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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Overwhelmed? Who Me?

On my way home from Utah this summer, I asked a stranger at the airport to take a picture of me with my kids.  

This was me, off the plane, pulling luggage, dragging a car seat, baby on my head (stroller lost in baggage department and was never found) waiting for my ride home.  This is the part of mothering that makes me feel like a circus performer. I mean I had to do all this down an escalator.

I’ve had many of these moment where multi-tasking is like an 8-course meal you cook, serve, eat and clean up after, where there aren’t enough hands, not enough hours in the day and it could either break me or make me. More and more, I see the humor in these moments of utter chaos, the love, the commitment, the craziness.  I think of my ancestors, the sacrifices they made.  I think of those who go without or who carry babies on their backs while they work in a field and I’m like “Keep it in perspective, girl. You’re just fine.” 

In this picture, my muscles were burning, my head pounding, my shoes hurt, I needed to pee, but I was a mom so I kept it together.

Mothers are amazing work horses.  We get the job done.  We don’t complain.  We’re strong, fierce and determined. And yes, occasionally, we ask for help.

A few days ago, my two year old Canyon came like a race horse out of the bathroom.  Buck naked, he ran to the open door where I was talking to my neighbor.  Canyon loves watering our flowers in the front yard and as fast as a whip, he ran out ahead of me.  I had at least a minute to grab him, didn't I? But no, he decided to start running, those little buns just staring back at me.  I was in flip flops people, but I could catch a two year old, I mean really, how fast could he run.  HE MADE IT FIVE HOUSE DOWN THE STREET BEFORE I GOT TO HIM.  We looked like a scene out of the book NO DAVID, where, you guessed, David is running down the street naked (this is my kids favorite page). Half way down the street, I just started laughing and thanking God I've been running at the track lately because I was in a full on sprint!  When I finally tackled him, we just laughed and I tickled his tummy.  Oh, it was good times, but in my early years of mothering, I probably would have been a wreck, all bent out of shape and yelling.

Here's the culprit, fully clothed, that mischievous spirit shining through.

I’m starting another blog on intermittent fasting.  Not sure if it will be here or on another site, but please let me know the questions you may have about starting intermittent fasting, the benefits and more?  Message me on my facebook page (My Dear Trash) or leave a comment below.