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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Girl of Little Treasures

She is seven years old and every day she goes outside to play.

Like a fairy, she scans the ground for treasures.

What will she find today?

A rock with a silver lining.

The pedal of a pink rose.

The feather of a baby bird.

A leaf from the orange tree.

Whispers from the dandelion flower.

Blue mermaid glass.

A magical sparkle the size of a tiny seed.

All these items she holds like treasures in her hand.

She cusps these gifts that she will soon give to her mother.

The sand on the ground dances with every step she takes.

The leaves in the trees wave hello.

The sun shines rays of gold in her hair.

She hums a made-up melody and the birds whistle the tune.

The clouds pattern large fluffy heart shapes in the sky.

The flowers hold hands and land gently on her head.

She skips the last few steps back to her front door.

“Mommy,” she says, finally home. “I’ve found you treasures.”

Her mommy takes the little girl in her arms.  “Honey, you’re my favorite treasure of all.”

On the table, the treasures are placed and the mommy and the little girl look with joy at such beautiful, tiny gifts.

Happy Birthday darling daughter of mine.  

I love you, Eden.

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