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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indigo Wolf blanket by Dave Merrick – Is it going on eBay?

I recently found this blanket at the thrift store.  
It’s huge, soft and perfect.  I think it might be brand-new.
With 4 boys, they’re all fighting over who gets to use it, especially since it’s been so cold.  The nighttime lows have been in the 30’s for the last few weeks.
In our home, we have two heaters.  One has gone out and we’re waiting to purchase a new unit, something I'm saving for with my eBay/Craig's List sales.  Half the house is warm and toasty while the other side is freezing at night, so all 4 boys’ are in one giant California King bed.  
The princess is sleeping in a port-a-crib in the same room as the counselor and I. 
My husband keeps reminding me Eden is only sleeping in our room until we get the unit replaced, but between you and me, I really love having her so close.  It's like sleeping with an angel nearby.  Plus, I know Reef isn't in any hurry to get back to his room on the other side of the house.  He loves sleeping with his big brothers. 
I don’t know what I’ll do when the heater is fixed because I really like the new sleeping arrangement.  If you know me, I’ll get my way.
When I spread the boy’s wolf blanket out on the bed, I noticed a signature.  
Of course, being an eBay junkie, I had to look it up on-line.  
The painting on the blanket is called “Indigo” by Dave Merrick.  

I didn’t find any other blankets, but the art work on canvas or print all sell well on eBay. 
So, what did I do?
I warned the boys!
“Don’t get too comfortable with the wolf blanket, I’m probably going to be selling it on eBay.”
“Mom, please let us keep it,” they reply.
What’s an eBay junkie to do?
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  1. what cute photos ... all four in one big bed!

  2. Glad JDaniel isn't in that mix. He would roll them and kick all night long.

  3. My boys would have loved that wolf blanket, too.


  4. Very cute! You've made me an ebay addict though, yes I blame you Laura hehe ;), have to try it out just to see how the sale would go. If it doesn't sell they always can keep it.

  5. Why not keep it? The Princess looks so cute.

  6. Keep! Happiness can't be bought or sold.

  7. Keep it until they get tired of it or when it warms up...both are going to happen. Then sell it. It is already used, after-all.


  8. Wow ! that's an impressive blanket ! I think my cats would be afraid to nap on that, lol!

  9. Keep it! They'll remember you did that for them...

    That pic of the boys in the big bed is absolutely precious....

  10. Well, how can youo resist four sweet boys? They deserve a treat sometime, right And how nice that you got a daughter! I bet she will be VERY spoiled.

  11. yeah umm let them keep it

  12. You better let your boys keep that blanket!!!
    Sell it in July ;)

  13. How fun! It is crazy cold at night still! I keep wanting to take the flannel sheets off the bed but I know as soon as I do, I'll regret it.

    If you just hold on another few weeks you won't need the heater! Hopefully the AC isn't out on the unit as well.

    Thanks for a cute stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "U".

    You are such fun!


  14. I painted that back in 1993. Since then, the image has been around the world (on prints, tapestries, wrapping paper, t-shirts, etc.). It became a blanket in around 2003. I'm really happy that your little ones love the blanket. I hope you keep it (but understand if you sell it). I have my studio in Colorado. If you have a moment, please see some of my other work at my website: