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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Table For Charity!

Do you remember this table from my last estate sale?
Well, it was one of the 4 pieces that didn't sell and the owner was kind enough to let me keep it. As many of you know, I do not have room for another table (or any other piece of furniture) in my house. So, when the elementary school was looking for items for their silent auction, I offered to donate a piece of handpainted trash. I began by painting the table cream. It looked a little plain so I thought I'd make a book page topper. I loved how the topper looked so much, I wanted to make it permanent. I used spray adhesive and then a liquid glass to secure and protect the pages. This next picture will demonstrate how well that process went...
Yes, I had to completely chisel off the top and start over. Evidently my spray adhesive didn't bond properly. When the liquid glass was added the pages bubbled and had to be removed. After much sanding and painting, here's the finished look...I threw in a few accessories to help with the staging.So, what was the final product that not only secured, but also protected those antique pages? Good Ol' modpodge! I had to place one page at a time, not using too much product, as the water makes the pages bubble. Overall, It turned out great.
Hope the new owner enjoys her as much as I did. Love, Kelly


  1. I absolutely love this idea! You may have inspired me to try something like this. Oh, and you gotta love modge podge. It makes it possible for even non-crafty people like me to seem crafty.

  2. Oh wow it looks gorgeouos now!! Nice job!

  3. Very cool! Love the look. I've used sheet music like that before and you are have to be careful with BUBBLES! I've added myself as a follower....come by and see me at my blog sometime! Happy Spring from Houston.