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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Big Challenge Week 15

In case you didn't read my comment on Yesterday's posts I thought I'd add it here:
Thank you for ALL of your comments. I love how fired up everyone got over this topic- true passion for resale. Here's what I'm gleaning from you:
1. I will continue to post my buy and sell prices
2. I will not advertise to my clients- unless they ask, and I will warn them that I do this for a living and my goal is, not only to save them money, but to also turn a profit.
3. I will take pride in this talent I have and continue to buy trash and turn it into something pretty.
Thank you again, for your support and honest opinion.

Okay! On to The BIG Challenge. I have one more week to reach my goal. If you're just joining in you can learn more about The Big Challenge here. I just read over week 1 and had to laugh that my total profit for the week was $55.00! Boy have I learned alot this past 15 weeks. Let's take a look at my top sellers ...

Overalls really are the bread and butter of ebay. This pair of L.A. Blues size 22W overalls sold for 9.99These Gap Size Large overall capris also sold for $9.99

And these Gap size small denim overall shorts sold for $10.50
Remember this adorable new with tags mud pie baby outfit that I picked up for 2.00? It took 3 weeks, but it sold for $14.99This new with tag express design studio suit was just $1.00 for the set at Goodwill. Even though it's completely out of season, some smart shopper couldn't pass it up for $14.99. Laura would generally hold on to these types of items until they're in season- I'm a little OCD and can't stand to have stuff waiting around- so if I don't think I can sell it now, I don't buy it.I seem to do really well with Tall clothes. Tall jeans and dresses have consistently sold- unlike petites that are hit and miss and size "Short" that seems to rarely sell. This Eddie Bauer size Large Tall denim dress sold for $10.53.I could tell this tank top was good quality but I didn't recognize the name brand Aryeh. I bought it for $1.00 and did a little research on the brand. (I go to ebay, type in the brand, and then select completed listings so I can see what it has really sold for in the past) I found out this brand is sold at Anthropologie. I listed it at $9.99 and it Sold for $9.99.

Although I feel like I've learned so much these past 15 weeks about ebay- there are still things I will never understand. This Lane Bryant size 20 tan skirt was listed for 4 weeks- first at 7.00, again at 7.00, then at 5.50 and lastly I listed it this week for $2.99- if it didn't sell this week it was going in the return pile. It sold for $15.00- figure that one out!

And finally, my BIG seller of the week- actually my biggest seller of all time. I know this looks like an ordinary black skirt. It happens to be an Eileen Fisher and I purchased it for $1.00. It sold for $27.00. I can't tell you how excited I was about that! So obviously ebay was fantastic this week. What about the sell? Also fantastic. Here are a few items to spotlight...
Little tikes is always a great resale item. I paid $2.00 for this shopping cart and sold it for $12.00.
Remember my little black tables. I paid $25.00 each and sold them for $125.00 for the pair.
This asian inspired table was $15.00 at a garage sale. It needed a lot of cleaning up and a small repair. It sold for $55.00 and will look great in the buyers new yoga studio.
The beloved kidkraft retro kitchen was $40.00. I had women clawing through the phone to get this. It sold for $100.
This amazing antique desk was purchased for $40.00 and sold the same day for $125.00.
I sold tons of other furniture and decor items for a total of $592.00 my cost was $187.00 for all of those items- so I'm thrilled with my $405.00 profit- this will all be listed under craigslist profits. I'm sooooo close to my goal, but will need this last week to meet it. Wish me luck. Love, Kelly

Ebay Profits: This week: 372.77 Challenge Total: 2763.54
Craigslist Profits: This week 592.00 Challenge Total: 2802.00
This weeks Costs: 0.00 (clothes- I had a return) -66.57 (ebay fees) -21.96(paypal fees) -187.00 (Cost to buy craigslist items)
Total Challenge Costs: 1691.84
Total Profit: $3873.70

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  1. Way to go! I love that little pink kitchen set! I don't even have a girl and I want one. :)

  2. I am still so new to selling on ebay, but was totally shocked this morning when a dress that I bought for $8 at Burlington 3 years ago got a view AND a bid within 10 minutes! The strangest stuff sells on eBay, huh?

  3. Hi there! I have been inspired by your blog (and happily following it also) and have decided to give ebay another chance and sell some stuff... I own a LOT of clothes so rather than buying stuff, I want to get rid of what I already own. Everything is in great condition, the only problem is that I dont like brands and therefore I dont sell a lot. This week has not been bad, and I made £20. If only I could keep it up for a while I would be happy :) I do find a lot of the time that it is more work than it is actually worth... But I'll stick to it, I see that good stuff can come of it too. Keep up the good work!!
    Regards from London, MJ

  4. Kelly, I have a question. Is it just my imagination, or does plus-sized clothing sell REALLY well on eBay?

  5. AMAZING! So, so happy for you to be only $200.00 short of your goal. Truly, so fun to see your progress!

  6. Quick question-- I came across a wooden dining table at Goodwill the other day for next to nothing. I was thinking of painting it black and distressing it, but it didn't have any chairs with it. Do you think it might sell on Craigslist even without chairs?

    Just curious what your thoughts on that might be.

    BTW, I have to tell you-- Your progress is amazing. Congratulations!!!!

  7. I love Ebay for Children's clothes resale. I always buy used for my kids. I buy only name brand (usually GAP or Gymboree) at yard sales or thrift stores. My kids wear them 'till they're outgrown, then I sell them on Ebay, usually for more money than I originally paid. I use that money to buy their next season's clothes! Since I make money in the exchange, after a couple of seasons, I had enough to fund a Disney trip for us! LOVE it!

  8. What timing! We are looking to adopt and need to raise a mere $20K. I am also a SAHM and having been wondering how in the world I will do this. I am so excited to be able to learn from someone else's experience!

  9. Kudos for you!!! You sound at ease with your decisions for your blog and your customers. I am so happy for you.
    When you list on Ebay, do you usually do buy now price or start with a low price and let the bidding begin. thanks

  10. One life many journeys,
    I typically do a 7 day auction style. But with clothes you really need to start the price of your items at the amount you want to get. Clothes usually sell with just 1 bid- mainly because they are size, style, and color specific. Only a few items a week actually get multiple bids. I start where I think it should be ($8-9 for jeans, $9.99 for overalls, etc.) If they don't sell at that price after 2 weeks I relist them for $5.50, if they don't sell I relist for $2.99- If they don't sell I return them to the store or sell at my next garage sale. I've thought about starting to list them 1 more time for .99 because it's free and you still make your $2.00 handling fee- but I haven't tried that yet. Good luck and thanks for the comment. Kelly

  11. Yeah! I'm happy for you. It takes a lot of work to go out there, look for items, clean them up and fix. That surely deserves a profit. Just wondering how I can get in contact with you for a question or two that I have regarding some beloved old, raggedy pieces that belonged to my momma and I cannot part with them ;) They need some serious help! If you don't answer questions I totally understand. Blessings!! :D))

  12. Ginger,
    It is not your imagination- Plus size sells extremely well! I especially have good luck with Lane Bryant.

    I sold a table I redid with a vinyl quote for $200- I think people prefer chairs, but don't let it stop you from putting it on craigslist. Distressed black always sells well. Good luck.

    My email address is I'd love to answer your questions.

  13. Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesdays! Amazing info!!

  14. You are so my hero! This is awesome!

  15. I always see your stuff and want it AFTER it's already been sold! I guess I should start checking your site more often:)

  16. Can you email me a list of Brand names that you are familiar with? I want to start doing this. I normally sell my kids clothes at our yearly yard sale...Tommy, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle. Not any more...Ebay and Craigs list here I come.

    You can email me back at

    Thanks a million! You are my hero!

  17. I'm an ebay addict! Not a seller but a buyer!
    Congrats on your success! That is great! And I hope it continues for you!

  18. You are a freaking revelation! I can't believe how successful you have been. You are inspiring me :)

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy session over at Life in the Pitts!

  19. I just love that you keep showing us all of your great success - I feel so much more inspired to jump back into my Ebay selling! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired last week.


  20. WOW.. How amazing is that! I know it must be tons of work but how much funner would it be to do that rather than sit in an office all day!

    You have a great eye for potential, that's for sure.

    God Bless, Love your blog name