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Friday, April 11, 2014

Huge Garage Sale Saturday, April 11 7am

2212 E. Glencove St. Mesa, AZ 85213.  Tons of home decor!

Hope to see you there!  Love, Kelly

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Five or Six - It's O.K.

One thing that’s harder then having a baby is not having a baby.
And that’s exactly what I did last year.
I did not have a baby.
But, it’s not for lack of trying.
Let me tell you how it went.

The very minute I felt like I could handler my brew, all my chick-a-dees, my mini-me’s (I think my baby girl Eden was two years old, 10 months and 13 days) I said to the counselor “Wow!  I think I finally came up for air.”  And I breathed in real deep to demonstrate just how much air my lungs could handle.

He didn’t understand this little life metaphor either, so I rephrased it as: “I think I can finally handle another kid.  What do you think?  Let’s have another baby.”
And if you know the counselor, he’d walk into a Turkish prison with me – for life!  I don’t know why he loves me this much, but he does.
Anyway, the counselor and I want six kids.  It’s not just a number; it’s what we’ve dreamed about since back in the day - when we were dating.
 I’m not sure I’ve told you the story.
Here’s the story.

When the counselor and I were dating, we had a conversation one night that went like this:

Counselor: “How many kids do you want?”
Me:  “I don't know. How many do you want?”

Ok, I have to interject here because do you really think I wasn’t sure how many kids I wanted!  I’m Mormon!  I’ve been dreaming, journaling, goaling and praying for 12 kids since I can remember; however, when I was about 18 years-old I decided 12 kids (6 boys and 6 girls) might be a little much, so I cut it down to 6.  6 seemed doable; however, I didn’t want to tell the counselor I wanted 6 kids.  What if I scared him off?  Maybe he wanted 2 and I wanted 6 and we’d decide we weren't compatible.  I already loved him, so I wasn’t about to do that!

Back to the conversation.

Counselor:  “I don’t know, maybe two?”

It’s me again, making the point that I was right!  I knew I shouldn’t tell him I wanted 6 kids.  We weren’t even engaged at this point; just crazy love birds living for the next time we were able to run into each others arms.  I hadn’t met his parents.  I didn’t know if he’d even want a pet dog. We’d never done our laundry together.  The last thing I needed to do was tell him I wanted 6 kids, but something deep down told me if he couldn’t handle the idea of 6 kids then I needed to know. I had to be honest.

Me:  “I want six kids.”
Counselor: “Me too.”

It went just like that and he took me in his arms and gave me the biggest hug of my life.  I don’t know how this man does it, but time and time again he makes all my dreams come true.

Back to last year – 2013 –  the year I didn’t get pregnant with our 6th baby and it was tough.  I grew emotionally then digressed and I was reborn spiritually, but then I died a bit inside.  I tried to live in the now while praying for tomorrow.  Some days I cried my eyes out while other days I was relieved (and then I just felt guilty because why would God send a baby to me when I wasn’t even sure I could handle the five I already had).

In the end, well, I don’t know if it is the end of baby’s and lactating and maternity clothes, but I sure do appreciate more those precious five of mine and the man who went from 2 to 6, but for now is stuck with 5.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Can I keep up?

It's tough when I have an empty shop and an idea for a new novel. 

I have so many things to paint, yet so many things I want to write.

My paint projects have been put on the back burner because this new plot I'm working around in my mind is keeping me awake at night.  A few nights ago while working on the novel, I researched ancient ways of embalming and I was like "Wow, Laura!  So, this is where you're at!"

Novel update: I have two YA novels finished - The Mermaid's Handbook to Marine Biology and My Dear Luci, one in the works - Windy: Lost Girl of Neverland and one I've just started.  It's called The Swing.  I'm 11 pages into it and it's AMAZING.  

Someday, people!  SOMEDAY!

Anyway. . . 

I did manage to paint a few things and the counselor took them down to Antique Plaza.  He almost makes it too easy on me.  Not only does he buy the furniture, not only does he give me kisses when he brings it home, but now he delivers to the shop! If you ask me, I think he likes this line of work.

Here's the latest.

This dresser is from 1961 and the fixtures are  gold-plated.  I just updated/painted it to an heirloom white. 
You can see inside the cabinet what color it used to be.
Now it looks like it belongs in heaven, doesn't it.

Here' s a cute little serpentine piece all fixed up.  I stripped the top, re-stained it with an espresso-colored oil and then sealed it with a polyurethane.  

And a mid-century piece with pops of color.  Without the color, it was a bit boring.

Happy Birthday to my cutie pie Mayer and have a great weekend.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

I finally gave my daughter her antique hutch

When Derek brought home a gorgeous 1940’s walnut set of furniture, I very quickly decided I would sell the buffet but keep the matching hutch for Eden.

The buffet (which I painted a creamy heirloom white and re-stained the top provincial) sold within a day down at Antique Plaza.  I mean, look at this thing.  I could have painted it the color of Kermit the Frog and it still would have sold in a day.  I just fall in love with these pieces! 

However, the beautiful twin hutch (you can see the leg of it sticking out!) sat for a while.  When you’re a furniture painter, the things you want to paint for your own home sit and sit and sit.  I'm like the mechanic who's own broken down car sits in the garage until he finally has time to work on it!  That’s exactly what happened to Eden’s hutch until one day, it was her turn.

I painted it a creamy heirloom white,

added some glass knobs

gave it a bit of distressing 

and stain. 
While working on it, I actually found the original key lost inside the back cabinet.

The counselor and I moved it into her room and I added a few things I’ve been collecting.  
Here are the seashells she loves to hold up to her ear.  She loves to hear the ocean, although yesterday she told me she heard Hello Kitty being eaten by a shark!

She's expressive,


and all-girl.

It's no wonder everything angel or princess or beautiful lady reminds me of her. 

Vintage beads too.

I've been collecting vintage portraits of women and feel they symbolize the strength and beauty I see in my daughter.

So many things in her room are a reflection of how I feel about her.

This girl, who started out so tiny – 

who sets my heart a flutter even when she sleeps

she is my sunshine!

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