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Friday, July 30, 2010

Twilight Gone Wrong

I stole the toys from my son's happy meal.
Technically, it wasn't a happy meal because at Burger King, I think they call their kid's meal something really clever like Kid's Meal.
Anyway, they were giving away Twilight toys in the kid's meal.
An Edward Cullin hacky-sack ball, a snazzy wallet, cuff's, oh my Bella's diary (it gives me chills just thinking about how much I want that).
Payson and Chandler order their cheese burgers and I say to them, somewhat in a whisper because I don't want anyone to hear me, "Will you get me the bracelet and tote bag."
Understand, this is not a shining moment for me. I knew what I was doing. I was putting my own needs above my children's, but to think I could be sporting around a Twilight bracelet and tote bag had my priorities all out of whack.
The fries took forever to cook up, but finally they placed the Kid's Meal on the counter. I couldn't wait to see my prizes.
My Twilight goodies are the perfect example of what is wrong with our society.
Notice I didn't use the word trash. I love the word trash and use it for my amazing finds, trash has value; trash makes a difference in my life.
But this?
Let me tell you.
I found the perfect quote. Believe it or not, someone else wrote about the same thing on a blog called Strollerderby.

"I loathe the addition of a small piece of worthless, untreasured plastic to our world, and I loathe it even more when what the kid at the register will pop into the bag with the nuggets and fries is something my kids would never have wanted in the first place."
You know they didn't make the bracelet for Twi-mom's. I can barely get it to fit around my wrist. This isn't like trying on a pair of tight jeans, I can't suck in my wrist.

Seriously, this thing is so clunky, I'll trip if I wear it, that is if it doesn't cut off my circulation first.
I wish Burger King would have hired me to make their Twilight toys. There was a way to make this bracelet cool. These toys are a good idea gone bad. My bracelet and tote don't have the effect I thought they would. I don't really feel cool anymore. I thought maybe they would be so ridiculous that they would be cool, but they didn't swing that far.
As far as my kid's wanting them, yeah, I don't think so.
So why do they put Twilight toys in a Kid's Meal?
Hey, it motivated me to have lunch at Burger King with my kid's and as advertising companies know, if you can reach the mom then you've pretty much made a sale.
By the way, does anyone want a Twilight bracelet and tote? I have one to give-away.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ansel Adam Photography Found at a Garage Sale?

Everything I’ve ever purchased at a garage sale has never compared to this amazing story.

A California man named Rick Norsigian purchased a box of photography negatives at a yard sale for $45.00.

Image found here.

He brought them home and for 4 years they sat under his pool table. One day he decided to take a look at what was in that box. The negatives depicted beautiful black and white nature photography. Mr. Norsigian decided to get some advice. Experts concluded the 65 glass plates in the boxes are photographic negatives created more than 80 years ago by Ansel Adams.

Image found here.

The negatives are estimated to be worth around $200 million dollars.

Wow! That’s some dear trash!

I love hearing stories like this. Mr. Norsigian, I wish I could give you a hug.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mayer In The Middle

My sweet little Mayer, my middle child, my third son who I adore.

Today you asked me a question.
I was listening to John Mayer's new song Half of my Heart on youtube.
You jumped into my lap and said "Mommy, is that man named after me?"
And you pointed to the name Mayer on the computer screen.
What happened?
Just yesterday you were a baby and now you're reading your name and asking important questions.
You are five-years old and start kindergarten in a few weeks.
I need some time to reflect on how fast you are growing up.
Mayer, there was a time when you were my baby.

Always in my arms.

Getting you to smile was easy.

Getting you to sit still wasn't.

And I would introduce you to people as "My Mayer Man."
You came after two old brothers.

Sometimes you liked it.

Other times you didn't.

Amazingly, you keep up with them.

Following in their footsteps.
But you also walk to the beat of your own drum,

like searching for special rocks everywhere we go.

Or wearing your hooded sweatshirt most of the summer.

You are a great big brother to your little sister.

Mayer, you are the middle child and you make us proud.

You light up the world with your smile

and your tongue.
You were able to meet your Great Grandpa before he past away.

You were born on Opening Day of the Diamondbacks, so you win tickets to every opening day game for the rest of your life.

You broke your leg just days after learning to walk.

Even with your cast, you kept on walking (or scooting).

Mayer, Daddy and I prayed for you to be part of our family.

When you were born we wanted a unique and strong name for you.

Something that would represent you well.

We really liked John Mayer and his music (still do).

We researched the name Mayer and found out it was also a town in Arizona.

I feel that you will be a great leader someday, but right now I want to tell you I love having you as my little boy.

So, to answer your question, "John Mayer has your name and you have his."
Mayer, I did something fun and special for you today.

I found John Mayer on facebook and told him about our conversation.

I wrote:

John, you are such a talented musician. I had a son five years ago and named him Mayer. He finally understands he was named after you. We were watching your Half of my Heart video on youtube and he said "Mom, is that me?" I said, "That's who we named you after." He really liked that and I just wanted you to know.

I also wrote John Mayer on Twitter because I hear he tweets a lot.
Mayer, thanks for being my great little guy.
You make me happy, just don't grow up too fast.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Follow the Golden Graham Cash - Week #4

Follow the Golden Graham Cash is a great path to be on. To read lasts week’s journey, click here. I’ve enjoyed the profits from this adventure and hopefully next week I'll be ready to buy my new vacuum.

So, if you're new to My Dear Trash, I won this $5.00 credit card in a box of Golden Graham cereal.

With my lucky credit card, I purchased five articles of clothing at Goodwill on $1.00 day. I list the items on EBay, and deduct $5.00 off my profit to purchase five more things on the next week.

Do you want to see my latest finds and what they sold for on EBay?

Tommy Hilfiger is an interesting label. Sometimes it doesn’t sell to well, but other times it rocks the boat. These Women's Tommy Hilfiger Size 12 Blue Navy Cargo Pants cost me $1.00 and sold for $22.25.

My take on dresses is anything goes, as long as it’s cute, clean and somewhat stylish. Of course, I love vintage too. This Women's American Eagle Small Long Rayon Green Dress sold for $8.99 to a customer in Greece. I hope she enjoys it.

Ann Taylor is classic and always sells well on EBay. This Ann Taylor Loft Medium NWT $69 Gold Thin Shirt Cardigan sold for $9.99. When I sell an item that still has the tags on it, I will list what the item sold for new.

I love Eileen Fisher, but the shirts don’t sell as well as the skirts. This Eileen Fisher 100% Silk Small Red Long Sleeve Shirt didn’t sell at all.

And lastly, this Women's Gap Size 10 NWOT Denim Jean Knee Length Skirt didn’t sell either. It’s as adorable as they come, but the timing just wasn’t right. I’ll relist it next week and see how it does.

So what’s my total profit for the week off a $5.00 investment?


This weeks profits bring my grand total to $164.18.

It’s so easy to run this business. I l*ve the process of turning trash into cash. There's a trash revolution happening right before our eyes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet My New Rug

Hello everyone. I have something I’d like to introduce you too. I’d like you to meet my new rug.

Rug, say hello.


You know you’re gorgeous.

“Yeah, I’m in pretty good shape.”

I found you at the thrift store. How did a sweet thing like you end as trash?

“I’m not really sure. I was hooked up in a pretty nice house and one day I was rolled up, taped shut and shipped out. Next thing I knew, I was at that nasty smelling thrift store.”

So is it upsetting that you are now a second-hand item.

“You need to understand something about me. My type comes from a expensive high-end store and sells new for around $500.00 new. What did you paid for me?”


“What! That’s insulting.”

I’ve been looking for you for a very long time. You have nice lines, gorgeous color and for trash, you are in excellent condition.

“I’m made with top of the line material and will stand the test of time.”

I’m happy you’re in my home. I have a big job for you. The last second-hand rug I purchased for $19.99 and used it for two years. Like my last rug, I expect you to be the following:

A playground

A soft place to land

A place where family can gather

A beautiful center piece even when messy

and a showroom for items I feature on Craig’s list

Do you think you can do all that?

“You expect a lot out of me, but baby, for $30.00 I’ve got your back covered.”

Thank you new rug. I love you and you really are very pretty.