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Friday, April 28, 2017

What Has Your Sister Done Published

WHAT HAS YOUR SISTER DONE – Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy is available on Amazon
The Cover! 

Check out this beautiful cover. 

The tender photograph is of Rosa Dilworth Reyes and was taken just before she placed her baby for adoption. I interviewed Rosa on the phone and like most of the stories in the book, was overcome with emotion as to what she experienced, the courage she displayed and obstacles she faced during her unplanned pregnancy.

She said “When I decided to place my baby for adoption, my counselor had me write a letter to myself, reminding me why I was placing her. Without that letter of commitment, I’m not sure if I would have followed through. My emotions were pulling at my heart and I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to do what I’d set out to do. Even though it was hard, it was the best thing that could have ever happened because I had a fresh start. I could be who I wanted to be, which was the best person for my daughter. She needed to know I was going to make my life right.”

There may be someone today struggling with an unexpected positive pregnancy test or maybe she has known for weeks she’s pregnant, but is too scared to talk to anyone about it. Once you read what many young woman face with an unplanned pregnancy, you will want to step forward and be there, to love and help those in need.  Thank you to all of those who have supported this project.  It has been life-changing.

To see the book on Amazon, click here.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Meet our Dorothy Draper Couch

With so much life-changing things going on over here, I thought I’d write about something trivial – like our new couch.

Truly, it deserves it’s own blog post, doesn’t it?

Now that we’re not moving, Derek has taken it upon himself to accentuate the mid century features of our 45 year-old home.  It has some Frank Loyd Wright styling.  When we were house shopping, Derek and I were drawn to the more contemporary homes, homes that look very similar to our own.  It’s funny to think you’re moving, clean up your home, repaint, re-carpet and get it sale-ready, only to find out your home is exactly what you’ve been looking for all along.  I’m so thankful we didn’t move.  I love it here.

Derek has shown me on-line mid century clocks, tiles for the new kitchen back splash, chairs for the living room, paintings, retro front doors – all things to improve our current living space and make it a piece of art.  A few weeks ago, he started showing me mid century couches on craigslist.  There were two in the Phoenix area, both great and priced around $800.  He made offers on both and both were declined.  We weren’t super crazy about either one and considered paying full price for the one we liked the best, until the next day when Derek found this little jewel – a Dorothy Draper reupholstered leather mid century couch, in Mesa, for $425. 

I’d been a bit passive with Derek’s new found mid century fascination.  There was no rush on purchases, we could hem and haw about design, scour different patterns and impressions, but then he showed me this couch. 

“We have to get that!” I said and we headed across town to take a look.  It was in perfect condition, sturdy, comfy, stylish and the perfect piece of mid century design to start us on this journey.  The couple was adorable and the homeowner showed me pictures from the 1950’s or her parents dressing up for galas, standing in front of the couch. 

When Derek and I returned home, we did a little research on Dorothy Draper.  

She was an interior decorator and furniture maker who in 1937 had become a household name. 

She started what is believed to be the first interior decorating firm and designed and decorated hotel and museum lobbies and more.  I've always loved eclectic coloring and adore everything I can find on her.

She had a best-selling fabric line, best-selling books and during the depression encouraged housewives to “paint their front door red.” 

Now, her couch is sitting in my living room and not only am I inspired by the amazing Dorothy Draper, but it looks like I have a true piece of art from the mid century era.  I’m putting my honey in charge of the rest of the decorating.  He's got great taste, after all, he picked me!  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Girl of Little Treasures

She is seven years old and every day she goes outside to play.

Like a fairy, she scans the ground for treasures.

What will she find today?

A rock with a silver lining.

The pedal of a pink rose.

The feather of a baby bird.

A leaf from the orange tree.

Whispers from the dandelion flower.

Blue mermaid glass.

A magical sparkle the size of a tiny seed.

All these items she holds like treasures in her hand.

She cusps these gifts that she will soon give to her mother.

The sand on the ground dances with every step she takes.

The leaves in the trees wave hello.

The sun shines rays of gold in her hair.

She hums a made-up melody and the birds whistle the tune.

The clouds pattern large fluffy heart shapes in the sky.

The flowers hold hands and land gently on her head.

She skips the last few steps back to her front door.

“Mommy,” she says, finally home. “I’ve found you treasures.”

Her mommy takes the little girl in her arms.  “Honey, you’re my favorite treasure of all.”

On the table, the treasures are placed and the mommy and the little girl look with joy at such beautiful, tiny gifts.

Happy Birthday darling daughter of mine.  

I love you, Eden.