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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Benefit of Intermittent Fasting during the Holidays

I started intermittent fasting the day after Thanksgiving because a friend of mine had a heart attack and was in the intensive care unit.  It was very likely he would die and his wife, whom I adore was beside herself with grief.  You know when someone you love is suffering and you feel helpless.  Fasting for him helped me feel like there was something I could do. It was a small act, yet empowering. Then, I found out my friend was going blind, so I fasted for her. All of a sudden my eyes opened up to so many of my friends and loved ones who are in need of God's divine intervention, so I committed to 30 days of daily intermittent fasting. Everyday, I fast for a new person. The beauty is my fasting will take me up to Christmas day.  I'm so excited to feel the joy of this experience on Christmas. I'm already teary eyed.

Daily 16-hour intermittent fast are helping me pray and think of others during the Christmas season, but I’ve also dropped a dress size. I have an 8-hour eating window, usually 10:00 am to 6:00pm and then I fast in the evening (on a full stomach mind you) and while I sleep. I feel so much love and compassion for those in need. Intermittent fasting helps me improve my health and drop weight while spiritually, it’s an amazing tool to help others and draw closer to God and Jesus Christ.

What an amazing benefit to the law of the fast - weight loss and improved health.

I can’t remember a time where so many I love are in need.  Not just family and loved ones, but the world needs healing. While fasting, prayer can be like an empowering and transforming meditation.  I know God honors the law of the fast and personally, I feel fasting is an untapped tool I never really understood.  Before last year, I hadn’t fasted for almost 20 years.  Sure, I’d tried, but I didn’t understand the purpose of fasting.  I thought it was only about being hungry and feeling deprived.  Now I know fasting is an energy, a momentum and a channel to help others.  

Did you know the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner studied the benefits of fasting?  Read about his amazing research here and here

Merry Christmas to all.

Aren't my kiddos adorable.