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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Missing Button & A Free Meal At Joe's BBQ

Sometimes it happens that I fix trash I bring home to sell on EBay.

This week, it was a pair of Motherhood XL Denim Jean Maternity Overalls I found at Goodwill on $1.00 day.

When I first noticed the front pocket button was missing, I’d already purchased and brought them home.

I thought I’d be taking them back, but overalls are my thing – they’re my lucky star. So I listed them anyway. When they sold for $8.99, I knew I’d have to do something about the missing button.

I pulled out my sewing kit, yes, I have one of these I just don’t use it very often (maybe once a year). The last time I opened my sewing kit was to tighten the waist of my boy’s church pants (my boys are very skinny at the waist, something they get from their daddy).

Here’s my button box.

Yes, I have one of these too, more for art projects and crafts then for actual sewing.

I look at a selection of buttons I like.

Here’s how it turned out.

They're ready to ship, so off to the post office I go with 5 children.

The post office is closed, but I use the automated machine; a wonderful invention for mom’s who can’t get to the post office during normal business hours. My poor children, they haven’t been out of the house for days. The empty foyer of the post office turns into their playground. I never realized an automatic door could be so much fun.

The volume level of their laughter is as loud as the landing tarmac at the airport.

Still, Eden sleeps.

The next day we drive into Gilbert for dinner at Joe’s BBQ, a local restaurant that has an annual customer appreciation day. Today lunch and dinner are free. We wait in line for ½ an hour.

Right before our meal I get a chance to meet Joe. I practically jump into his arms. They don’t come any more kind then Joe. Can’t you see it in his eyes. He radiates something special.

“Why do you do it, Joe?” I ask, referring to the free meals he shares with thousands of Phoenicians on customer appreciation day.

“To be kind and say thank you to my customers,” he says.

“I think you’re great. Thank you so much and I’ll be featuring you on my blog,” I tell him whether he likes it or not.

Food tastes better when it’s free, but food at Joe’s is fabulous even full price.

And Princess Peanut sleeps.

We end the day playing in the water near Hale Theatre. Chandler and Payson are growing up so fast, but tonight they play like little boys; giggling and chasing their younger brothers until they have to stop to catch their breath.

And the little beauty queen still sleeps.

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  1. In the blink of an eye, she will be up and running with the boys! Isn't it lovely to look at that angelic face while she gets her beauty sleep?! You are so blessed!