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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dressember continues

Thursday at Goodwill was amazing.  I found this darling Laura Ashley tunic for Eden.  Can you say $1.00! Man, this girl knows how to pose.  FYI, the entire outfit is from Goodwill, even the light-up shoes and little kitty Marie from Aristocats.

December 5

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a member of my church if my family would help with the nativity at our ward Christmas party.
I was thankful my children would have the opportunity to take part.  At first I thought Eden could play Mary.  I discussed with her she would be holding the baby Jesus in front of lots of people.  Her brothers would be there too; Reef as Joseph, Mayer as a shepherd, Payson as an angel and Chandler as a wise man.  A few days before the party, Eden asked when she was going to be married.  She wondered who would be her prince and where was her wedding dress.  It was then I realized she was getting Mary and married confused.  
December 6
I decided maybe Eden was too young to play Mary, so I asked if she'd like to be an angel.  I called a family in our ward and asked if their older daughter would be Mary.  Payson played Joseph and Reed was an angel with Eden.  I'm glad we had time for a dress rehearsal so we could run it through.
I had this beautiful angel dress I'd found at Goodwill for $2.99, so hooray for instant angel costumes.  The dress is made by Marmellata and sells new for $68.00.
 Right before the little performance started, Eden had a melt down.  She started crying, upset she wasn't being married.  I reminded her she was an angel and she calmed down, saying "I still want to go out there."  She put a smile on her face and walked out on stage with her brothers.  They all did so great and she hasn't asked again when she is going to be married.  

This beautiful Laura Ashley black velvet dress was also $2.99.  New, this dress would be around $50.  Most days when she wears a dress, she wants to dance with her pom-poms.
December 7

The dress is a little difficult to see, but here Eden is wearing a Mossimo gray tutu dress we found at Goodwill for $1.00.  She's practicing her best Mommy skills with her little baby and is sitting on my new gorgeous $60 couch from Goodwill.
December 8

December 9
Whenever Eden's friend's come over, there is always some big dress-up party.  I have a bin full of frilly, sparkly and very Disney dresses.  

December 10
Here, Eden is wearing a Lands End Cotton dress (very soft and comfy) I found at Goodwill for $2.99. New, they can run for as much as $39.00.  All her friends have found something cute in her closet too.

December 11
An Apt. 9 wrap-around dress I found last week for $1.00 at Goodwill.  New, they can run around $50.00.

 Dressember, so far, so good.
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  1. Great deals!! Your DD is a darling!

  2. I love the Disney dresses. We still have a dress up box full of costumes and dresses. Such cute photos!

  3. You've got a great little model! And you sound like a very smart shopper!

  4. There are a ton of designer dresses and stuff at Goodwill... I like diving into all the goodies and seeing what I can find!

    Eden is a total doll!

    Darling post for the letter "D"...

    Thanks for linking!


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