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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What makes something valuable? I think it's in the inspiration.

I was browsing through the Anthropologie catalog and came across this easel.
It’s interesting and has some fun character.
I never thought of an easel as a work of art, all on it’s own merit, but it is.
This easel seems to have decades of stories to share, all about paintings started and finished on its ledge.  Stories about color and brush size, lighting and strokes.  I can imagine the owner/artist having a relationship with this easel, like a photographer with his camera.  Works of art sprung forth, all teetering on this easel.  
I would love to see them, all of them.
This easel is priced at $2,100.00.

I found this easel out thrifting.  
I paid $10.00 for it. 
I brought it home, put it on craigslist and sold it for $20.00.
So, what’s the difference?
Could I have thrown some paint on it and sold it for $2,100.00?

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then who holds the checkbook?

If money can’t buy me love, but I love Antropologie, then where does that love get me.

It gets me inspiration.

Remember my surfboard I found at a garage sale?
I put it on and it sold to a designer named Jeremy who’s working with Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant called Land Shark.  He’s going to hang the surf board from the ceiling and use buckets of beer as light fixtures.  

A surf board chandelier, if you will.  

 Jeremy promised to stay in touch with before and after pictures.  Land Shark is opening in Florida’s Myrtle Beach

A primitive trunk Kelly sold at QcumberZ worked as inspiration for archetict Joe Murphy.  Here is is pictured in our booth.

He used it in a home he just decorated in Paradise Valley.  The home is featured in Modern Architecture.   

I was so much fun hearing from Dave Merrick, artist of Indigo Wolf.
Remember this blanket I purchased while out thrifting?
I wanted to sell in on eBay, but my kids loved it too much.
You can read about that story here.
Dave Merrick emailed My Dear Trash and convinced me to keep the quilt for the boys.  He said:

I painted that back in 1993. Since then, the image has been around the world (on prints, tapestries, wrapping paper, t-shirts, etc.). It became a blanket in around 2003. I'm really happy that your little ones love the blanket. I hope you keep it (but understand if you sell it). I have my studio in Colorado. 

Needless to say, I'm keeping the quilt.  It's that much more special after hearing from Dave himself.  
You can see how Dave work's his inspiration  on the cool youtube clip.
Hey, that's a great easel.  I wonder what he paid for his?


  1. Amazing how in this world of technology, we are all so connected. What a great post, and goes to show that you just NEVER know what the day is going to hold, or who is going to come in our lives on that day. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your days with us :-)

  2. Love the surfboard and it will look great in a restaurant! P.S. Myrtle Beach is in SC.

  3. That was a really cool video! It is always interesting to see these mass produced works and then get to "know" the artist. Dave seems like an incredible guy and now I see his work in a different light. Dave could tell you why the Anthro, one would go for more than the one you sold! Ok so 2,100 is stupid but the easel they are selling, I can't afford right now. Art material is EXPENSIVE!! I look for one of those easels at every estate sale, I haven't seen one yet...but maybe someday.
    PS I really love your writing style, it is always full of emotion and it's well...... the only way I can describe it is, it has atmosphere. Weird eh, but in my head it fits.:)

  4. Interesting to know people don't feel too Mr Big to share with you. It's wonderful.