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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas morning with nothing but an iPod

Here’s how my week before Christmas went.
Chandler turned into a teenager a few days before Christmas.  
We made the day special with a trip to the Apple store.
Next, we went to see Life of Pi.  I can’t think of a movie I’ve enjoyed more. It’s a perfect movie for all ages, but I appreciated what a great movie it is for boys.  The life lessons taught are amazing and my boys were fixated.  In a way, it was like attending a great talk at church with applicable lessons to life and our own spiritual quest.

The counselor turned another year older the next day.  We celebrated Chandler's birthday's 
with the counselor's parents and family.  
Boy, somebody's getting so old he really had to push himself getting those candles blown out.

Two birthdays before Christmas makes for a busy season and way too much cake, but Christmas morning came with a surprise.
My camera was broken. 

I fidgeted and fudged with it, but nothing.  The button to push when it’s time to take the picture wouldn’t move up or down.  Nothing.  I have nowidea how it broke.  One day it was fine, the next day it was dead although I am suspicious of one thing. I did carry my camera in my purse for several days before; my gapping black hole where items are placed and never seen again.  Perhaps the camera was attacked by the tiny people who live inside my purse compartments; the same little people who eat all my gum and carry away my change. 

Thus, Christmas morning photos courtesy of Chandler’s iPod.
Thank heavens I got a few good ones.

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  1. Oh no! Christmas morning without a camera is so sad! Glad you had a back up plan and maybe Santa knows how good you've been and can bring a belated gift to you?!