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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shopping Las Vegas vs. Shopping Goodwill

A few years ago the counselor and I went to Las Vegas. There are but a few things I want to do in life before I die; like run a marathon and swim with dolphins. Seeing Celine Dion perform live was one of them.

The show was fabulous, but the real story is the counselor and I had never been away from our little chickadees (back then we only had 3 boys).

Leaving the kids, I thought we would fall apart.

I thought we would be a wreck.

Instead, we partied like a teenagers.

The truth is the kids were with the counselor’s parents, the nicest most cautious people I’ve ever met. Most likely, my kids were in better care with my in-laws then when they’re with me.

And for once in our marriage, I wasn’t pregnant or nursing.

So for two days, the counselor and I were swept away in the passion of the city; falling in love again and dreaming about our future.

And of course, there was shopping.

Now for this savvy shopper, I was ready to be “in the moment” and “get carried away” with something I just HAD to have. I wanted to purchase something special, something to remind me of what a fabulous time I was having, something that made me feel beautiful.

Instead, I about fell over at how expensive things really are. I’d been so spoiled with $1.00 Giorgio Armani pants & $1.00 Christian Dior shirts at Goodwill that I hardly knew what to do with myself.

But I could do it, right. I could pay full price for something. I really tried. Celine Dion perfume? It was over $100.00. Maybe a Juicy Couture shirt; but it was like $86.00. And then it happened. I found Baby Gap;

My one retail weakness.

I purchased souvenirs off the clearance rack for my sunny boys. I was in the moment and finding the best deals.

Even still, I loved looking inside the designer stores at Caesars Palace.

I found items I sell in my own EBay shop on-line. I realized what a great service I provided to my customers. Seriously, I save people a fortune.

The real kicker was being in the Louis Vuitton store.

It was like seeing a celebrity and stalking them to get an autograph. There’s real energy holding a Louis Vuitton bag. There’s a certain air just being in the store.

I’d sold 2 Louis Vuitton on EBay, both bags I’d found at yard sales.

I paid $25.00 for a purse like this and sold it for $236.00.

And a purse similar to this one cost me $40.00 for and I sold it for $430.00.

Selling Louis Vuitton on EBay made me feel like I knew the man personally, like I was somehow in the “know,” like I had a personal connection. I was certain the sales clerk might even recognize me, but he just snubbed me when I gave him a huge smile. Seeing how expensive these bags cost new made me wish I’d held onto mine a bit longer; maybe carried one of them around Caesars Palace for a while.


  1. Vegas has that affect on you! ;)

  2. I love reading your blog! Thanks for all of the tips.. I would like to sell some of my closet items and have a question.. What lighting do you use when taking pictures of the clothing and furniture? :) Rachelle