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Friday, May 28, 2010

Front Door Friday Part Three

Boy, I can really drag out a project when I want to. The sad thing is I have at least 2 more installments before I'm ready to reveal our front of house make-over- stay with me, I hope it will be worth it. I picked up this stair step thingy at a yard sale 2 weeks ago for $10 and knew exactly where it would go. I have a few feet of blank wall between my front windows. She looks a little homely now, but black paint fixes everything. Right? Let's take a look and tell me what you think...
Here she is dressed in some of my favorite garage sale finds. I'm still playing around with this vignette, but for this week it will look like this. Here's a closer look...
I wish I had about 10 more of those croquet balls to really fill this basket. Remember my watering can disaster! I added some ribbon to the handle, but I'm not quite in love with it- eventually inspiration will come. Here's a view from the side...
I really love the star boxes, but they do blend in a little to the background. I may have to paint them and use my cricut to redo the stars- Let me know what color you think- I'm afraid black might be too much (did I just say that? Shame on me!) Can't wait to show you the next installment- Have a great weekend. Love, Kelly.

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  1. Hi Kelly -

    I think you did a fantastic job and it really looks great!!
    ♥ Toni

  2. This looks so great!! Love it! Visiting your link from Fingerprints on the Fridge. :)

  3. Cute ! This makes me want to head out front and cuteify. I love the boxes too. So Fun!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  4. Visiting from The Shabby Nest party. This looks great! I love what you have done by your front door.

  5. I think this looks fantastic. I think you are doing the over critical thing...because I think the watering can and the boxes look great just as they are!

  6. Wow! That looks so great. I like the color of the star boxes, but I might put something different on top of them to create some height different between the top of the frame and the top of the bird house. (more levels I guess...but that's just what I think) You've done a stellar job!

  7. What if you were to switch the red and white??? Put the boxes in red with white stars. I think that it is fantastic the way it is, but that is just another option.

  8. the porch looks Great! I have an off subject question. How do you get the marker off that GW puts on the tags of the better quality items. Its driving me nuts.

  9. New follower from New Friend Friday- please follow me back at a

    Happy Friday!!

  10. Looks great! Coming by from Friday Follow

  11. so far so good! cant wait to see the finished product :)

  12. I love your vignette. The boxes have enough color difference and depth that they look great, and I love how the red stars pop off of them. Those little ducks are adorable!

  13. Wow. So cute!

    Thanks for linking up!

    I hope you join me today for another link party!