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Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet My New Rug

Hello everyone. I have something I’d like to introduce you too. I’d like you to meet my new rug.

Rug, say hello.


You know you’re gorgeous.

“Yeah, I’m in pretty good shape.”

I found you at the thrift store. How did a sweet thing like you end as trash?

“I’m not really sure. I was hooked up in a pretty nice house and one day I was rolled up, taped shut and shipped out. Next thing I knew, I was at that nasty smelling thrift store.”

So is it upsetting that you are now a second-hand item.

“You need to understand something about me. My type comes from a expensive high-end store and sells new for around $500.00 new. What did you paid for me?”


“What! That’s insulting.”

I’ve been looking for you for a very long time. You have nice lines, gorgeous color and for trash, you are in excellent condition.

“I’m made with top of the line material and will stand the test of time.”

I’m happy you’re in my home. I have a big job for you. The last second-hand rug I purchased for $19.99 and used it for two years. Like my last rug, I expect you to be the following:

A playground

A soft place to land

A place where family can gather

A beautiful center piece even when messy

and a showroom for items I feature on Craig’s list

Do you think you can do all that?

“You expect a lot out of me, but baby, for $30.00 I’ve got your back covered.”

Thank you new rug. I love you and you really are very pretty.


  1. Ha! Great rug and a hilarious post. Good find. xx

  2. Rug.."Yea, so I am pretty, BUT not as cute as that pink thing hanging above"
    Cute post!!
    ( I recently found a rug a GW.. too big to unroll, but the nice lady said "$12." Too good a deal to pass up... It is HUGE, It is red & I Love it)

  3. hey laura,
    which goodwill did you find this at and if you don't mind me asking how big does it measure....i need to find a big rug for both my upstairs and downstairs in my home and i need it about that size as well. Thanks so much for your help...and i love the have been sooo inspiring to me and my friend Amy....we both have stores on ebay and sell trash as well!!

  4. That is a nice rug! Love the interview! hahaha