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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

This week was all about Chico's. It began when I pulled these Chico's Zenergy size 3 (XL) white pants out of my summer pile.
They sold for $17.50. Now, I've been talking lately about taking some risks with clothing and being open to spending a little more than $1.00 if it's a brand I know will sell well. Last weekend I discovered a yard sale that had a full rack of Chico's- most of which were Travelers. The seller was asking 8.00 for tops, 5.00 for pants, 15.00 for skirts and 10.00 for dresses. Even though I know Chico's Travelers do fairly well on ebay (usually around $9.99 each), I would typically walk away from such a yard sale because I hate to pay more than $1.00 for clothing. However, I decided to take a risk. I gave the seller my card and said I'd be interested in paying $5.00 per item, if she wanted to contact me after her weekend yard sale. The next day I received a call and was pleased to discover all of the unique travelers I had my eye on were still there. I ended up buying 14 items for a total of $70. All 14 items sold the first week and here were the top sellers...
Chico's Travelers Size 2 (L) Black Goucho Crop Pants $14.00
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Sparkle Top $16.00
Women's Chico's Size 3 (XL) Black Graphic Skirt $19.50
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Skirt $22.80
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Dress $23.08
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Graphic Skirt $27.01
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Top $35.50. This risk definitely paid off. I earned close to $250.00 from my $70.00 investment. I've learned not to be a $1.00 or less clothing snob and that sometimes it pays to take a risk. Here's my total for the week...

Ebay Total:$704.72
Costs: 105.00(clothes), 56.81(ebay fees), 41.05(paypal fees)
Total Profit: 501.86

This will be going to New York with me next week! Don't forget to link up to our No Foolin party this Friday, April 1. We can't wait to see your trash. Love, Kelly.


  1. Emily told me this morning that it's May 20th! Congrats, Mama of the bride. I will help any way I can.

  2. SWEET! How exciting good weeks on ebay are just wonderful aren't they? Thanks for the tip on Chicos. I would never have bought anything to re-sell because they aren't my style but since you put out the heads up I do definitely watch for them. Thanks again!

  3. Way to go! ~~~~ Always look forward to the Wednesday posts. Gotta love the CHICO'S Travelers!!

  4. Whoo Hooo! I'm glad to know that Chicos sells well. I noticed that you bought only L or XL. Is that because those sell fast or because that is what was there ?? Are you only doing L and XL? I'm so happy to know that these sell well. My local Thrift stores do not have $1 day. The best I can do is half off. This makes garmets like this $4 - $7. Maybe I will give it a try.
    I am happy to say that a potential buyer of my Pottery Barn couch is on their way! ( I mentioned this find a few weeks ago.)
    I'm even starting a blog. One whole post! Who Hooo.
    ~ Christie

  5. Question for Kelly or Laura if you feel like it.. What is your policy on blocking/cancelling bids. I always block problem people after the fact but then I am left out money or with ridiculous feedback. Like the lady who never contacted me and claimed I sent a dress without any of the buttons. I would have laughed except she left neutral feedback and never responded to the apology email I sent her.. To me if you offer to make it right even if you think they are wrong and they leave bad feedback that is just being a jerk for the fun of it. Anyway do you check all your id's as they bid? There are some that I would cancel based on the feedback they leave but that does not seem to be in line with Ebay's policy on cancelling. So, are we pretty much at the mercy of our bidders?? Whoops sorry for the book this was supposed to be a quick question..

  6. Christie,
    Larger sizes definitely sell better, but I never pass up a Chico's Traveler- These just all happen to be from one person, so they were the same size. Good luck with that couch!

    If a bidder leaves negative or neutral feedback unreasonably, I block them. I have only blocked 2 sellers in my year of listing. I do not look at buyers feedback, unless I myself am having a problem. Ebay is pretty good about suspending accounts of buyers who don't pay- But I would have to support your statement that we are at the mercy of our bidders- I guess that's the way resale goes- No customers- No revenue! Good luck.

  7. Awesome Score!! Thanks so much for sharing your successes and failures.