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Thursday, August 15, 2019

My Son Chandler is Married!

Chandler and Sadie were married August 2 and it was a truly magical occasion.

I’ve watched these two really handle the storms of life together and they are so in love. 

Everything comes down to serving the other. Whether it is supporting Chandler through his health issues, setting goals for their future, car shopping or making a meal together, man, they are just so darn compatible. 

I predict a lifetime of happiness.

I'm thankful Chandler has been a seeker of love. Derek and I have encouraged our kids to get married, even while they’re young. 

I think marriage gets a bad rap these days, but Derek and I truly believe it is the key to a happy life.  

Marriage can teach and uplift. It can inspire and motivate. Chandler now has his best friend to share life with and I couldn’t be happier for both of them.

Sadie’s grandparents are serving an 18-month mission. Before they left, they offered Chandler and Sadie the opportunity to live in their home. It is here in Mesa about 10 minutes away. Chandler may be in charge of late night irrigation turns, but it’s a small price to pay for such a huge blessing.

Chandler and Sadie are so loved and they feel it. The support of our friends, family, neighbors and church community is incredible. 

On behalf of Chandler and Sadie, I can’t say thank you enough. One of the highlights of the evening is when I turned around and saw my cousin Chad with his wife Tina standing right in front of me. 

They had decided that afternoon to drive to from Las Vegas to Mesa for Chandler’s reception. Chad was my dearest cousin and when I lived in Utah as a young girl we were inseparable. I just remember begging my parents every chance I had to be able to play with Chad. Chad was a gifted gymnast and incredibly skilled on the trampoline, so together we made up routines, imagined ourselves in the Olympics and practiced, practiced, practiced! I cried to see my dear cousin and his wife is a gem!

At the reception, Chandler took my hand and we had a mother/son dance. Yes, I was the stereotypical mother of the groom, just dotting over my beautiful son, remembering the precious memories of him as a baby, my first baby!

My precious little boy.
The sweetest big brother.
The cutest kid in glasses I ever did see!
Our darling, gifted kid.
A mature, disciplined, chubby kid who gave up sugar so he could be healthier.
My obedient, too responsible teenager.
And now the man I prayed he would become.

He truly is a gift in my life and I have another darling daughter. 
Sadie, we love you and how our family has grown.
That's all Folks!