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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

2012  We have truly been blessed
Five beautiful children make for a full nest
We gather together both morning and night
And thank Heavenly Father with all of our might
We had a surprise when Derek when chopping
An ax in his foot caused for plenty of hopping
Three days in the hospital made for a humble man
But back without missing a day’s work was part of his plan
Laura finally published The Memory Catcher, her first book
Look on or at Deseret Book to read the hook
She blogs at; stays busy and thrifty
Plus stocking her space at Qcumberz and Antique Plaza is nifty
Size 12 foot for Chandler, a teenager he has become
His 7th grade basketball team city championship was won
Payson plays tennis, draws comics and scooters with his friends
Usually he’s still out having fun when the day ends
An image of Tony Hawk, Mayer has turned skater this year
With skateboards and ramps and grinders and cheer
Reef loves preschool and always has something happy to say
He loves eating chicken and with his friend Jackson he does play
Eden is girly, loves princesses and glitter
She dances in the living room and is all a flitter
Reef, Mayer and Eden broke out in chicken pox while vacationing in Flagstaff
That summer adventure had all its own mishaps
The beach we did travel, Disneyland and Mickey Mouse
But we’re always happy to come back to our house.
There is so much beauty we see on this earth
We are grateful for Jesus and celebrate His birth

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  1. Merry Christmas!! Thank God he is on the mend. How scary for you!! Many times I have visited your delightful blog. I love thrift store shopping and making something old into something useful and giving it a brand new purpose.

    Blessed Christmas and hugs.