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Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 3 of Follow the Golden Graham Cash

It’s week number 3 of Follow the Golden Graham Cash.

In just two weeks I earned $74.47. Read about week #2 here.

I credited myself back the $5.00 I originally won in a box of Golden Grahams and purchase 5 more items at Goodwill’s $1.00 day.

Let’s hear it for trash!

Here’s what I found.

This pair of Old Navy Size 14 Tall Sweetheart Gray Denim Jeans cost me $1.00 and sold for $15.06.

I love Patagonia. These Women's Patagonia Size 4 Hemp Rhythm Low rise Pants sold for $15.51.

This Women's Coldwater Creek Medium White Wrap Around Shirt is in like-new condition. Thank you to the woman who bought it, wore it once and than donated it to Goodwill. It sold for $9.99.

My profits off my $5.00 investment?


Wow! Once I deduct $5.00 to spend on my next 5 $1.00 dollar day Goodwill purchases, I’ve earned $127.95.

I almost have enough money to purchase my new vacuum, but I won’t be buying one used.

Image found here.

Why would someone donate a used vacuum to a thrift store? Hmmmm.

Let's explore this topic.

1. They moved into a new house that only has wood floors.

2. Their mother-in-law purchased a new vacuum for their anniversary so they don't need their old vacuum anymore.

3. Their baby has air-borne allergies so they rip out the carpet in their home and install tile.

4. They’re conserving energy, so they use a broom for all their clean-ups.


5. It's broken.

Yeah, I think this is the main reason a used vacuum is sitting around a thrift store.

I don’t have the magic touch to fix a broken vacuum. Some things are worth buying new.


  1. Your theory is most likely correct. I had a neighbor who went to an auction. He needed a vacuum. He won a auction that had 5 vacuums in it, brought them all home...not a one worked! $20.00 down the drain. He put them to the curb, and within 5 minutes, they were picked up....go figure!

  2. I have got to try this! I need some cash. Haha.

  3. I agree with the vacuum theory. Plus you never know where its been, what its picked up. Yucko!

  4. I love your blog, it is so fun to see your finds and profit!

  5. I dunno about your vacuum theory. When my husband and I got married, we each brought a working vacuum to the marriage (in fact, I had two), then of course, we got a brand spakin new one at the bridal shower. All our old (but still functional) vacuums went to the thrift. Oh, and then we ended up moving to a house with a central vac, so even our new vacuum ended up a the thrift store.

    That said, you're probably still better off buying new if you can afford it - I'm not skeeved by used clothes or even shoes, but vaccums blow out a lot of dust as part of their exhaust and I wouldn't want someone else's dirt, pet dander, fingernail clippings, and old skin cells blowing around in my house - ewwwww!

  6. HOW do you sell your stuff that high? I've lowered my prices down to .99 just to get bids, and I'm lucky if I sell 1-3 things a week! (I post about 20 items at a time.) Sigh. I see your posts and think you are magic.

  7. I have an all-tile house so I use those floor-scrubber vacuums. I've purchased my last 3 from Goodwill (on half price day of course) and even though I've had a few duds over the years to return it has been a big savings for me. I have spent no more than $25 total and have enjoyed probably 5 years of floor scrubbing. Gotta love Goodwill!!