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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dressember and Temple Lights

Not only has Dressember put me in the Christmas spirit . . . 
(special thanks to my 7 year-old and 12 year-old for helping with photographs)
December 6
I am wearing a $2.50 Coldwater Creek suede jacket from Salvation Army and a NWT (new with tags) $169 Silk Talbots dress from Goodwill's $1.00 day.  Total cost of outfit is $3.50.  Eden is wearing a Byer $1.00 day Goodwill dress too.
December 7
Eden is wearing a free dress, found in the drawer of a dresser I purchased.  I've held onto it for a year and it finally fits her, just in time for Christmas.
December 8
I am wearing a $4.00 Ann Taylor little black dress found at Salvation Army.
December 9
Another Ann Taylor dress from Goodwill.  I splurged and paid $12.99 just to prove the point that every once in a while, I will pay full thrift store price for something I want.  I take satisfaction knowing money for Dressember is going to charity.
What else puts me in the Christmas spirit?
Visiting the Mesa Mormon Temple lights with my family.
My niece Jessica sang with the Red Mountain Choir on the temple grounds.
Click here for information on the Mesa Temple Christmas lights.
'Tis the season and more Dressember to come.

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