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Monday, December 30, 2013

More beautiful used dresses of Dressember

Blythe Hill, the inspiration behind Dressember is such a cool lady. 
She's really started something.

One her website at, she says what began in 2009 as a quirky style challenge with a clever name spread like wildfire. Put simply, Dressember is a month of wearing dresses. At its core, Dressember is a celebration of femininity and beauty.

In 2013, Dressember took on new meaning: opposing human trafficking by aligning with International Justice Mission. IJM is a human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression.  I'm so grateful she has brought this organization into the spotlight.

What dresses have we been wearing to support such a beautiful cause?

December 24
Eden has become quite comfortable in front of the camera.  I adore her cute little poises and ideas.  She's a natural, that girl.  Here she is in a dress made by Carters we found at Goodwill for $2.99.

December 25
I am wearing a dress by Maurice.  I paid $5.00 for it at Goodwill.  New, it would run around $40.00.  The jacket, also from Goodwill is from Weavers, a brand sold at Urban Outfitters.  I paid $3.00 for it, new it runs around $49.00.  The counselor reminds me I'm not afraid of color.  I've always been very eclectic, making a great attribute for a girl who loves shopping and wearing trash.

December 26
This silky dress She's Cool (great name) was found at Goodwill's $1.00 day.  New, it runs around $40.00.

December 27
I found this Jones New York dress a few months ago for $5.00 at Goodwill's half-price sale they have every other Saturday.  
I wore it to the Glenn Beck event Raise The Standard I wrote about here.

December 28
This is what I wore on date night - American Eagle shirt I found for $1.00 and a CAbi skirt $4.00 from Goodwill.  New, this skirt runs around $80.00.  Date night was a bust, as the movie The Book Thief was sold out.  Still fun, we ran to a few Goodwills' and found the counselor a great pair of boots.  I'll showcase those later.  

December 29
Sunday, my boys all wore their vintage ties from Goodwill.  Handsome men, they are.
Mayer's was even a clip-on.
I think it's only fair I give up one of my days of Dressember to showcase them.  
Two more days of dresses to come!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas and more Dressember

Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people out there.  I pray it was a wonderful day with lots of family, friends and love.

I'm at that stage of existence where it's impossible to think of eating anything but chocolate.  I forced myself to cut up an apple and was reminded of the lovely taste of  "real food."  Maybe we'll get back into eating meals again instead of cookies, fudge and toffee.  Thank you to all the friends, family and neighbors who reminded us food doesn't have to be nutritious.  It just has to taste good. We've loved all the goodies.

I wanted to share a few photos of my Christmas.  I've blogged about my life-like 10 foot Christmas tree before,
but the story is I was out shopping at garage sales a few years ago and saw a pile of a tree in a huge box.  The home owner saw me looking at it and suggest her son set it up, so I could see how gorgeous it was.  I asked the homeowner how much she was asking it.  After a few seconds to gather her thoughts, she replied, "Well, it's a 10 foot tree.  How about a dollar a foot."  Love my $10.00 tree.

This year, the find of the season was a Barbie dream house I purchased at a garage sale for $65.
I wasn't sure if I should spend $65, but not only did the homeowner inform me a new Barbie Dreamhouse is $150 (and this one was only a year old), but she really sealed the deal when she told me her husband had spent 3 hours Christmas Eve assembling it.  It had all the original parts, even down to the tiny toothbrush and Barbie's laptop computer. I also found a bunch of Barbie's while out thrifting. And since Eden has been singing all month about her "My Little Pony Christmas," her dream house was full of little ponies, all found at thrift stores through the last few months.

Reef has been into Garfield, so what fun it was when Mayer found this Garfield at Goodwill.
The Reef hat was found at Goodwill too.  New, this hat would cost $25.00, but we paid $1.49.  Reef loves wearing trash with his name on it.  Now Reef has Reef flip-flops and a Reef hat.
The older boys received new bikes and vintage ties.  Better then old bikes and new ties, I guess.  :)
The boys have always enjoyed wearing vintage ties, so the tradition carries on.

And more Dressember continues . . .

December 12
Eden is wearing a H&M dress I found at D.I. for $6.00.  It still had the original tags on priced at $36.00. Anything pink is a big hit, but this thing has glitter too.

December 13
We had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols at a retirement home in our neighborhood.  Eden wore a Little Miss Dress with rose petals sewn into the hem of the skirt.  This dress was $2.99 at Goodwill.  
The kids handed out roses to the wonderful people living there.  

December 14
Shopping at thrift stores, I discover brands I may never stumble upon otherwise.  I love fashion, so this is a bonus of shopping trash.  One of those brands I've found is Janeville.  I found this beautiful Janeville sweater at Goodwill for $3.00 and my Ann Taylor dress was $5.00.  My dad made this tire swing about 20 years ago and my kids just love it.  I still remember him out their cutting the handles out with a hand saw.  It took forever, but hopefully it will last that long too. 

December 15
Eden is wearing a Gap sweater dress I found for $1.00.  I am wearing an Ann Taylor dress from $1.00 day at Goodwill, plus my Coldwater Creek jacket was $1.00 too.  

December 16
Eden is wearing a Baby Lulu by Erin Murphay dress I found at Goodwill for $2.99.  New, this dress would cost around $70.00.  With all those ruffles, I can barely pick her up.

December 17
Eden loves to come to the shop with me at Antique Plaza.  Here, she's wearing a Gap tutu, also from Goodwill.  It seems all this girl wants to wear starts with tu and ends with tu.  

December 18
Things were getting pretty hectic the last week before Christmas.  The photo line at Costo was out the door, but she patiently waited while we picked up our order.  She's wearing a cute little dress she picked out on her own at Goodwill.

Later that night, all she could do was twirl.
My niece Jessica sang in her school choir at the Mesa Temple.  I love how our eyes light up like Christmas lights too. I tried to change them with my red-eye program, but it wouldn't let me.  I think all the Christmas lights in the background throw it off.  Oh well.  Why change a good thing!

December 19
Here I am wearing a New York and Co. Dress from Goodwill's dollar day.  My pink Kenneth Cole heals were $4.99.  Eden's dress is a Goodwill $2.99 dress from Hartstrings.  
Her dress is made out of the most fabulous thick velvet fabric and the silk bow goes on and on.  New, this dress would run around $70.  

December 20
December is busy for everyone, but I have a birthday boy who turned 14 on the 20th.  He picked what he wanted to do on his special day which was to visit the APPLE store, go see Catching Fire and finish off with a burger and fries at Five Guys.  I love the photo bomber in the background.  This was right before the entire store sang Happy Birthday to Chandler.
(I must point out my darling .50 cent scrap fabric flower lapel.  I found it, and a few others, at a garage sale a few weeks ago.)
Since it was such a busy day with that boy, I thought I'd share a dress from Dressember past.
This Oscar de la Renta dress was $4.99 from Salvation Army.

December 21
And if things couldn't get any busier, the love of my life had a birthday the next day.  We celebrated at Joe's Farm Grill with his parents and sister's family.

I love the cooler weather (finally a chance to wear all those sweaters and jackets).  This velvet jacket I found at Goodwill on dollar day.
Eden is wearing an Old Navy dress I found at a garage sale for .50 cents.

December 22
We went out on a walk to the park and what did we see?  Santa drove right by us in a Red Cruiser (even his license plate said SANTA).  The kid's and I were so excited when he stopped and handed out candy canes.  Once again, Eden is wearing her tutu.
A few weeks ago, I picked up this stroller at a garage sale for $10.00. I didn't realize how much I needed one until I brought it home.

December 23
We attended my nephew's baptism the next day.  Eden is wearing a Rare Too dress we found at Goodwill for $2.99.  New, this dress runs around $50.00.  She loved that it had a tutu skirt.  Eden is quite tall for her age, but next to her 6'5 daddy, she looks like a petite little thing.

 The dresses I find out thrifting are in like-new condition.  You mothers out there know what I'm talking about.  Sometimes our kids only wear something once or twice before we donate it to the thrift store.  Sure, I have to dig a bit, but I can't believe the gorgeous trash I'm finding out there this year.

More to come.

Friday, December 13, 2013

End of Season Sale Saturday! Great Deal!

Come see us at our backyard sale this Saturday- Fantastic gifts and great prices!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cream is always in.

It just seems like creamy heirloom white is the color of the year.  
(The counselor was so sweet; he knew I wanted this buffet, but the owner would only sell it to him if we purchased the entire dining room set.  
I now have a China hutch, dining room table and 8 chairs to paint.  The work never seems to slow down!)

No matter what I paint heirloom white, this lovely color flies out the door. 

Here is a beautiful French mirror

until my son accidentally knocked it over.
Now, it's a creamy lovely chalkboard.  

It will probably sell faster as a chalkboard than as a mirror.
Way to go, son. 

I love to jazz things up with heirloom white and another beautiful color.

My space at Antique Plaza in Mesa is rocking with this stuff.  More to come.
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