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Monday, March 28, 2011

Lamp Revamp

I picked up this $2.00 gold brass lamp at a garage sale (with shade- just forgot to take a before pic of it)I needed a lamp or two for the reception and this one had such great details on the base. With a little Heirloom White paint, antique book pages and ribbon, here's the after...
After painting the base I used Ralph Lauren's smoke glaze to bring out the details.
This will be displayed at the wedding- I love that I can decorate an entire reception for pennies. Most of the items will be for sale after the reception so hopefully I will even make a nice little profit. Isn't Trash amazing? Love, Kelly


  1. I absolutely LOVE this lamp! Do you use a sealer of any sort after you paint and antique? This is just lovely!

  2. That lamp was definitely secretly cute! I love this idea