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Monday, May 31, 2010

Princess Peanut Goes Shopping for Trash

One thing for sure is this little girl has her family wrapped around her dainty little finger.


Especially Daddy!




We all love her to pieces. Even my friends find her irresistible.

On my recent trip to Newport I had the perfect thrift store-shopping buddy with Princess Peanut.

She's gorgeous, fashionable and close to my heart.

She's my silent shopper, for a while at least.

Here are a few things we found together.

Goodwill in Huntington Beach doesn't offer $1.00 day, so I have to be a bit more selective than when I'm at home shopping Goodwills in Phoenix, AZ. Jeans are $8.99 so let's see what's worth buying that I can re-list on EBay and make a profit.

Ann Taylor Size 16 Jeans.

Pretty nice and a great seller for sure.

I found 3 pair of Ann Taylor jeans, all size 16 and as you know, bigger sizes sell better. Some darling girl made a super nice donation to Goodwill. Can I profit off purchasing these?

Darn those worn-out crotches. I would never sell this quality of jean on EBay. I decide to pass on them.

Wrap-around dresses sell super on EBay and so does the brand Express, but this style is a bit dated. Even still, can I make a profit if I purchase if for $8.99? I'm not too sure.

This Arden B. shirt is a victim of someone's garage sale. Since it didn't sell for $3.00, it was donated to Goodwill. I might purchase it for $1.00, but not for the $5.49 it's selling for here.

I love Sigrid Olsen. This skirt sells for $5.49 at Goodwill and I could probably sell it for $6.99 on EBay. I'll pass on this even thought it's beautiful and sells new for around $75.00.

I love linen and this Talbots Size 16 Shirt is in like-new condition. Shirt's sell here for $5.49 and once again, I could list this shirt at $6.99. Not really worth it, is it.

Chico's sizing is different then most women's sizing. Size 3 is an XL or size 16, so these Size 3 Chico's Jeans would sell great. I sold a pair just like this a few months ago for over $20.00, but things don't always sell the same on a later date. Should I get them?
Here's a pair of fake Seven's. These jeans are sold new at Mervyn's . Don't get them confused with 7 For all Mankind, a designer label I would love to purchase for $8.99.
Oh no! Look's like the princess is waking up.
Time for me to get to the check-out and quick. What did I buy? About 15 items. I'm certain I can double my money, maybe even triple it. I'll let you know what they sell for next week.

On another day, Princess Peanut and I visited the Cancer Society Treasure Thrift Store in Newport.
It was amazing.
Things here sell for a lot more then $1.00, but it's so fun to look.
Remember the Tibi I purchased for $1.00? I sold a Tibi dress a few weeks ago for $8.99. This one is selling at the thrift store for $25.00. Too expensive for me, but it's lovely for sure.
bebe is an interesting brand. It's very expansive, but I haven't had much luck selling bebe on EBay and I'm not sure why.
These jeans all look designer to me and for $9.00 each, I'm will to give each pair a chance to make me some money.
I'll let you know what they are and what they sell for next week.

I love Jam's World and normally can make around $20.00 a shirt. This one is selling for $12.00. Notice the writing on the inside of the shirt. This isn't a good candidate for re-sale.

We are having so much fun and will make a nice profit. This mom & daughter team is unstoppable.


I’m happy to say I survived a week of vacation with my family.

That didn’t come out quite right. Let me try that again.

I survived a week traveling with a nursing newborn, sitting in the back seat of the car with the babies while the counselor drove to California with speeding cameras & border patrol on every stretch of highway, trying not to get mad at the counselor when he wouldn’t stop to ask for directions (we arrived at our condo at 2:00am that first night), putting up two port-a-cribs up and hoping Reef would sleep at night without his trusty crib tent, getting breakfast the first day at our condo while everyone was starving, cooking meals every night, putting SPF 35 organic non-cancer causing sun block on 5 children , keeping track of 5 children at the beach with an under current in the tide that could drag an adult bear out to sea, watching every NBA play-off game while the counselor loses his voice shouting complaints to the ref’s and trying to plant a kiss on the counselors lips in between my constant demands of hysteria. Here are a few examples.

“I need a diaper and wipes. Hurry!”

Where’s Reef. Has anyone seen Reef!”

“Honey, the French fries are burning and I’m nursing.”

“I can’t find my shoes.”

“Has anyone seen Mayer’s swimsuit?”

“I forgot my nursing cover.”

“I swear my keys were just here.”

“You seriously don’t know how to fold the stroller?”

“I know you told the kids they couldn’t have gum, but I told them they could.”

“I thought you brought the towels.”

“We don’t need more doughnuts.”

“How fast are you driving?”

"We spent how much at McDonald's?"

"There is no way we can fit anything else in this car."

"Please tell me you brought the water bottles?"

“By the way, I love you.”

Yeah, it was a whirlwind, but we’re back. I missed my computer more then I thought possible and I’m happy to be writing again on My Dear Trash. Wait until you see what I found at the thrift stores in Newport and Huntington. I can’t wait to put this stuff on EBay. I’ll feature my California fashion trash later this week.

This weeks Garaging Finds

Memorial weekend usually kicks off the slow garage sale season here in Arizona, however, we really hit the jackpot. I think I say this every weekend, but I really found some great trash. Take a look at my new piece of furniture. This will need to be painted black and distressed, but It's a keeper. It will provide great storage and display area and it was just $50. This sweet antique desk was $5.00 and the monopoly game (complete with all 8 pieces) was $1.00.
The score of the weekend was my new pottery barn pillows. These are also keepers! I paid $20.00 for the set of 5. Two are silk and all have down pillow inserts- I can't imagine what these sold for new!
This set of 3 framed prints were $2.50 each, the black spindle was $1.00, the pumpkin and berry garland was 1.00, The framed stichery quote was $2.00, the candlestick $2.00 and the easel was $1.00.
Even though Mr. Right is definitely my knight in shinning armour- I think of this as a "mini me" I'm not exactly sure where this will go, or what I will do with him, but for $5 I just couldn't leave him behind. If I were still teaching drama it would be the greatest prop! The "Rodeo Tonight" sign will be repurposed. It was also $5.
I picked up some get crafting/scrapbook supplies. I don't scrapbook, but my kids love the stickers. For just a couple bucks I got hundreds for them. I also got an exacto knife set for $2, a stamper that lets you spell out words for $2, new measuring cups and spoons for 1.00, and a secret message pen with black light for the kids.
It was a great weekend- and now we will enjoy another day off by the BBQ and Pool. Have a fantastic Memorial Day, take the time to remember those who have fought for our freedoms. Love, Kelly.

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