8 because in doing so we give children access to the power of righteousness and the power of God in their lives. 

I am so grateful Mayer loves Jesus and knows He is his Savior.

The baptism was so special 
and thanks to our singing missionaries who shared their gift of song.  

Afterwards, everyone came to the house for lunch and an afternoon swim.

So, here’s some before and after’s of all that was done to make the house look amazing for the special day.  Remember, I went a bit overboard, but with thrift stores, best friends who help and craigslist, a girl can do that.

I really wanted to replace my couch because of the torn leather on the corners and my Crate and Barrel shaggy rug was too much like an overgrown hairy pet.  It shed like crazy.  I put both on craigslist and  they were sold by the end of the day.
I found the gently used white leather couch on craigslist for $250 and the Pottery Barn rug was used for $100.
I had so many thrift shop treasures waiting to be displayed and reach their full decorating potential.
I found this huge metal peacock at Goodwill for $40. 
This amazing mid-century shelving was free, yes FREE on the side of the road.  It was a bear to bring home and weighs a ton.  I painted it a complimentary 70's green and think it turned out amazing.
I love my wood-carved horse.  It has the year 1951 carved onto the bottom of it.
And finally, my vintage clipboard "BE NICE" letters were hung.
So, that's what I do when I throw a party.  Don't you think I deserve a week off from housework now?


  1. Ever thing looks so awesome, you did a great job with all the redecorating! Way to go!!!

  2. So proud of Mayer! He is such a good, sweet boy. By the way, do you have any extra video of the missionaries singing? Baby Kaylen was mesmerized the entire time they were singing, and she has watched this video several times and loves it. =)

  3. I have checked in on your blog for a long time. I love it. Sometimes it is a few months before I check in again and I miss a lot. I love it! I love that you are Mormon! I so wish that we lived close and you could teach me all the crafty tricks. I dream of having an eye like yours for treasures!

    1. Ranisa, thanks for your message. I'm on a new journey now and still writing about my path to discovering value in my home, family, my relationship with God and myself.