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Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Foolin’ April Fools Linky Party

No Foolin, I found this buffet for $10 at a yard sale. Evidently the buffet had sold earlier in the day, however, when it didn't fit in the buyers home they brought it back. ( I didn't know you could return items to a garage sale, but I'm not complaining) I didn't even need to bargain on the price- The owner did not want to move this heavy, solid wood piece back into their house. Even though the wood was dry and heavily gouged, I could see the potential. I used my paint sprayer with some Behr Satin Heirloom White paint (they just matched the lid of Rustoleum's heirloom white spray paint) Here's the after...
I didn't realize how stunning the hardware was until I painted her up. Before it just blended into the wood, now it's a beautiful feature.
This piece will not be sold anytime soon. I'll be using it at the wedding I'm working on and I think it's a great neutral piece to keep on hand.
And it has amazing storage. Don't forget to join the No Foolin' party. Love, Kelly

I bring home a lot of trash, most of which I sell on for a decent profit.
But every time I try to list this buffet dresser, I can't.
There’s something about it that says “Keep me.”

So, I’ve decided to keep it.
I found this piece of dear trash at the local high school rummage sale and “no foolin”, I paid $15.00 for it.
Something about the design, I just think it’s cool.
Those of you who read this blog know I’m an “as-is” type of girl.
I don’t have the time, talent or patience to fix things, sand things or paint things up, but this piece is talking to me.
Should I do it?
I’m thinking I should paint it a retro blue, like the color of this vintage chair.
Image found here.
Yeah, that would look great.
In the mean time, my $15.00 investment sits on my back patio, urging me to take that leap of faith and just paint it already.
Share your favorite, hard to believe trash find, revamp or rescue.
Join our linky party. Can't wait to see your great trash.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

This week was all about Chico's. It began when I pulled these Chico's Zenergy size 3 (XL) white pants out of my summer pile.
They sold for $17.50. Now, I've been talking lately about taking some risks with clothing and being open to spending a little more than $1.00 if it's a brand I know will sell well. Last weekend I discovered a yard sale that had a full rack of Chico's- most of which were Travelers. The seller was asking 8.00 for tops, 5.00 for pants, 15.00 for skirts and 10.00 for dresses. Even though I know Chico's Travelers do fairly well on ebay (usually around $9.99 each), I would typically walk away from such a yard sale because I hate to pay more than $1.00 for clothing. However, I decided to take a risk. I gave the seller my card and said I'd be interested in paying $5.00 per item, if she wanted to contact me after her weekend yard sale. The next day I received a call and was pleased to discover all of the unique travelers I had my eye on were still there. I ended up buying 14 items for a total of $70. All 14 items sold the first week and here were the top sellers...
Chico's Travelers Size 2 (L) Black Goucho Crop Pants $14.00
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Sparkle Top $16.00
Women's Chico's Size 3 (XL) Black Graphic Skirt $19.50
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Skirt $22.80
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Dress $23.08
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Graphic Skirt $27.01
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Top $35.50. This risk definitely paid off. I earned close to $250.00 from my $70.00 investment. I've learned not to be a $1.00 or less clothing snob and that sometimes it pays to take a risk. Here's my total for the week...

Ebay Total:$704.72
Costs: 105.00(clothes), 56.81(ebay fees), 41.05(paypal fees)
Total Profit: 501.86

This will be going to New York with me next week! Don't forget to link up to our No Foolin party this Friday, April 1. We can't wait to see your trash. Love, Kelly.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What makes something valuable? I think it's in the inspiration.

I was browsing through the Anthropologie catalog and came across this easel.
It’s interesting and has some fun character.
I never thought of an easel as a work of art, all on it’s own merit, but it is.
This easel seems to have decades of stories to share, all about paintings started and finished on its ledge.  Stories about color and brush size, lighting and strokes.  I can imagine the owner/artist having a relationship with this easel, like a photographer with his camera.  Works of art sprung forth, all teetering on this easel.  
I would love to see them, all of them.
This easel is priced at $2,100.00.

I found this easel out thrifting.  
I paid $10.00 for it. 
I brought it home, put it on craigslist and sold it for $20.00.
So, what’s the difference?
Could I have thrown some paint on it and sold it for $2,100.00?

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then who holds the checkbook?

If money can’t buy me love, but I love Antropologie, then where does that love get me.

It gets me inspiration.

Remember my surfboard I found at a garage sale?
I put it on and it sold to a designer named Jeremy who’s working with Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant called Land Shark.  He’s going to hang the surf board from the ceiling and use buckets of beer as light fixtures.  

A surf board chandelier, if you will.  

 Jeremy promised to stay in touch with before and after pictures.  Land Shark is opening in Florida’s Myrtle Beach

A primitive trunk Kelly sold at QcumberZ worked as inspiration for archetict Joe Murphy.  Here is is pictured in our booth.

He used it in a home he just decorated in Paradise Valley.  The home is featured in Modern Architecture.   

I was so much fun hearing from Dave Merrick, artist of Indigo Wolf.
Remember this blanket I purchased while out thrifting?
I wanted to sell in on eBay, but my kids loved it too much.
You can read about that story here.
Dave Merrick emailed My Dear Trash and convinced me to keep the quilt for the boys.  He said:

I painted that back in 1993. Since then, the image has been around the world (on prints, tapestries, wrapping paper, t-shirts, etc.). It became a blanket in around 2003. I'm really happy that your little ones love the blanket. I hope you keep it (but understand if you sell it). I have my studio in Colorado. 

Needless to say, I'm keeping the quilt.  It's that much more special after hearing from Dave himself.  
You can see how Dave work's his inspiration  on the cool youtube clip.
Hey, that's a great easel.  I wonder what he paid for his?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lamp Revamp

I picked up this $2.00 gold brass lamp at a garage sale (with shade- just forgot to take a before pic of it)I needed a lamp or two for the reception and this one had such great details on the base. With a little Heirloom White paint, antique book pages and ribbon, here's the after...
After painting the base I used Ralph Lauren's smoke glaze to bring out the details.
This will be displayed at the wedding- I love that I can decorate an entire reception for pennies. Most of the items will be for sale after the reception so hopefully I will even make a nice little profit. Isn't Trash amazing? Love, Kelly

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What did I get?

What do you get when you combine a vintage surf board? 
A clawed-leg sofa table? 
And a baby in a pair of rainbow sweater pants?
You get a wild weekend of garage sales.

What do you get when you combine a vintage buffet dresser?
A Tri Ton 3-wheeled bike?
And the baby crawling in the grass in the pair of rainbow sweater pants?
You get a momma who’s happy she didn’t pay too much for the trash she picked up while out thrifting, after all the rainbow sweater pants were only $1.00.

What do you get when you combine a blooming cactus?
An “I Love Lucy” Vintage Dresser
And a baby who’s crawled around in the sweater pants so much they are certainly stained for good?
A beautiful day where the weather says “Stay out a little longer,” so I kept on shopping.

What do you get when you combine a WWII shipping trunk? 
That still have its original shipping tags?
A barnwood fold-out table?
And a baby who's certain she doesn't need a nap?
You get a momma who leaves the trash for a while and just rocks her baby to sleep.
Later that day, most of my treasures are listed on or taken down to Qcumberz.
That is except for the baby in the rainbow sweater pants.
This little cutie stays with me!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wedding Centerpiece #5

If you've missed 1-4 start here. This centerpiece is a little different style. The theme here is "Love Is Immeasurable" I'm using a piece of sheet music as a base, because it too has measures and the scale was a $2 Garage sale find.
This fabric tape measure was a hidden goodie from an estate I purchased!
And I just love these rulers and yard stick. The rules were a few dollars and fold in half and the yard stick was $1.00 and folds out. Although this centerpiece looks a little different then the rest, I think it still has great "vintage appeal" for the reception. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wedding Centerpiece #4

Here we are with centerpiece number 4. If you missed 1-3 please start here. As always, I love to hear what you think.
The theme of this centerpiece is "A Love Letter For You" In the picture it says "Love Note" but I changed it because I thought by using the word letter explained the letter "H" for their last name-Hansen- I know, technicalities that probably no one will even notice- (but me)The green pedestal is one of Laura's goodwill finds- it's actually a lazy susan and spins. She was sweet to loan it to me and allow me to paint it any color I wanted. The books have their covers riped off (a pottery barn copy cat). I love the patina of the glue and this has opened up a whole new avenue for decorating. I can pick up vintage books with torn or damaged covers for .25. The vintage stamps are another Laura donation and the letter is one I found in a vintage book I purchased.
The ink well and calligraphy pen were just found this last weekend at a yard sale- a whole bag of goodies for $2.00. The little gold frame broach will hold a picture of the couple. Let me know what you think. If you've taken the time to see all four centerpieces, let me know if you think they are cohesive. Have a great weekend. Love, Kelly.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding Centerpiece #3

Did I mention I need to have 10 centerpieces done by April 8? Well, that date just got moved up a bit. I'm leaving for New York right before the wedding, so I'll need to have everything ready by April 2- That's a week and 2 days away! So, hopefully you won't get bored, but I'd like to have the centerpieces previewed here on the blog so I can get suggestions if you think they need improvements or pats on the back if I've done a good job. Let's take a look at centerpiece number 3...The theme for this centerpiece is "Love is full of fun and games" It features a wood stool I picked up last weekend for $1.00. I painted it using a custom color the bride had mixed up.
Vintage scrabble pieces, dice, and buttons bring in all the colors of the wedding (cream, green- which is really more like pastel turquoise to me- and gold)
The bingo card and dice salt and pepper shakers have a nice patina to them. Let me know what you think- and if you missed the first two centerpieces start here. Love, Kelly.