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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas morning with nothing but an iPod

Here’s how my week before Christmas went.
Chandler turned into a teenager a few days before Christmas.  
We made the day special with a trip to the Apple store.
Next, we went to see Life of Pi.  I can’t think of a movie I’ve enjoyed more. It’s a perfect movie for all ages, but I appreciated what a great movie it is for boys.  The life lessons taught are amazing and my boys were fixated.  In a way, it was like attending a great talk at church with applicable lessons to life and our own spiritual quest.

The counselor turned another year older the next day.  We celebrated Chandler's birthday's 
with the counselor's parents and family.  
Boy, somebody's getting so old he really had to push himself getting those candles blown out.

Two birthdays before Christmas makes for a busy season and way too much cake, but Christmas morning came with a surprise.
My camera was broken. 

I fidgeted and fudged with it, but nothing.  The button to push when it’s time to take the picture wouldn’t move up or down.  Nothing.  I have nowidea how it broke.  One day it was fine, the next day it was dead although I am suspicious of one thing. I did carry my camera in my purse for several days before; my gapping black hole where items are placed and never seen again.  Perhaps the camera was attacked by the tiny people who live inside my purse compartments; the same little people who eat all my gum and carry away my change. 

Thus, Christmas morning photos courtesy of Chandler’s iPod.
Thank heavens I got a few good ones.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

2012  We have truly been blessed
Five beautiful children make for a full nest
We gather together both morning and night
And thank Heavenly Father with all of our might
We had a surprise when Derek when chopping
An ax in his foot caused for plenty of hopping
Three days in the hospital made for a humble man
But back without missing a day’s work was part of his plan
Laura finally published The Memory Catcher, her first book
Look on or at Deseret Book to read the hook
She blogs at; stays busy and thrifty
Plus stocking her space at Qcumberz and Antique Plaza is nifty
Size 12 foot for Chandler, a teenager he has become
His 7th grade basketball team city championship was won
Payson plays tennis, draws comics and scooters with his friends
Usually he’s still out having fun when the day ends
An image of Tony Hawk, Mayer has turned skater this year
With skateboards and ramps and grinders and cheer
Reef loves preschool and always has something happy to say
He loves eating chicken and with his friend Jackson he does play
Eden is girly, loves princesses and glitter
She dances in the living room and is all a flitter
Reef, Mayer and Eden broke out in chicken pox while vacationing in Flagstaff
That summer adventure had all its own mishaps
The beach we did travel, Disneyland and Mickey Mouse
But we’re always happy to come back to our house.
There is so much beauty we see on this earth
We are grateful for Jesus and celebrate His birth

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Clearance Sale

I'm having a private sale this weekend with the last of my vintage show items- need to clear out and get ready for the new shows coming up in the spring.  All prices have been reduced.  If you have questions or would like to see any of the below items give me a call at 480-710-2031.  

Cute black distressed table measures 20" x 22" and 19 1/2" tall $30

Metal Etagere with wicker shelves.  Measures 80" tall, shelves are 12" square $40

 Distressed Yellow desk measures 35 1/2" long, 17 1/2" deep and 30 1/2" tall. Drawers are lined with paper $60
Vintage Potato Sack Pillows. 4 different designs- I have two of each. Each pillow measures 17" square for $15 each
Love sign measures 22" tall and 38" long. $30 (SOLD)
French Desk with Marble top.  3 working drawers. Measures 38" long, 22" deep and 29" tall $70
Butter Churn Crock measures 27" tall and 91/2" diameter $20
Solid Wood bookcase measures 32 1/2" wide, 12" deep and 29 1/2" tall $20 (SOLD)
 The tuscan style house scene measures 35 1/4" wide and 41" tall $30
 Red Enamel Stockpot with lid and Dispenser made by American picnic for Target, excellent condition. Great to serve cider and hot drinks at a holiday party. 11" tall and 12" in diameter. $20
 Solid wood, cute details. Measures 16" square and 30" tall $35
 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Water Feature measures 42" tall, 11 1/2" wide and stands 4 1/2" out from the wall. a few small dings in metal, but works great $40
 Huge 4' Black Chalkboard Measures 38 1/2" tall x 51 1/2" wide $60 (SOLD)
  Sheet music bird art measures 17" tall and 32 1/2" long, $30
Cute Cream Distressed Side Table.  Solid wood, measures 22" x 15" and 24 1/2" tall $30

I just have 2 of our custom benches left- one in tiffany blue barnwood and one in apple green (I'll try to add pictures later today.)  They measure 5 feet long, 18" tall and 16" deep.  Normally priced at $75 these last two are reduced to $65- What a great Christmas gift.  Let me know if there's anything you need.  Love, Kelly

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And then there was him. Falling In Love Continues.

Some nights I want to watch a beautiful love story, but other nights I want to write one.  Tonight I want to continue writing about my own love story.

When I finally fell for the counselor, I fell fast; like I didn’t see the freight train coming down the tracks until it was right in front of me. 

How could I have not recognized him?  We were friends for four months, o.k. friends where one of them was continually asking the other one out.  Honestly, I thought he was so sincere and kind (certainly not my type though) that I always let him down gently.  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. 

That first kiss brought me to my knees (you can read about that here).  Never had I felt so hopelessly in love.  I was slaphappy.  We went on a walk that night and I kept jumping up on the curb, so I would be closer to his lips.  Walk four steps forward, stop and kiss.   Walk another dozen steps, stop and kiss.  By the time we finished a ¼ mile walk, we had stopped 57 times to kiss.  I didn’t know the time, the date, heck I don’t think I even remembered my name.  All I knew is I was falling for a love I never saw coming.  I kept thinking “So . . .  this is how it happens.”

One thing I loved about dating the counselor is I knew at all times how he felt about me.  I had poetry, flowers, even once an advertisement in the newspaper all proclaiming his love for me.  In addition, he was always one step ahead of my fast-working mind; planning brunch so I could meet his parents, offering to pick me up for church, holding my hand when he attended a production I put on at ASU.  One night we volunteered at the hospital and while alone in the elevator, he took me in his strong arms and told me how much he missed me during the day.  Never had I been the apple of someone’s eye, never had I felt like such a princess.  All I knew is I was the luckiest girl in the world to have the attention of a 6’5 counselor.
(I bought him that hat and still apologize to him that I ever bought him that hat)
One evening, I invited him to my parent’s house and we made cookies.  Coming from a strong Mormon family, I pulled out the 25 pound bucket of whole wheat flour.  He started mixing and I started pouring.  I have seven younger brothers and sisters, so of course we had plenty of help.  We needed a cup of brown sugar, but the ingredient was no where to be found.  “Look in the food storage,” my mom suggested.  I pulled out a 25 pound bucket of the hardest most crystallized brown sugar I’ve ever seen.  It could have been used as an anchor on a shipping vessel in a hurricane.  With a butcher knife in hand, I chipped away at the brown sugar, wiping the sweat off my brow, for over 10 minutes until finally; I produced a cup of crumbled brown sugar for our cookies.  My mom still teases me today that “if pounding away with a butcher knife didn’t scare him off, then nothing will.”

This was the day before cell phones, so phone calls with the counselor were only available in the evening when I returned home to my apartment. I always looked forward to hearing his voice.  His tone carried a strong amount of patience and gentleness, like I was the only person in the world that mattered to him.  To this day, his voice offers a calm and peace I can’t quite explain, but it continues to nurture me.

One afternoon after my nanny job, I parked in Echo Canyon to hike Camelback Mountain, something I did several times a week.  While climbing to the top of that mountain, I thought of him.  How he treated me, how he looked at me, our circumstances of meeting, his conversion to the Mormon Church (just 4 months before we met), his sweet kisses, his long legs and how he carried himself.  Yes, I was smitten and couldn’t wait to see him again.  At the top of the mountain, I prayed, thanking God for this amazing person in my life and then started my way down.  After climbing down large boulders, I started running.  Running down the remainder of the mountain was something I loved.  It reminded me of being a little girl.  I could feel my ponytail bouncing on my back and if I allowed myself, I moved faster and faster with each step.  I was very focused on this run, as I didn’t want to slip, fall off a clip or bump into another hiker.  The last part of the trail has wide lumber steps and with a bit of concentration, I could skip a step and take them by twos.  I felt so strong and healthy and my heart was singing the song of love when I looked up.  Just ahead of me, under a gazebo near the parking lot was a vision.

It was a 6’5 man with long legs and hippie brown curly hair.  And he was looking right at me.
I gasped. His presence took my breath away.  I blushed and found it ironic, to be thinking of the counselor the entire hike and then to have a vision of him.  I blinked, thinking he would disappear when I realized he was really standing in front of me. 

My love was waiting for me at the bottom of the mountain.

“I wanted to surprise you,” he said with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

And then we kissed every few steps back to my car.  After a short while, we said good bye and kissed, then I turned off my car and leaped back into his arms for another kiss.  But the kissing had to stop.  We were both scheduled to be somewhere that evening.  The counselor, the most patient man I know, was teaching an anger-management class to men who had just been released from jail.  I, on the other hand, had an advanced public speaking class, but mind you, I was not paying attention to any of the lecture that night.  I opened my notebook and in fancy cursive letters wrote Mrs. Laura Lofgreen. Mrs. Laura L. Lofgreen, Mrs. Lofgreen, and so on.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Heaven, Love Wins

I started thinking about all the little kindergartens I know in the neighborhood.  There’s E, C, L and H.  Precious little ones; brave enough, even excited to leave home every day to attend school, but anxious to return to their mother’s arms at the end of the day.  They come home with backpacks full of finger paintings, traced letters and self-portraits made out of noodles.  I know their mothers; mothers like me who live to have another day with our angels; to play, work, create and love.  To be kissed and kiss.  To be hugged and hug.  To teach and be taught.  Because the companionship of a child is warm and nurturing and worth every sacrifice.

We teach our children to trust, to go have adventures, to learn.  “We’ll be waiting,” we remind them and we may be preoccupied and busy while they’re gone, but in the back of our minds we’re just waiting for them to run through that door again.  As parents, we take risks with our children.  A small part of our heart escapes when we let them go, but then they return and we are both stronger. 

The part I don’t understand is has it ever been safe?  This world is not safe, but we trust that today it will be safe enough to let our child out and try his or her wings. It’s never perfect, but most days are good enough.  We have scrapped knees, crocodile tears and whispered prayers before bed, thanking God for all our blessings because we know the only way another day has come and gone is because of His blessing. 
I heard a song by singer and songwriter Stephen Curtis Chapman called A Long Way Home.  “We are just pilgrims passing through,” he says, referring to this life.  
This life of trials, pain, hurts, illness and death. 

So, what is it?  And why?  If God himself would allow His son to suffer, be mocked, tortured and die on the cross, what does that teach me about death?  That God knew this life was temporary?  That this life has a purpose even with death?  That we will live again?  If Christ came to live and die, and we come to live and die, what is our purpose?  Here’s what I think it is. 

To love.
To bear one another’s burdens.
To serve.
To stretch our selves.
To try.

Because this is our only chance on earth.  So many around us suffer and hurt.  There are those hungry, homeless, widows, orphans and what we do for them is how God sees us.  Our actions of love are how we grow closer to Him; how we burn bright.  The times we hurt most are when we need Him most.  It isn't fair, but God never promised life would be fair.  If He would let His son come to earth to love, then so should it be ours to love. 

When life is dark and lonely, thank heavens for the sticky smiles and wide eyes of our children.  They are a piece of heaven and a reminder that love conquers all.  They are our fairy tales and happily ever aftes.  For those parents in Connecticut who lost their precious little reminders of heaven, I am so sorry.  Our nation mourns.  God lost His son because of wicked people’s choices too, but God understands that in heaven love wins.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dressember and a Love Letter

Eden is really getting into Dressember and eagerly runs to her closet to pick something out each and every day.  

December 10
Eden's choice is a naartjie dress (a couple of sizes too big and she had to bring her pink princess toothbrush) and I'm wearing a Ronni Nicole, both $1.00 from Goodwill.

December 11
My Shabby Apple dress was $4.00 from Salvation Army.  Eden's wearing a Babystyle velvet dress (a couple of sizes too small) from Goodwill's $1.00 day.

December 12
Eden is starting to be more aware of what she's wearing, so if she wants to wear a pink cheer leading outfit in December (it's still around 70 degrees during the day, quite comfortable for such an outfit), then that's her choice.  This Adidas outfit was $1.00 at Goodwill.

December 13
I am wearing a $1.00 Sam & Max dress from Goodwill.  The Calypso cashmere sweater (new, these gorgeous sweaters start at around $300.00) was also $1.00.  Eden is wearing a Nordstrom dress that was also a $1.00 at Goodwill.

I received a love letter from someone who read The Memory Catcher and wanted to share it.

"I loved The Memory Catcher. I don't usually finish books that fast unless it held my interest and speaks to my heart.  It was so well written.  I laughed out loud with Sarah's great fun personality. What a beautiful love story between Sarah and Brent.  What a great sense of humor she has I laughed and smiled several times. I feel envious of her direct and such clear communication w/ the spirits from beyond the veil.  As I have told you before the first time I went to Sarah's web site I sobbed w/ the thought of what children were intended to come to me to be raised and I have not fulfilled this during my life on earth and I hope and pray that they were able to get here to mortality through adoption just like me.

After reading The Memory Catcher I have a desire to read all of Sarah's books. Especially The Castaways There are many women and men that I work with who as a therapist have had abortions many (including men) are still in pain for their decisions especially some of the men who did not get to decide.

Thank you so much for this special book. I so enjoyed it!  What a wonderful person she is, and Laura her daughter is a wonderful writer as for me it just flowed. I hope maybe one day I can meet Sarah too, she is so inspiring and just seems like such a fun, funny, down to earth, great sense of humor and noble sister!"

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Doors Turned Old For A New Wall

Picture a brown slump block wall with a console TV from the 70's and that's what the before looked like of my recent family room redo for a client.  (Wish I had a picture)  Now, imagine our thoughts when we discovered 8 foot doors were on sale at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore for just $5 each!  With the help of Mr. Right the doors were all cut to fit the 14 plus foot wall and then I got to painting.

Here's what the doors looked like before
Here's a few with the first coat of paint.  And here's the final after...
The doors each have several layers of paint and much distressing.  Mr. Right added a heavy duty shelf to top off the doors and allow for some extra decorating space.  My client agreed to a new flat screen tv to replace the console and Laura had the perfect buffet to anchor the space!  Here's a few close ups of some of the details...
 An iron hook and set of keys from Hobby Lobby
 The candles and candlesticks were already owned by my client
 The rooster clock came from a local specialty shop
and antique hardware was purchased by my client.  What a fun project, all completed while my client was on a trip to New York.  Let me know what you think.  Love, Kelly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dressember and Temple Lights

Not only has Dressember put me in the Christmas spirit . . . 
(special thanks to my 7 year-old and 12 year-old for helping with photographs)
December 6
I am wearing a $2.50 Coldwater Creek suede jacket from Salvation Army and a NWT (new with tags) $169 Silk Talbots dress from Goodwill's $1.00 day.  Total cost of outfit is $3.50.  Eden is wearing a Byer $1.00 day Goodwill dress too.
December 7
Eden is wearing a free dress, found in the drawer of a dresser I purchased.  I've held onto it for a year and it finally fits her, just in time for Christmas.
December 8
I am wearing a $4.00 Ann Taylor little black dress found at Salvation Army.
December 9
Another Ann Taylor dress from Goodwill.  I splurged and paid $12.99 just to prove the point that every once in a while, I will pay full thrift store price for something I want.  I take satisfaction knowing money for Dressember is going to charity.
What else puts me in the Christmas spirit?
Visiting the Mesa Mormon Temple lights with my family.
My niece Jessica sang with the Red Mountain Choir on the temple grounds.
Click here for information on the Mesa Temple Christmas lights.
'Tis the season and more Dressember to come.