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Friday, October 25, 2013

Matt and Monique's Hawaiian Wedding Reception

So . . . the big day had finally come; the day of the wedding reception.  My brother Matthew and his bride Monique and their daughter little Penelope were in town from Hawaii

The catering had been ordered, the flowers were on their way and the cake was to be delivered. My sweet friend Lillian had offered to have the reception at her beautiful home, which took a lot of stress off me.  Lillian keeps her yard pristine, her home immaculate and decorated beautifully for the season.  The night before the reception, Matt and I went over to the home to set up tables and chairs when we noticed one small problem . . . Lillian’s yard was flooded with irrigation.  I’m not talk muddy and inconvenient; I’m talking 2 feet deep of cold murky water.  The reception was a Hawaiian luau, but we didn't really think we’d have an ocean.

My brother Matt is great.  He’s always kind and gentle and considerate, so I really appreciated his attitude with this situation.  “No stress,” he said with his arm around my shoulders. We’d simply have to find another place to host the event, and we’d need to let 100 guests know about the change.  Yes, no stress, but for my brother, I could do it.

We quickly decided the event should be at my house, which is only a block away from Lillian's. We sent out a text to all the quests to let them know of the change of location.  I called a few friends, my family jumped on board, the caterer's family was amazing and within 22 hours, we had a magical Hawaiian wonderland.  

It was amazing watching my house transform from tired and messy to clean and beautiful (and we did get that extension cord up in the rafters before the quests arrived). 

With all the love and support, it really was no stress.

When I found this dresser at the thrift store a few weeks earlier,

I knew I wanted to paint it a creamy white for the sign-in table.

The shutters were $4.00 from a garage sale and my amazing vintage candlestick holder was $7.00 from Goodwill.  The mid century green table was $8.00.

Because of the dressers I work on, we adorned the yard with dressers.

Dressers everywhere, why not! 

When the Hawaiian dancers arrived, I had to pinch myself.  

Between family and friends, the food, the atmosphere and now the dancers, it was just too perfect!

My sweet parents and all my siblings, except one.
My baby sister Anna couldn't attend because she's in Cambodia on a service trip. 

We sure missed her and are so proud of her.

Love you, Matt and Monique.  It’s was a night to remember, for sure.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

A New Dresser for Princess

Eden helps me so much throughout the day.
With making cookies
and taking care of the dogs.
While I paint, Eden plays along side me singing and coloring, but lately she’s been wanting to do a bit of painting herself.
She helped me paint an old mirror
and with the help of Mayer, she painted this chair.
We had to have a little talk when she decided to paint her bedroom door,
but she seems pretty happy with it.
We load some of the painted furniture in the truck
and take it down to the shop at Antique Plaza.
She’s not too sure about the elevator.  
It is a little spooky, but my booth is in the basement of the store, so down we go.
Eden’s growing up and finally outgrew her crib (a little overdue for that, but that’s my issue).  We replaced her crib with a new big girl bed, which she helped me paint.
Plus, a new big girl dresser.
The paint is so creamy, it looks like frosting.

Speaking of frosting, let's talk wedding cake!
This weekend I'm helping my brother Matt and his new bride Monique with their wedding reception.  
Congratulations, Matt on your beautiful family.
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sneek Peek at Backyard Sale

Just a sneek peek at a few items that will be available at the sale Saturday: 7:00-11:00am 
2541 E. Adobe St. Mesa 85213
 birdcage $20, table $20
 Huge chalkboard $20,
 Bookcase $20
New Necklaces will be $10

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Backyard Sale

Lots of vintage goodness this Saturday!  Leave a comment if you can attend!  Hope to see you there.  Love, Kelly

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Raise the Standard Overview

Sometimes one opportunity turns into a greater opportunity.  That is just what happened when I spoke at the Kimber Academy in Mesa a few weeks ago (click here to read more about that).  Director Nancy Genys introduced me to a fundraiser for Kimber Academy called the Raise the Standard event; an evening of uplifting speakers, including Glenn Beck, discussing how we can be stronger in our faith, families, education and country. 

I was so impressed with the upcoming event, I offered to help with marketing.  With the assistance of a friend, we made this youtube video. 

I worked through social media to get the word out.  The music on the video is “Miracle”, a song my brother Matt produced with his band Olin on his album Open Book.  The song “Miracle” struck such a cord with Nancy, she asked if Matt would perform at the Raise the Standard event.

Matt was thrilled to do it, but small problem, he lives in Hawaii and is usually doing something like this:
or this
or this.
And now that he's married his sweet bride, life is that much sweeter!

But Matt, in his passion to live life to the fullest and support Raising the Standard didn’t see an ocean as an obstacle, so a few days before the event, he showed up.  I rarely see Matt without his guitar, so here he comes walking into my house guitar in hand ready to sing his heart out.  He must have sang “Miracles” over a thousand times throughout his life, but for the next three days he rehearsed in front of family and friends, strangers, even in the dark with his eyes closed.  Comerica theater was where he was introduced to his amazing choir of the sweetest elementary-aged girls ever; the icing on the cake.

The Raise the Standard event on October 11th was amazing.  
Here we are with Glenn Kimber, founder of Kimber Academy.

Each speaker was better than the next.  I learned so much about America's constitution, morals in education and how amazing our children are.  What impressed me the most was the accomplishments of young people in the founding of our country.  Many of the youth were leaders in the military, assisted with government tasks, worked the pony express and more.  They were innovative, hard working and dedicated.  The idea is to teach our children strong character traits and morals too.  So much of society has become stuck in adolescence and idle time, when life is full of opportunity to leave our mark for good. 

The next day, Saturday October 12 was a day of work shops at Clearview Cultural Center with Glenn Kimber and others from the night before.  I particularly liked Ted Hayes and his ideas on how to unite our country on racial issues,

Sam Sorbo; a true feminist and her journey to finding God

 and Nicolette Peck, the strictest parent in the world and advocate on teaching self-government in the home. 

It was inspiring to see people passionately share their ideas and beliefs and it left a profound effect on me.  Did anyone else get to go?  It was great to see a few fans from My Dear Trash.

So, today I'm getting ready to run some errands and who found me in the school parking lot waving me down with a huge smile and giant hug?  My sweet brother Matthew sharing more love.
Thanks for the flowers, bro.