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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bake Sale!

I wanted to share a few pictures of the bake sale we held at our local elementary school carnival. Generous parents donated the baked goods and I was in charge of decorating. Here's what we did...

Since Mr. Right just built this "Sweet Shop" window for another event, I thought that would make the perfect theme.Here's a little sneak peak at a buffet I recently refinished. I picked this one up for $10.00- I'll be sharing the before pics soon. The chalkboard was a wood frame I picked up for $1.00 at a yard sale and then Home Depot cut a board to fit the back.
We used several of my furniture pieces to display the goodies.

These Neiman Marcus cookies for two tickets ($1.00) sold out fast
Here I was able to reuse some of the decorations I made for Laura's baby shower last year. If you missed the shower visit it here. I love chairing the bake sale for the elementary. It gives me a chance to display all my garage sale glassware and make some money for the school. This year we sold out 30 minutes before the carnival ended and made over $350. Let me know what you think of the sweet shop. Love, Kelly


  1. It's just darling!! Who could see that and not stop to buy? Great job!

  2. Everything looks just like a picture out of a magazine! BEAUTIFUL! And congratulations on raising so much $$$$ !

  3. I love it! Everything looked so wonderful! I wish you were the chair person of my kids school.

  4. Absolutely adorable in every way. And, I'm super excited to see that buffet before and after.

  5. Just too sweet!!!
    & How lucky are they, that you are the one in charge...with all of that great furniture, to make it so iviting...It just says. "Come on in & take a look" How could they not stop to shop? Great job!!!

  6. How could anyone NOT stop and buy with the way it was all displayed?? It is both fun and beautiful! Congratulations on the money that was raised!

  7. Great job. That would make me go off my diet!