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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dressember and a Love Letter

Eden is really getting into Dressember and eagerly runs to her closet to pick something out each and every day.  

December 10
Eden's choice is a naartjie dress (a couple of sizes too big and she had to bring her pink princess toothbrush) and I'm wearing a Ronni Nicole, both $1.00 from Goodwill.

December 11
My Shabby Apple dress was $4.00 from Salvation Army.  Eden's wearing a Babystyle velvet dress (a couple of sizes too small) from Goodwill's $1.00 day.

December 12
Eden is starting to be more aware of what she's wearing, so if she wants to wear a pink cheer leading outfit in December (it's still around 70 degrees during the day, quite comfortable for such an outfit), then that's her choice.  This Adidas outfit was $1.00 at Goodwill.

December 13
I am wearing a $1.00 Sam & Max dress from Goodwill.  The Calypso cashmere sweater (new, these gorgeous sweaters start at around $300.00) was also $1.00.  Eden is wearing a Nordstrom dress that was also a $1.00 at Goodwill.

I received a love letter from someone who read The Memory Catcher and wanted to share it.

"I loved The Memory Catcher. I don't usually finish books that fast unless it held my interest and speaks to my heart.  It was so well written.  I laughed out loud with Sarah's great fun personality. What a beautiful love story between Sarah and Brent.  What a great sense of humor she has I laughed and smiled several times. I feel envious of her direct and such clear communication w/ the spirits from beyond the veil.  As I have told you before the first time I went to Sarah's web site I sobbed w/ the thought of what children were intended to come to me to be raised and I have not fulfilled this during my life on earth and I hope and pray that they were able to get here to mortality through adoption just like me.

After reading The Memory Catcher I have a desire to read all of Sarah's books. Especially The Castaways There are many women and men that I work with who as a therapist have had abortions many (including men) are still in pain for their decisions especially some of the men who did not get to decide.

Thank you so much for this special book. I so enjoyed it!  What a wonderful person she is, and Laura her daughter is a wonderful writer as for me it just flowed. I hope maybe one day I can meet Sarah too, she is so inspiring and just seems like such a fun, funny, down to earth, great sense of humor and noble sister!"

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