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Friday, July 9, 2010

Front Door Friday Part Five

Yep! Still working on that curb appeal. Today we braved it out in the 115 degree weather to tackle our planter boxes. Here's the before pics...A year after purchasing our home we had the front and backyard completely dug up and re-landscaped. We chose to put in these quarter round areas that I promised to keep full with seasonal flowers. Unless weeds are considered seasonal flowers, I think I've failed.
We've been in the house 8 years now and aside from spring when all our bearded iris and calle lilies bloom- our flower boxes generally look like this...

Today Mr. Right decided to take over. We have an agreement that he can do what he wants with the outside as long as I can do what I want with the inside. So... He decided he wanted to plant perennials so things would look manicured all year long. Here's the afters...

Don't mind the wire- that's to train the vine to go up the light pole. Here's a look at the other side...
My garden art (bird feeder) looks a little out of place right now, but give it a little time and things will fill in. I'm just a couple of projects away from the big reveal- Can't wait to show you the transformation of the front of our home. Love, Kelly

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  1. It looks fabulous. I love the new plants. We sure need to do the same. The heat has just about killed everything. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty