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Friday, July 16, 2010

Front Door Friday Part Six And High End vs. Low End Decorating

I love getting packages! Imagine my excitement when my shipment arrived from one of my favorite catalogs...Ballard Designs.
These packages were all about the front porch. Now Ballard Designs can be a little pricey and you know I'm a frugal kind of girl, but there might be something you don't know about me; I believe in a high end/low end decorating philosophy. If you fill your entire house with thrift store and garage sale purchases your house may very well look like a thrift store or garage sale. However, if you mix in a few high end pieces, you can achieve a custom look that really no one else can replicate. Now that I'm wrapping up my front porch project I'll be doing some future posts where I'll take you around my house and show you how I've used the high end/ low end philosophy to decorate. So what was in the Ballard Design boxes?
5 Cushions made with sunbrella fabric (very important here in Arizona) in a black striped pattern. Each cushion was $29, but it makes my $20 craigslist wicker rocker look a little more custom. And in box #2...
A rubber, double wide door mat that looks like iron. This was $50, but definitely adds the polished look I was going for. I do want to mention that before ordering I went to Retail Me Not and found a 12% off coupon code for Ballard Designs, The cushions were on sale (original price $39 each), I accessed the Ballard Designs page through Ebates, which will send me a check for 3% of my Ballard Designs purchase and Ballard Designs was offering Free shipping- Once a frugal girl- always a frugal girl. I only have 1 more project for the front porch and then I'll show the completed look! Thanks for joining me on the journey. Love, Kelly


  1. You have me officially motivated to get my front porch beautified! Now, I just have to adopt the 2 stray puppies who have befriended us (and chewing anything on my porch apart) - I'm really trying - cross your fingers for me and if anyone reading this post lives in North Georgia and would like to rescue 2 beautiful boy mixed breed puppies - please see them at my blog

  2. Great to know about all the discounts. I LOVE ballards too but I love a great deal even more.

  3. Good for you! I hadn't heard of Retail Me Not before, thanks for the find! Although the site now says that Ballard Designs has asked that all of their coupons be removed (sad!)