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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Dear Trash at Antique Plaza

A few months ago, I wanted to open another space do sell my trash. I love Qcumberz and wanted to keep my space open there, it’s just so far away.  Downtown Phoenix is almost a 40 minute drive, so I started looking for a space in the east valley.  

Yes, a space in the heart of Phoenix and another space in Mesa would be perfect!  

Every antique shop I called was full; Antique Plaza, Merchant Square, Main Street Antiques, Antique Trove, etc and had a waiting list of vendors hoping to get in before the holidays!  Ugh!  It wasn’t looking good.

Then, the next day I received a call back from Michelle at Antique Plaza.  She had been on the My Dear Trash blog before, recognized my name and in the kindness of her heart, forfeited a space she had been using so I could get in.  Things got busy and before I knew it, I was moved it. 
Wearing a $4.99 J. Crew shirt and $4.99 Bryn Walker linen pants from Goodwill (I have to give a shout out to my beautiful Aunt Sandy who loves LOVES Bryn Walker clothing)!

And the best part, Antique Plaza is only 10 minutes away!

Please come visit My Dear Trash in Mesa at the Antique Plaza, booth #52 and at Qcumberz, booth #52 too.  All the dealer's at both stores bring in great treasures.  Hope to see you there. 


  1. Fantastic! Good luck in the new spot!

  2. Great news, Laura. Good luck with this.

    I LOVE women entrepreneurs. :)