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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding Centerpiece #3

Did I mention I need to have 10 centerpieces done by April 8? Well, that date just got moved up a bit. I'm leaving for New York right before the wedding, so I'll need to have everything ready by April 2- That's a week and 2 days away! So, hopefully you won't get bored, but I'd like to have the centerpieces previewed here on the blog so I can get suggestions if you think they need improvements or pats on the back if I've done a good job. Let's take a look at centerpiece number 3...The theme for this centerpiece is "Love is full of fun and games" It features a wood stool I picked up last weekend for $1.00. I painted it using a custom color the bride had mixed up.
Vintage scrabble pieces, dice, and buttons bring in all the colors of the wedding (cream, green- which is really more like pastel turquoise to me- and gold)
The bingo card and dice salt and pepper shakers have a nice patina to them. Let me know what you think- and if you missed the first two centerpieces start here. Love, Kelly.


  1. I love and adore #3 the most. #1 is my 2nd choice. A-mazing!

  2. kelly, seriously you have to be super mom! i just don't know how you do everything you do and still have time to function!! i have two kids and i can barely handle my ebaying and couponing - let alone planning a wedding and a bake sale and a trip to nyc (which by the way will be SUPER fun!) . . .and i love #2 . .though if you changed bradley to brady, #3 would soon be my favorite :)
    p.s. hansen as in howard & jody?? if so this really is a small world!

  3. Whitney,
    Yes, it's Howard and Jody Hansen- It must be a small world.

  4. I love all the centerpieces!! Such a great idea! What are you going to do with it all after the wedding? I love the blue step stool.

  5. this one is so adorable and understated! love it!

  6. I am patting you on the back!! I have made words with scrabble pieces and rubbed some sparkly glitter glue on the letters. When it dries, it looks so cool! Adds shimmer and shine. Great job on this centerpiece!

  7. I think this one is my favorite. Great job. I am imagining the guests at the wedding wandering around from table to table to see all of the different centerpieces. ~Marily