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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Broaches Interpreted

Yesterday on Kelly’s blog post she showcased three broaches she found last weekend at garage sales.

I strongly feel that broaches are making a serious comeback.

Trash is circular. What was once cool goes out of style for a decade only to come back with a bang!

Broaches are the new hot trend, but it’s not what you think. You see, most often when trash comes back into style it’s interpreted as something entirely different. It’s up to the lucky new owner to decide what he or she wants to do with it.

My beautiful friend Roni recently married her sweetheart.

Image found here.

Her wedding was the event of the year, right down to her broach bouquet.

Check this beauty out. It's heavier than you might think.

Several of the broaches were her mother's and grandmother’s, but most were trash found at thrift stores and yard sales.

Image found here.

You can check out more of Roni’s DIY wedding by clicking here.

And I have to brag about the talented Roni because her vintage broach bouquet was featured on the popular website Rock n' Roll Bride. To read that feature, click here.


  1. That is the coolest thing I have seen in quite awhile.

  2. I agree.... I cant hardly remember what my bouquet looked like. This is such an awesome keepsake...and one that would NOT be forgotten!

  3. Love the bouquet. So much better than one with real flowers that just have to be thrown away in a few days.

  4. I love the bouquet! So clever! And you don't have to worry about it wilting in the AZ heat!

  5. Brooches are so neat, they remind me of my childhood. I never would have imagined a brooch bouquet, but it was so gorgeous and unique!