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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

This was a great week for me on ebay. I've been experimenting with some summer items and am so excited that they're selling. This means I can start digging into that pile I've been collecting all winter. Here's some of my top sellers...
Women's Eileen Fisher Size L Tan Italian Fabric Skirt sold for $13.83
This Women's Lily Size M Graphic Dress is very summery and sold for $14.55
Women's Gap Maternity Size M Navy Blue Knit Dress sold for $13.50I've had these Women's Michael Kors Size 8 Denim Jeans listed for 4 weeks. They were down to 5.50 and then sold this weekfor $12.50

It doesn't get much more summery than this Women's Juicy Couture Size L Brown Baby Doll Dress- it sold for $16.49
This was a bit of a wild card I picked up at one of my estate sales for $1.00. When I brought it home I was shocked to find the original tags. Back in its' day the robe sold for $13.00 and the nightgown sold for $9.00. I sold this Women's New With Tags Vintage Hollywood Vassarette Red Lingerie set this week for $19.99
This Women's Dolce & Gabbana Size 44 (US 12) Graphic Skirt sold for $19.99
This Women's Anthropologie Nick And Mo Size M Floral Dress sold for $27.00
This Women's Coldwater Creek Size 14 Silk Floral Dress just screams spring and Easter Sunday. It sold for $30.00. And my top sell of the week...
A more wintry dress. This Women's Diane Von Furstenberg Size 8 Gray Wool Dress sold for $56.00. I was super thrilled until I went to ship it and noticed two small holes in the left shoulder area. I immediately refunded the buyer and explained the damage. She requested a picture and then offered to still buy the dress for $41.00- I decided to give her a little more of a discount and the final selling price was $36.00. Let's see how it all added up:

Ebay Total:$520.84
Costs: 70.00(clothes), 66.33(ebay fees), 34.13(paypal fees)
Total Profit: $350.38

I love a good ebay week. This seems to be a time when you can list winter and summer so make sure and take advantage of that. Good luck. Love, Kelly


  1. Hello:
    I'm just posting again to say Thank You. I have started listing on eBay. I've undercharged for shipping, had the computer refuse to print a shipping label I already paid for etc etc. I need to tell myself that it is okay for things to not sell and to be relisted. Thanks. ~ Christie

  2. As always thank you for your inspiration. This is shaping up to be my best week yet! Yeah. I have a theory on why both seasons clothes are selling. Those of you lucky ones in the south are wearing your summer clothes and those of us who just got another 5 inches are buying new winter clothes to console ourselves....

  3. Elizabeth, LOL, you crack me up! And you're probably right. Kelly, your sales this week were great! Thank you for commenting on my blog re antropologie, I was excited to get them sold, but in the future will wait be patiet and not do buy it now. I have been procratinating posting this week, just doing a lot of relists, but since I have purchased a lot the last 2 mondays on dollar tag day, I need to get them listed. I dont remember if it was you or laura that posted they like shopping but the part they dont like it the listing - thats me! However, I found a Plenty (anthropologie brand?) Mabel sweater at my goodwill this monday, and after putting it back last week, it was still there on the Monday $1 color tag, so I snatched it up, got it home and found the new tag that said $178......for a sweater? does anyone really buy these at full price? Andyhow I'm excited to get it posted because its spring-y colors.

  4. Hi again ! How do you all keep track of your money ? Ex: Say I buy something at $5 and sell it at $20. I made $15. No, not after eBay listing fees, end of sale fees and PayPal fees. At what point do you feel okay actualy taking some money and spending it ? I am opening a Debit card with PayPal and hope to keep these funds seperate from the household budget. Do eBay and PayPal take their fees right away or once a month ?
    Also, do you think you are out buying more for your house/ kids then before ??? I'm also a little worried that I will get in to a "one for me, one for them" syndrome.

    I bought a couch on Monday. Today, WEd, I rented a van and picked it up. It was a lot of work. Stuff made out of fabric is a LOT easier. I found a Pottery Barn / Mitchell Gold couch for $75. I went back on MOnday and it was half off! I am washing a cushion cover right now. I hope it comes out clean!
    ~ C

  5. this is my favorite day of the week!! not only do i get inspired from your awesome sales . .i also get to do my shopping on wednesdays (dollar day here)! what percentage of your sales do you think you sell outside of the U.S.?? i'm still getting cold feet about selling worldwide and i'm sure it's not really that big of deal.

    i love what you do with the sheet music. it's so classy and shabby chic to add it to furniture. i think i'll be keeping my eyes open for some of that!

  6. Emelie, $178!!! What a score!

    Christie, I like to keep track of my earnings each week. Paypal takes their fees instantly (when money is sent by the buyer) Ebay takes their fees monthly, so I find it easiest to keep track of the fees weekly here on my trash to cash post- That way I know exactly what I'm making. In answer to your question about buying more for my home and family I think it may be just the opposite of what you think- Once you realize how inexpensively you can buy things and that you can make money off everything you become a retail snob and start to try to get everything for free. My daughter needed some new Robeez, but they cost 30.00 a pair- when I found two new pair at a garage sale for 10.00 each, I bought them both, sold one for 19.95 on ebay and so my little girls shoes were free- It can really become addicting- And don't even get me started on what it's like to shop in a mall after ebaying for a year! Sounds like you scored on the pottery barn couch- great job!

    I only sell 1-2 items a week internationally and not every week, so probably less than 5% of my sales are international- it really isn't a big deal though- charge 14.00 flat rate to any and all countries, fill out a customs form and let the post office do the rest- Good luck and thank you for your comment on the sheet music.

    Have an awesome week.

  7. I too look forward to Trash to Cash Wednesdays and have been so inspired by you to sell clothes on eBay. I have learned lots from you and It's been working out pretty good. 2 Questions: What is your return policy and what do you do if an international buyer says they didn't get their item? I know a lot can fit in those flat rate envelopes and they can get very stuffed. Has anyone ever complained about receving their item with a torn envelope? You two are awesome for sharing so much ... thanks!

  8. Oh I just adore ebay! Both as a seller and a buyer. Gorgeous dresses.

  9. Rita,
    My return policy is full refund if you're not satisfied. If the item was as described buyer pays return shipping. I have had one international buyer say they didn't receive their item- I always issue a full refund- it's definitely the honor system on ebay. That item showed up at my house 4 months later! If you use the flat rate envelope for international and print postage from home it will give you a tracking number. On stuffing the flat rates too full- I have had 2 customers- out of thousands say their envelope was riped- I know some sellers place the item in a clear plastic bag and then the flat rate, just in case the envelope gets damage, the clothing is protected. Thanks for commenting, hope this helps.

  10. Wow! You did good! I've never sold anything on EBay. I've bought plenty, but selling looked like a lot of work. Love that Anthropologie Nick & Mo dress! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I was wondering, do you wash or dry clean the clothes you get at Goodwill? If so, everything or just specific items, etc.? I washed everything I bought in my first week of shopping, it took a lot of time!! :-) I only dry cleaned one item, at the $2 dry cleaners, and it's a bit of a wild card item but I think worth the $3 investment. Thanks for a very inspirational blog!!

  12. Anonymous,
    I do not wash or dry clean items unless they have some visible soiling- If it's a dry clean only with soiling I usually don't buy it- it's just too much of an expense. Thanks for the comment.