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Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 of My Favorite Things including my Top EBay Sales of the Week

There are 3 things I can’t get enough of.
  1. Catching Fire by author Suzanne Collins. When I finished reading The Hunger Games, the first book in her masterful series, it was all I could talk about. Death, politics, murder; all for the young adult audience & all very disturbing topics, but you throw starvation into the equation and I just get hungry. Every time I picked up The Hunger Games I had to make myself a plate of food. What really got me going was when my 10 year old son Chandler started reading it. The book took a turn from fictional literature to careful discussion and he had a lot of questions. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are surprisingly a few things I am willing to pay full price for; books being one of them. Chandler is aware of this, but for Mother’s Day he checked out Catching Fire for me from his elementary school library (that thrifty boy already has the gift). I’d been dying to read it and now I get the chance. So, here I sit day after day, nursing Eden while reading about death, politics, murder and starvation; real bonding time.
  1. Yogurt covered pretzels. Will someone please take these away from me? Payson insisted on getting them last time we were at the health food store. And how are these healthy I ask? With their 18 grams of fat and loads of sugar, it’s a wonder any are left at this house.
  1. EBay. So good, so fun, and so profitable. This weeks sells were the tops! Each clothing item was purchased for $1.00 at a thrift store.
Remember what I said about linen in the spring? It's a for sure hit. These Bryn Walker Medium Linen Pants sold for $21.10.
Double bonus! This Gap dress is a plus size and linen. It sold for $9.99.
Another double bonus? This Gap dress is maternity and ready for summer. It sold for $10.50.
I love this Old Navy XL Summer Dress. I purchased it this winter and stored it in my trash stash. It sold for $7.99.
This Old Navy mini-dress surprised when it sold for $7.50.
Summer is just around the corner. Go out and get your trash. With your profits you could buy a wicked bundle of yogurt covered pretzels. They're all the rage this season.

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